Life is a simple thing. Simple? Hah! Wait a minute I should back up a bit. Ya know how this started? How I came to be? You really think that I just got here for no real reason? Hah! There's more than ya think Einstein. It happened about a year ago when I really came to this stinking place.

"Mako! Ai! Come on in its getting dark!" called out a motherly voice. A woman around twenty eight stood at the doorway. Two kids a boy and girl at the same age scurried toward the entrance of their warm, jubilant home.

"Can we have tacos for dinner?" asked the girl, Ali. She flopped on the lumpy couch and pouted. The boy who was slightly smaller pouted along with her. Both of their chocolate brown eyes seemed to water a bit. They knew this trick ever since they could breathe. The mother sighed and smiled.

"Let's go play our game!" Ali said in a childish tone. The boy, Mako nodded and like mice, they succeed towards their room. In a rush they each took out a box from their closet.

"I'm so gunna beat you." said Ali smiling.

"Nuh uh!" replied Mako frowning into a determined look that was useless against his twin sister.

Finally they set up the card game and they prepared their cards.

"I summon Tokomon!" Ali cried dramatically placing the card down.

Quietly, Mako placed his card down. He then placed another card down and smirked slyly.

"You and your Koromon attacks are useless now I'll digivolve Tokomon to Patamon!"

"Aww no fair!"

Mako picked up another card and grinned. He stared into Ali's eyes and knew that he had won the game.

"Impmon go!"

"What? I had Impmon! You stole it!"

"Nuh no! I had it all along you just lost it to me!"

"He's my favorite so give him back to me!"



The apoplectic twins stood up and began their altercation…again. Each fought over and over again for the Impmon card because it was their favorite card. After a couple of good screams, the mom came into the room and broke the fight up and took their cards away.

"This is for your own good." She told them harshly before leaving to tend to supper. Ali and Mako held their heads down low but then heard their mom call them for dinner.

"Mom could have told us that dinner was ready when she was here."

"Grown up are so weird." Agreed Mako as they scrambled down the stairs for their meal. The family said their grace and began to devour their meal. Finally they were done and put their dishes away.

"Movie time!" they both cheered as their mother brought down some blankets and pillows. They had never made through a movie with out sleeping so it was tradition to bring blankets and pillows so they won't become cold. The movie they were watching this time was Tarzan.

The movie was finished and the door slowly opened to reveal a man in his late twenties. He trudged to the living room to see adorable sight. There was Ali, Mako and their mom all curled up with expressionless faces on.

"I wish I was here," he chuckled dryly and carried the twins to their rooms. A brief description of the room is necessary for future reference. The room was half and half. One side pink and one side blue. But the odd thing was that the blankets were purple and most of their things. Toys were scattered from the hidden corner that you couldn't see from when you walked in to the edge of the door. Clothes were covering the beds and could almost make blankets themselves.

The farther laid the kids down gently to each of their beds and kissed them goodnight. Slowly and carefully he closed the door and successfully didn't disturb the children.

The silence in the room was forgotten when both of the children muttered the same thing. The same wish that created a whole new adventure that would affect the rest of their lives.

"I wish I had Impmon."

A sparkle began then a glitter into the middle of the room and in the middle of toys and clothes laid an egg with purple, green and black spots. The egg was slightly moving but soon stopped as soon as the light disappeared.

Morning announced itself with the light streaming thought the windows and each hitting on the twins. Ai and Mako opened their eyes and climbed out of bed still sleepy. It wasn't until they were on the ground that they were fully awake.

"What's that?" asked Ai as she picked up the strange egg. As if to answer her question the egg cracked and out came an odd creature came out. It was a black puff ball with beady green eyes.

The expression was hard to describe since they kept changing. Ai's was first scared, then nearly crying out to the heavens, then quiet, then back to excited. Mako's was excited, then evil, then feared then happy.

"It's a digimon…" breathed Ai she was amazed but her childish mind told her to play with it. She poked it and it jiggled and bounced off. Luckily Mako caught it and laughed.

"Ha! It doesn't like you." He blew a raspberry towards Ai. She scowled darkly and prepared to tackle Mako before they heard their mom calling for breakfast.

"Don't worry little guy. We will bring you some food!" Ai said as she and Mako closed the door leaving the poor creature on the floor.

The meal today was bacon, eggs, and pancakes. Although the twins don't get along most of the time they had their spur of moments to be ingenious and work together. First Mako would keep his mom busy while Ai would slip some pancakes in a napkin. Soon enough they had enough and went upstairs to get changed into their day clothes.

"Look we brought you some food." Said Mako holding out some egg. The digimon carefully sniffed it then squealed and ate it in one big bite.

"Holy cow! It must be really hungry." Said Ai as she fed it a pancake. Soon the digimon devoured all of the food and gave a loud burp. Mako picked it up and placed it on a pile of clothes.

"You stay here we have to get changed." Mako chimed in as he and Ai looked for something to wear. Finally Ai settled with a blue dress and a white t-shirt underneath while Mako put on a yellow and blue shirt and jean overalls. Ai brushed her hair as Mako used the bathroom and vice versa this was the only time that they didn't fight or speak. It took them about ten minutes to do both stations and was completed with their morning routines.

The attention for this black puff digimon contained for a week. There were a few close calls from the parents but the twins thought quick and hid the creature before they could see it.

Finally on a Friday after school they found the black digimon (which they decided to name Blackmon) under a couple of toys enjoying some chocolate.

"Hey Blackmon! Let's play some videogames!" Mako and Ai ran towards their shelves to set up the system and pick out the game. Before Mako could reply to Ai comment about his stupid game a bright light took them for complete surprise and they whirled around to see Blackmon changing. He started to grow slightly bigger and ears started to form on his head.

"Whoa he changed!" Ai said in awe.

"Blackmon?" asked Mako walking towards it but 'Blackmon' rolled his green eyes. Actually the digimon changed quite a bit. Its fur changed from black to purple, he had a white part of his face that held his eyes nose and mouth. To their dismay he had no legs, arms or tail. But he did have floppy purple ears.

"Names Eimon" he said dryly.

"Hey Eimon!" the two chorused. Suddenly the door knocked.

"Hey you guys okay? I thought I heard screaming."

"Oh no we gotta hide you!" cried Mako picking up Eimon.

"No really Einstein." Said Ai opening the closet. "Hide here for now Eimon!" The closet slammed shut as the door opened revealing their mom.

"Everything's fine mommy!" they both chimed sweetly. Their mom raised an eyebrow strangely. Finally after a couple of seconds she shrugged and closed the door.

"Phew that was a close one." Ai said picking up Eimon.

"You can say that again" Eimon said trying to catch his breath. "You guys should clean that place for once in your life. It stinks."

"Later. Right now we got to deal with you. Where are we going to hide you?" asked Mako. Ai suggested in the closet but Eimon practically shouted there was no way he was going in there again.

"How about he sleeps with me." Suggested Mako. Ai said no because it would be unfair to her.

"You can have him tomorrow!"

"No I want him tonight!"

"Stop acting like a baby!"

"You're a baby!"

And it was then Mako and Ai began fighting again. Finally Eimon was fumed enough and yelled for them to be quiet.

"You guys had been at each other throats like it were a huge deal. Whatcha making a big fuss over it? I'll sleep in the middle here okay? Seesh cant ya guys get one day with out tearing at each others thoughts. So put a sock in it will ya?"

The two became quiet and mumbled a sorry and told Eimon that they would be back soon. The door closed with out saying a goodbye. Eimon made a remorseful expression and bounced to the window. Ai and Mako were walking out of the driveway and turned left. But something felt wrong as umbrage like figure walked right behind them in a quick pace.

"I better follow those two." He muttered and pulled a switch to open the window. With one great leap, Eimon was already at the driveway.

"Not bad for a guy like myself." He smirked as he bounced away following the kids on the other side of the road. Eimon was lucky that no one saw him at all. Finally they saw them. Ai and Mako were on the swings looking even more depressed.

"Seesh I didn't mean to be that snappy. Cant they get on with it?" He sighed and knew he had to go say sorry. He was about to bounce out of the bushes when the dark man appeared again like magic. He started to talk to Ai and Mako. Ai and Mako turned their depressed looks to serious ones and said something back to him. The man then quick as lightning grabbed the two kids and started to drag them.

"Help! Eimon!" they cried as Eimon's green eyes grew wide.

"I gotta help them!" he bounced out and charged towards the dark man with a defensive look on him.

"You stop right there! No one messed with my friends got that?" Eimon frowned as the man laughed and pulled out a long sharp blade.

"This your pet kids? Well say goodbye to it because I'm gunna roast him for supper!" he laughed like a maniac as he charged towards Eimon.

"Bubble blast!" he cried bowing out strange, pink bubbles that hit his face.

"OW! What the…what are you? Well whatever you are your gunna pay for that one pipsqueak." The man kicked Eimon harshly as Mako and Ai screamed for Eimon.

Eimon on the other hand landed on the ground with a thud and got up slowly. He looked weak as a tiny bug.

"I gotta protect you guys. I JUST GOTTA!" he screamed out charging the man. A strange light grew from Eimon and just like before he changed.

"Eimon digivolve to Impmon!" he screamed as the light faded and it revealed Mako and Ai's dream digimon. Impmon still had those green eyes and purple fur but a red bandana and gloves were on him. His stomach bore an evil smiley and his height was nothing more than 2 feet toddler size. He had razor sharp white nails on his two feet and his tail whipped around him naturally.

"What are you?" the man cried dropping his weapon and backing up. He terrified beyond his wits.

"The names Impmon" the digimon said coolly before igniting a flame with his finger. "And don't forget it human! Badaboom!" the fire flew at the man who was running for his life.

"Monster! Monster!" he yelled through the streets while being on fire.

"Impmon! That was amazing!" Ai cried hugging Impmon, Mako joined but Impmon scowled.

"Aw, common cut the sappy stuff out!" he finally got out but still had a beet red look on his face.

"Impmon were…sorry." The two kids lowered their heads in shame.

"No guys I'm sorry you how old 5? I shouldn't have yelled at you like that."

"We should get home before mom worries about us." Ai said smiling.

"Ai, how are we suppose to hide Impmon now?" asked Mako as the trio marched towards their house.

"I dunno maybe you can be a doll Impmon?"

"No thanks. I can get in on my own through the window."

"Alright now that settled we gotta teach you the way through the city. Incase you get lost."

For the next month everyday they taught Impmon everything they knew. From the city, theories on life and even random things like where babies came from.

"So there is a man hidden in your mommy's closet and she has to pay for a baby?" Impmon asked. Ai and Mako nodded and the trio continued to watch the movie. This time it was a Pokemon movie.

"Digimon are so much better they can speak our language" said Ai knowingly. Impmon smirked but said nothing.

Unfittingly all good things came to an end. On one bright afternoon, Ai and Mako were playing a game awhile Impmon slept in his bed in the closet. The trio made it possible for someone to sleep in there when their parents came in.

"Impmon! Mako broke my toy!" Ai pulled him out of his slumber and dragged him out into the room. Impmon sighed and listened to Ai fight with Mako again. God these humans always fight.

"Impmon don't believe her! She's lying!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

Ai grabbed Impmon's hand while Mako grabbed his other hand. And they pulled.

Impmon was beyond confused he could agree with Ai but Mako would never forgive him. If he went with Mako then Ai wouldn't forgive him. It was so confusing and the strain on his arms was proving to be too great!

"Knock it off!" he finally yelled! He was sick of it and Impmon just ran out in seconds. He kept bouncing from building to building trying to get rid of his anger but it just kept growing.

"Stupid humans. Shows them who's smarter!" he yelled to the skies. And that was the beginning of Impmon's adventure with the Tamers.