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Chapter 2: I Think I Love You.

After I watched Satoshi walk off I had that strong sudden urge to go after hold him and tell him I was going to take him away from everything that had hurt him... But then it hit me... I myself hurt him. Sure I was gratefull that he forgave me for everything I did to him when we were in school, but that wasn't enough. My eyes widened suddenly, "Holy shit! He said he loved me!" I quickly made my way to my home and had to get a plan together to help Satoshi out of the mess he had been in since he was a child. When I got there I was welcomed by teh few pokemon I had managed to keep at my house. The all came up so I could pet them. But when they saw the look on my face they all seemed to sense that there was something I needed to get sarted on. So they all dispersed and left me to think.

I went straight into my study after greeting my pokemon and sat down behind my desk. I placed my elbows onto the table then put my head in my hands. I sighed heavily and rubbed my temples, "Gods how am I goiing to get through this? I can't believe im being such an idiot...I know all about Satoshi't father...but there is nothing I can do right now...But I shouldn't be thinking about that anyway. I need to figure out how to talk to Satoshi without him getting into trouble with that bastard.."

I sighed and went out to the living room, I saw that a cou-ple of my pokemon were just sitting around seemingly waiting for me to be done with whatever needed to be done. I chuckled lightly and they rushed toward me. I could tell that they were worried and I couldn't help but smile at them, though my thoughts were constantly goiing back to Satoshi and how I could help him. They looked at me as if waiting for an explanation.

"I saw Satoshi today." Was all I said. They all got a look of understanding. I nodded to them and began to leave the house I had to go to the pokemon center in order to talk to Nurse Joy about Satoshi. My Burakki (1) followed me to the door. It was obvious she wanted to come with me. I nodded and she jumped up in joy. I chuckled to myself and grabbed my couat to head out the door.


Burakki had been walking with me and made sure I never left her sight. I smiled everytime she would stop and examine something and then call to me to make sure I was waiting for her. But none the less I ended up getting to the pokemon center later than I had planned to. I scoweled at her and she lowered her ears in apology. I nodded my head not being able to stay mad at her. As we walked into the pokemon center Nurse Joy ran up and hugged me tightly, I could have sworn she was going to kill me of suffocation. "Oh my god, Shigeru, I cannot believe your back. It's been so long since I've seen you. Let me get a look at you." She then proceeded to pull away and look me up and down before turning me around and taking a little while longer to look at my backside... I blushed lightly as I realized she was openingly staring at my ass. "Oh my, my, my, my. You have grown into a fine young man, Shigeru. I would like to take a small amount of credit in that.After all...wasn't I your first Shgeru?" She smirked lightly and pulled me closer to her.

"Yes, Nurse Joy. You were but there are other's matter at hand that I need to discuss with you. It's about Satoshi." With that I pulled away. I then spun around to face her and was suprised by the deeply saddend look on her face. I sighed lightly knowing that I was in for a horrifying tale. "Tell me all that you know... Please."

Nurse Joy pulled me to her break room and sat me down on the chair while she sat on another one across from me. She crossed her legs and thought a moment. "Well, where should I start. Well, everyone in this small town knows how his father treats him and his mother. But lately it's been getting a lot worse. Saatoshi comes here everyday to get some new injury fixed up. And the days he doesn't come by himself his father drags him in...last week..." Nurse Joy gave a shaky breath. "Well...last week...Gods...Satoshi's father dragged him in by his hair...Satoshi was unconcious and bleeding profusely from practically every orafice on his body. His ears had been ruptured...he was coughing up blood. The poor dear was even crying blood...and..."

I could tell that there was something worse that was going on. And I wanted to find out...but then again I didn't think I would be able to keep myself composed if I heard anything else about Satoshi's injuries. But instead I put a hand lightly on her knee, "Please...tell me what has been going on since I left."

She nodded and shuddered as the memory came flooding back. "His father had just walked in and I quickly sent everyone on their way. They all left eyes woman was crying and she ran out not wanting to see Satoshi in such a know how good a boy he is...even after all of that and not being able to go to many places...he still comes around here to help me as much as he can... Even when he has a new injury... I know its just that he wants to get away...but he insists on helping out... Anyway, his father just kind of... I don't want to say he threw him to me... He kind of just grabbed him by his shirt and shoved him to the floor right at my feet. And all he could say... was.. 'You know what to do. I'll be back in a couple of hours.' And then he left me there with his sun bleeding all over this center. I had a hard time not breaking down and crying. I took the boy carefully into my arms and had an assisstant of mine come and help me with him. With that we had to go to the back to get him all bandaged up...I even remember having to do some surgery on him for internal bleeding... That by has had so many brushes with death..." She sighed wanting it to end at that...

But I wouldn't let her stop..knowing there was something else that she wasn't telling me. "Go on I need to know all I can...I can't go and talk to him right now... He doesn't want to see me... I know that..." I hung my head...not wanting her to see the hurt in my eyes...though I knew full well that it was showing clearly in my voice. 'Damn...when it comes to him its as if I can't hide anything...' I sighed and looked up at her... There was a flash of anger and she looked like she was ready to slap me. She only sighed heavily as well and turned her face away as if remembering something from only a couple of days ago.

"Of course you think he doesn't want to see you. Boys will be boys...even when dealing with other boys... But you have been gone so long... I bet you feel like you abandoned him...huh?" She looked at me expectantly and all I could do was was true after all. "As I thought so. Before I tell you anything else about Satoshi... I want to tell you about something that happened around three weeks ago. He came in here...looking a lot worse than I have ever seen him. He came to the back of the hospital...knowing his way around by now. I tried talking to him...he didn't even bother to look at me...he just layed on his stomach on one of the beds here and had his face in the pillow. I tried saying something else but the blood on the fllor of the hospital caught my eye. I looked back at him and saw he was bleeding from the back of his head...the back...of his...pants as well... He had a gash right above his left eye...and... Now this is something you really need to know... He always has cuts...deep ones...on his arms...and the ones he had that day...were... Gods..." She paused a moment her voice cracking with the strain of holding back tears... "They..were so close to his wrist... It scared me... Then he started sobbing...out of all the times he came over here I had never seen him cry. But he was just sobbing. He said that he was so tired of everything... Of being beaten of being raped..."

I stopped her there. "HE WAS WHAT?!?" I couldn't hold back my shock as I screamed at her... She only nodded her head sadly. I shook my head... I had no idea that it had gone that far between Satoshi and his father... "And what about his mother? Have you heard anything from her or about her?"

Nurse Joy shook her head and looked slightly worried. "All I have heard from him is that his mother was gone...that day when he walked in here he said he couldn't believe that she was gone. And that he was left all alone...with no one... And I wanted to say that he had to have someone...but I just couldn't... It's one here knows anything of other relatives that he could go stay with for a while. And our justice system is not the best... They still cannot find any hard evidence to pin to his father. I guess he is just so used to doing it he knows how not to get caught by anyone. And... Satoshi... That poor boy... out of the all kids I've seen that have lives like that... have never had a story as depressing as his. Do you know that he said when he after I gave him a sedative...just before he fell asleep? Of course you don't..."

We continued to talk for quite sometime then I finally got up and left.


I walked to the park and sat on a bench in a secluded area... It was a place I always went when I felt the need to be alone. I looked over at Burakki playing with some flowers. I couldn't help but smile as she continued stumbling over herself. But my mood quickly turned somber. I thought back to what Nurse Joy had told me. I tried to hold back a sob that was forming in my throat. 'Satoshi you fool...why did you chose me? I've treaten you horribly...' I sighed at the thought... knowing that deep down I was ecstatic because he felt so much for me...and that I would be able to get one more chance with that beautiful raven-haired boy... "No, he is no longer a boy...he is a man...and one that has gone through hell. I know I would never be able to get through any of that..."

"Well, I always had my mother there and we would always make plans to leave...but I guess there will always be times when things are just too late.." I jumped at the sound of Satoshi right behind me. I turned to look at him and saw his sad tired patch layed over his right eye and his arm was in a temporary sling. He walked carefully a rather bad limp present ins his steps. He was wearing a long-sleeved shirt and had his usual cap on his head along with Pikachuu walking along beside him. Satoshi sat down carefully and winced lightly as he tried not to injure himself any further. "So what have you been up to its been a couple of days since i have actually seen you."

I nodded my head realizing that it had been in fact three days sincethe day I went to Pokemon Center. I actually couldn't believe it had been that long. I sighed heavily as he sat next me wincing as he did so. "Yes, it has been quite sometime. I have had a lot on my mind since we last spoke, Satoshi." He looked up at me and nodded his head. I looked at his wounds and the long sleeves he wore... I had the urge to pull them up and see if anything had happened to those beautiful arms of his. I shook with supressing the urge slightly and clasped my hands together making sure I couldn't just reach out and pull them up. "So..." I couldn't even begin to hink of a conversation between us. So I just let that beginning sentence die knowing that Satoshi would pick it up if he wanted to.

"Let's not talk about anything...that has to do with this..." He gestured to his wounded arm and eye. "I'm pretty sure you know who did it and all that. He hasn't left me alone since news got to him that you came back.. Suprisingly I think he is threatened by you... Like you are the night in shinging armor that so many people make you out to be..." Satoshi didn't hide the resentment in his voice at the end of his sentence. I winced at the implied insult and turned away from him not knowing how I would ever be able to say I was sorry enough.

"Satoshi, I... I know that you--" I was cut off as Satoshi quickly stood. He looked angered but saddened at the same time. I sighed and stood up as well grabbing his arm keeping him from leaving.

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU KNOW, SHIGERU?!? YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING BECAUSE YOU ARE NEVER AROUND TO FIND OUT WHAT IS ACTUALLY GOING ON! YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN HERE FOR ME AND YOU NEVER WILL BE! I GAVE UP ON YOU AFTER MY MOTHER DIED! YOU STUPID BASTARD!" He gasped as he realised what he had just said and he looked as if he wanted to run but with my hand on his arm he just stood imobile and I stood with wide eyes. Tears in his eyes he looked away and tried desperately to move away.

I pulled him close to me instead. "Not on your life Satoshi. I am never letting you go again. There is no way in this world or the next that I will ever let you go back to that madman you have for a father." I felt him beginning to shake and quickly held him tighter. Knowing that at any moment he would definately try to get away. "Satoshi, listen to me! Dammit I know I haven't always been there for you and I haven't always been the greatest friend... But I am here now and there is nothing and I mean nothing that will ever make me leave your side." I suddenly felt tears on my shirt and pulled him away from me. I looked into his eyes and saw the sincere thanks in his eyes that made me smile as warmly as I ever have.

"S-Shigeru..t-thank you s-so much..." And with that he seemed to faint with exhaustion. I sighed heavily and picked him up and carried him back to my home..which thankfully wasn't to far away... and as I looked down at him I couldn't help be reminded yet again about what Nurse Joy had told him.

::"As he was lying there on his stomach and I was beginning to get him all fixed up he whispered, 'I just wish Shigeru could be here and know how I feel before I do something really stupid..." And then he just past out..."::


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