It was a sunny and clear day in West Shinjuku. In the huge area of Japan the only good way of transportation was the subway. Cheap, normal, and not a lot of people notice you. Especially if you have a certain 'friend' with you.

In the deep pits of the subway two fourteen year old kids were rushing to the train in order to make it. If they missed it then they would have to risk being late for their friends' party.

The two children had chocolate brown hair. Although the boy had his messy and some covering his deep chestnut eyes while the girl had hers straight with some nice side bangs and pale pink eye shadow decorated her chestnut eyes. Their facial structures were the same both round and oval like. Although their fashion and what they were carrying were extreamly different.

The boy was wearing baggy black jeans with a dark blue bandana poking out of one pocket like it was a fashion statement. His baggy black shirt had several evil smileys and a blood red underneath shirt showed his strong arms. He was carrying a huge gym bag that once in awhile moved.

The girl however was talking on her bright pink cell phone and has various percing on her ears. Most of them were black and orange although few were white and pink. She had tight washed blue jeans that were 'ripped' near the knees and near the end spread out like belle bottoms but it hugged her hips in a sexy manner. She wore a black crop jacket, with a white tank top, a neon pink shirt and a gold design belt lopsided. She had black ballet shoes on while the boy had dirty skater sneakers with various coloured shoelaces.

"Hurry up Mako!" Ai cried jumping over the machines that you had to push through. It wasn't like anyone cared if two teens jumped over. Many crazy things happened in the city. Mako caught up and heaved a sigh.

"You know what Ai, you try carrying Impmon and our sleepover crap."

"You were the one who wanted to bring him in the first place!"

"He could maybe meet other Digimon!" Mako pouted and climbed into the train just as it was closing. The twins sat down and stared at the black gym bag Mako had been carrying for the past thirty minutes (ever since they left the house).

"Hey Impmon how are you doing?" Ai asked slightly opening the bag.

"Peachy Ai. Oh ya have a pen that poked me in the ass." The imp muttered and started whining. "Why do I gotta go? I was perfectly fine by myself havin' the whole house to myself!"

"You need to get out more. Plus there are tons of chicks you need to freak out." Mako grinned evilly and Ai smirked.

"No Impmon, your going to leave me and my friends alone. I don't care what you do with Mako and the guys."

"I still don't get why I gotta go." Impmon muttered scowling. Finally the train stopped and the twins got out. "And why I gotta hide in here!"

"Techinally were saving you the walk so I would shut up if I were you." Mako pointed out light punching the bag and grinning.

The trio finally arrived at the house and stared in amazement. The house was gigantic! White flawless paint shone around the house making the twilight sun seem like a decoration and a pleaser as it bounced off the clean windows. Flowers and various plants were placed in a organized manner and the house could possible carry an in-ground pool.

"This is sure as hell lot better than dad's apartment." Mako commented. Ai nodded.

"Or mom's house."

When they were eleven, Mako and Ai's parents divorced because the farther saw his wife having an affair with someone at work. The twins stayed together (on account of Impmon mostly although the twins didn't know that) and lived with each parent for two weeks.

As Ai rang the doorbell, a person opened it and grinned. His dark blue eyes shone in excitement and his raven black hair was short and wild.

"Ah! The pryo twins made it!"

"Screw off Yamato." Mako said and pushed him aside while entering. Ai punched him lightly and they gazed at the house.

"Your place is huge." Ai breathed staring at the marble floor and the grand celing light decored with diamonds and other priceless jewelry. This was pure bliss the twins thought together.

"Yea, it's cool I geuss. Oh, guys get basement while girls get the upper floors."

"AI!" screamed a voice and someone tackled the poor girl. A girl with bright pink and blonde hair shone in Ai's face and she herself was grinning ear to ear.

"Hey Suzie hows it going?" Ai asked while picking herself from the floor. Suzie smiled and started to rant and talk about the past things she had done over the twenty four hours she and Ai have been away from each other.

Mako settled his gym bag in the basement and stared at the other twelve that were near. Just how many people were there going to be? Opening the bag, he let Impmon out.

"You know the rules right?"

"Yea, yea kid I know." Impmon waved a hand lazily and dissipeared into the other rooms. Mako hoped Impmon wouldn't get caught.

Several hours passed for the small, devilish imp and he grew bored. He had already checked on Ai and saw her among a group of other girls looking at magazines while painting each others nails and screaming their heads off singing the latest songs...horribly.

Checking Mako, they were drinking and watching the Stanley Cup finals with Montreal vs. Detriot. Impmon hoped the Red Wings would win because he had ten bucks on the game against Mako. What was it with him and Canadians? They were weird with their accent and stupid syurp.

The purple Rookie went back to the bag and sighed. What was there to do around this stinking place? Suddenly something ruffled and Impmon looked at the dark blue bag beside him. It was moving. Cautiously, Impmon opened the zipper and gave a stunned expression.

There was a Digimon. A rookie probably that looked like a pig with huge sharp bat like ears and orange and white body. Its crystal blue eyes shone and looked at Impmon.

"Oh, hello. I'm Patamon!"

Suddenly Impmon couldn't reply because another Digimon tackled him. Opening his emerald eyes, Impmon gave more of a shocked expression at who it was.

There was a black cat like Digimon with blood red eyes. It's blue and purple gloves clasped against Impmon's arms making it impossible for the imp to move.

"Meow! Hello there." He purred for a moment and got off. "I'm ShadowGatomon wanna play?"

"What-wh-what the hell?" Impmon spitted out and took a step back. "Ya guys got Tamers or somethin'?"

"Max is my Tamer." Patamon explained streaching out and climbing out of the sleeping bag.

"Usake is mine he plays with me a lot." ShadowGatomon cried and attempted to tackle Impmon the imp knew better and ducked. Sneering he jumped on the table gaining a height advantage.

"It's nice knowin' ya but I don't do well with a suger high and-and some weird mon."

Impmon ran out of the room and came to where the girl's sleeping bags were. Maybe he could do something in here but gave a groan when more bags moved.

The imp couldn't believe his eyes, why were there so many Digimon around here! A small green plant like Digimon popped out and a famillar chocolate brown Digimon came out of their bags. Then another pink bird Digimon came out.

"Hello Impmon good to see you again." Lopmon waved timidly and put a finger to her mouth. "What are you doing up here the boys are supposed to be downstairs right?"

"Tryin' to stay away from yas. Is every Digimon invited to this party?"

"What are you supposed to be from New York or something?" The plant like Digimon asked. "I bet your not even that tough."

Suddenly the pink bird gasped. "Taemon you didn't mean that did you? I think he's a really nice mon."

"Great stuck with a sugar high, a weirdo, a choclate covered bunny, a show off, and a teary eyed bird, can my day get any better?" Impmon asked himself slapping himself with his red glove. "Screw this I'm going home." He made his way to the window but a pair of long brown ears grabbed him and pulled him down.

"You can go through that! The alarms would activate! You need a card key to get out of here quietly."

"Heh, and only the girl with brown and red hair has that. Sera's friend…Gigi I think." Taemon chimed in.

"No my Tamer Becky said that Yamato had it!" The pink bird cried.

Impmon sighed. All he wanted was to get out of here, not look after or do something completely stupid with these guys. Hell, he would even go watch the game. That didn't even sound like a bad idea he thought as he left with the girl Digimon arguing. Watching the game downstairs he frowned as Monreal scored another goal. Stupid Canadians the imp thought but nearly fell over as Patamon was right beside him.

"I hope Detriot wins."

"Maybe ya not so bad after all." Impmon chimed and then had an idea. Wouldn't it be funny to bringing the guy Digimon and girl Digimon together? As the purple demon thought, the more it made sense. Grinning he turned to Patamon. "Hey I got an idea, grab sugar high over there and come with me."

"Where are we going?" Patamon asked while Impmon smirked.

"You'll see."

Impmon couldn't believe how hard he was laughing as Patamon struck down Taemon. It had only been a few minutes after into and already they were at each other throats!

"And you think your so tough hah!" Taemon got up and proceeded to attack Patamon while the pink bird, Byiomon was being chased by ShadowGatomon."

"Aw, one game please."

Lopmon glared at Impmon.

"You knew this would happen!"

Impmon threw a laughing tear away and smirked. "Aw, toots how am I supposta know that this could happen? If I did I would do it with those stupid human-" Lopmon suddenly gasped.

"Don't you dare create chaos at this sleepover."

"Chaos is my middle name." Impmon replied running off and started for a night of his life. First he needed to turn the power off. Finding the fuser he switched everything off earning screams from both girls and guys. Although some guys were moaning about the game. Flicking a flame, Impmon made his way to the kitchen to find some oil and some whip cream in a can for himself.

Several moments later he snickered as several people slipped and slided throughout the main hallway. The oil trick did some justice Impmon thought and came to the boys sleeping bag. Snickering he took a random bag and brought it up into the girl's room while switching the girls with the guys. He bumped into some people but since it was still dark (occasional flashlights were around) he could be easily mistaken for someone else.

Another plan entered the imp's mind and he got water balloons from various parts of the house and filled them up. He climbed up the chandlier and prepared to dropped them.

The first one dropped…it was a hit! A girl screamed-Ai screamed loudly and Impmon snickered. Another dropped and it hit a boy, finally after ten hits and four missed he was satisfied of his job and climbed down and entered the kitchen. Suddenly the light came on and there were five Digimon facing him with make up, honey, feathers, and a pink frilly dress.

"Aw, frig." Impmon cursed and started to run throughout the house but things didn't look bright as ShadowGatomon pronuced on him…

Morning came and slowly everyone woke up. After cleaning half of the house everyone went into their respective rooms and got ready to leave.

"I hope Impmon was good last night." Ai sighed as she grabbed her stuff and followed Mako out the door. Mako had a wide grin planted on his face and brought Ai to the side.

Opening the bag slowly Ai nearly burst into laughter. There in the bag was Impmon tied up, with a pink dress, makeup, ribbons in his ears and tail, covered in honey and feathers with a note attached saying 'I'm a chicken princess eat me.'