Tired of the Day

By: AlwaysHiei

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.


Chapter- 1

Hinata was sick of daytime. She was sick of living in the sun. The light that most cherished and loved.

But Hinata didn't cherish the day.

Because the day revealed her to everyone. It was too hard to hide in the sun. In the sun, everyone knew how you felt, and what was happening to you; there was no privacy.

And Hinata isn't one to like attention. We all know she's rather nervous, and terribly unconfident of herself; it was nervewracking on her to either constantly be in a bright spotlight, constantly have to tire herself out to hide somewhere, or have to persistently hold up that carefully crafted facade of hers. I n which, Hinata was a nice,nervous, unconfident, happy girl who didn't have many friends, though she had a few great ones, and got picked on a lot.

Which was why Hinata secretly loved the night.

Every night, while pretty much everyone else was asleep, or at least inside, Hinata would wander around outside in the dark, where she could be herself and no one else could see her.

She'd do what ever she wanted, so long as it didn't leave obvious damage in the morning when everyone could see it.

She'd dance, she'd sing, she'd even hold conversations with herself.

And soon enough, she'd be there. At his house. At his door. And a few seconds later he'd come out.

And he'd sing, and he'd dance with her. There in the dark. They'd be there, where no one else could see them. Singing, danceing, unobviously vandilizing; and being themselves. Because no one else could see them. The only other person there, their companion, couldn't even see them. They didn't even know who it was. Not that it mattered; so long as they too couldn't be seen.

Until they got tired. When that happened, they'd go to the park and talk. And Hinata wouldn't stutter, and he wouldn't be mean. They'd converse about everything and anything. The only thing never mentioned was who they were.

And then they'd leave. They'd go their separate ways, back to their 'homes'. But, really, the night was their home. Because 'Home is where the Heart is'. And for those two, 'Home is where the dark is'.

But when Hinata got back to her fake home that night, she had a question; Who was he? Who was that person? Who exactly had she fallen in love with?


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