Tired of the Day


Chapter- 18

Sasuke woke up to the pointless background noise he'd let continue going all night as he'd fallen asleep with the television on. Sasuke glared at the lit up screen for a moment, before slowly trying to pull himself off the couch. As he made movements to sit up and stand, a headache hit, causing him to fall to the floor in a tumble of blankets, pillows, and himself.

Sasuke wouldn't be going to school today. He could tell immediately, he was actually sick.


Hinata wandered out of her bedroom, dressed and cleaned up for school, ready to take on the harsh world of her studies and classes...

But not so ready to take on the even harsher world of her family and friends and secret boyfriends.

She walked past her sister's room, her cousin's, a few guest rooms, and a couple restrooms before stopping at the very intimidating door of her father. She made movements to knock as she looked up at it and gulped, but froze before contact with it could be made.

No, Hinata decided she'd put off this problem for now; she'd speak to her father about everything that'd gone on later. Today, she just wanted to go see Sasuke.

Quickly she turned from the door and walked back down the path taken to reach it, past the bathrooms, guest rooms, her cousin's room, her sister's room, and now past her own room, right down the stairs and off towards the door leading outside into the revealing sun-- but Hinata thought today, she wouldn't mind the sun so much. No, she could handle today. It would be okay.


As she arrived at the bus stop, she saw that she was ealier than usual. Hinata chuckled to herself, thinking about how before this would've been ideal-- to choose a seat she could handle. But now, it didn't really matter, did it? Her previous lateness ended up being a rather good thing, didn't it? Yes, that's what first got her eye stuck on him. Even if it had been a very frightening ride.

Would Hinata sit by Sasuke again, though? Should she? Could she? Would she?

Well, Sasuke was dating her now, so he shouldn't mind. But Hinata was very nervous about letting anyone else know about her newfound relationship. She cared for him so much, but... a lot of other people did too, and they'd probably be angered. And Gaara? He didn't like Sasuke. If he realized Hinata was with him, what would he do? Not to mention Neji! So many people would be shocked. The weakling and the Uchiha?! They'd stare and taunt probably, tell her it'll never last, make Hinata feel horrible, bring even more light to her.

But sitting by Sasuke is ideal. Hinata wanted to. Maybe she could make it an accident?

Come 'late', before anyone knew she'd already been here, and then be 'forced' into her 'nightmare' again.

Yeah... just maybe.

Hinata twisted back around and dashed a couple blocks away to make sure no new arrivers at the stop would see her. She backed into a small coffee shop.

Walking up the counter, Hinata stared at the menu before choosing some simple hot chocolate-- coffee wasn't really her thing.

She made her purchase and went to sit outside and idle away a few minutes, waiting to be late. As soon as she sat down at a small table, she proceeded to space out and wait.

"Hey Hinata!"

Hinata jumped in her seat, shocked by the sudden voice, before turning to figure out who it could be.

Naruto's sunny face beamed at hers when she did, as he waved and his grin grew.

"N-Naruto!" Hinata squeaked back. "Hi!"

"Sorry if I scared ya Hinata, I didn't mean to!" Naruto replied, scratching the back of his head and laughing slightly. "But what's got you ditting here? If you stay here too long you'll be late and have to sit by that jerk Sasuke again! And I know you wouldn't want that, would you?"

Hinata smiled and giggled a little as she felt the complete opposite of what he assumed. "I-I just lost track of time; I left early, so I-I thought I could stop and get a d-drink."

"How about we go to the bus stop together now, then? Come on!" Naruto grabbed Hinata's hand and pulled her up to stand before he started walking the couple blocks to the bus, Hinata perhaps a step behind.

"Oh, sorry, didn't realize I was walking so fast." Naruto said, smiling sheepishly as he slowed a tad and assumed her slow pace was lack of speed, while really it was simply her current reluctance.

"N-no problem.." Hinata replied, smiling slightly back.

Naruto suddenly remembered something from last night.

"Oh yeah! Haha, hey Hinata, you weren't hanging out in the park way late last night, were you?" Naruto said, joking. "With Sasuke?"

Hinata's eyes widened. She was at the park; Naruto saw her? That wasn't good-- but with Sasuke?

Hinata had been with the night-boy. Not Sasuke.

Or maybe...

"N-no! I was a-at home." Hinata explained, laughing lightly with Naruto.

"Haha, yeah, me and Kiba were driving around, and I coulda sworn I'd seen you there, but I really doubted it anyways." Naruto said. "And with Sasuke? Yeah, right! You two don't go together at all, really, he's too mean for you, Hinata. Ehhh, maybe you're secretly dating him, hm, Hinata? Haha!"

Hinata just kept fake-laughing with him, though really it was nothing to laugh over. She was dating Sasuke, and it was claer it'd be a rather unaccepted fact if it got out.

And Sasuke at the park?


The reached the bus stop quickly, but they actually were close to late.

But Hinata was sad to realize not quite late enough to sit by Sasuke.

'Well, I always have tomorrow... And I'll talk to him at school, anyways.' This brightened her a little, as she actually was excited to see him.

Naruto and Hinata climbed onto the bus, but Sasuke's usual seat was empty.

'Maybe he's just late.' Hinata reasoned. But she was in doubt. In all the years they'd taken the same bus to school, Sasuke was never, ever even slightly late for it.

Everyone else milled onto the vehicle and the door's shut without Hinata getting any glance of his dark spiky hair or black eyes.

'He's not even here!' Hinata thought, terribly dismayed and officially sad. She wouldn't see him after all.

Well... maybe she would. Just maybe-- maybe Hinata would see Sasuke tonight.


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