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Taruto's P.O.V

The good thing about sitting in the back row of the room is that you get to be away from the teacher. Most of the time, you can basically slip pass her, unobserved. Sometimes, she doesn't even notice you're there. Unless, of course you decide to make a good influential fuss of telling her you need to go to the bathroom in the middle of a lesson--BADLY. You know, "It's an emergency, I NEED to go," that sort of thing.

Then, she'd notice you. I highly guarantee it. And then she'd drill her eyes at you for the entire period.

Which is pretty peculiar if you ask me.

I mean, she won't notice if you make a big deal out of something else.

For instance, if somebody happened to holler: "Teacher, I'm running a fever, I'm gong to die," or, "Mr. or Ms. something, I just got punched in the stomach for no particular reason," you can forget about medical care. She'll swat you away like a fly and ship you back to negotiating with your class-work without blinking once.

How weird is that?

Regardless, the "I really gotta go" thing is significantly fashionable these days. Teachers always seem to concentrate more on bathroom issues.

I've always wondered about that.

Now I'm sharing this special knowledge with you.

Pretty neat, huh?

As I said, parking in the back of the room is cool. I've been "backish" for years now and I find it quite hilarious.

Trust me, you're hearing from an expert here. It's like you're practically invisible.

Nobody bothers you; nobody forces you out of your absentmindedness.

And principally, nobody calls on you to step up to the deadly blackboard of doom where you have to solve some labyrinthine math problem your mind can't possibly comprehend even if you study for seven weeks, eight days, two minutes, and thirty-nine point six seconds straight with healthy food, water, and phone calls from your many buddies who also need help.

It's perfect--an absolute paradisiacal place.

However, word from the wise: That may only suit some people. If you're the type who can't sit still and you're dying to grab everyone's stares, you've got the wrong advice.


No, I am NOT joking. You want attention, dive for the nearest chair in the FIRST row before someone else who also shares the same intention does.

Unfortunately for those who seek comments on what it's like to sit in the front, I am totally out of your territory.

Haha. (Again, I no kid)

Well, anyways, we've discussed plenty on seating positions.

My name is Taruto Tamura. It's nice to meet you—err---whoever you are. I am fifthteen years old in my second year of high school. I inform you, I am painfully sarcastic. At least, that's the trait I always get from other people's perspectives.

My height, I'm not certain and my weight is below one hundred pounds. I have light brown hair and amber colored eyes. That's all you need to know. You're not a stalker so you can't possibly have any uses for further identifiable information. That is, assuming you're not a stalker. Otherwise, I'll warn you that I am exceptionally good at sensing presences; furthermore, I pack a mean kick.

Just to offer you a clear heads up, this story will be centered on me. Not because I'm some conceited spoiled brat (because I am SO broke) but because this is a life story I'm telling to blow off steam.

It is free to fall on the ears of those who care but if you plan to strut up to me and laugh in my face, you are SO yesterday.

You may find it boring, electrifying, spectacular, depressing, etc . . .

I'm writing a fairly compelling introduction, don't you agree? Don't worry; this random stuff will all make sense.

Nevertheless . . .

In spite of everything, I will not take responsibility if your brain somehow gets messed up because of my rather weird details.

Details include one about some crazy blond who came crashing inside the guy's bathroom one day. (Did you faint? 'Cause if you did, this tale is certainly not recommended for you. I repeat, if you are the type of person who might have a medical condition from lack of "normalness", escape to another story immediately.)

I'll shut up now. You've suffered long enough, those who are immersed.

Are we not compromising?


I'll see you in the next section.

Apple-chan: HI! I'm trying out a new style of writing. I'm not certain yet whether to leave it in Taruto's perspective or have it in the third person. Most people like reading in the third person though. ()()''

Tamura is a random last name I thought up for Taruto. You are free to replace it with a last name you desire. (Yay)

Continuation of this fic rests on my motivation and courage until then. I always shrink from lack of courage. (y' . 'y)