Eyes of a Hunter

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The night was young. She was so exhausted. Still there was much time left before she was done for the evening. She smiled politely to the customer who had come to her with a complaint. She worked as a department manager within the Taisho Company. The pay was amazing but she had to deal with idiots who sort to make her life difficult. She rubbed her head to ease the beginning tension of a stress headache. She missed those days when she would wonder rural Japan. Those had been wonderful times. Now she was twenty-one years old. And accomplished adult with a great paying job but she did not feel fulfilled. She was restless at night. She wanted something but she couldn't figure out what.

Her last relationship had been over three years ago and she had not had time to be with anyone. With the death of her grandfather, she had her mom had had to go straight to work to make ends meet. Finally she lived on her own. She had a nice little house in suburbia and she was quite proud of it. She had great friends. Her family they were wonderful, but she needed more than that. Maybe it was the physical contact of another maybe she just needed to get laid. She smiled at that thought as she continued through the night with the customers.

For the billionth time her eyes drifted to the clock again. Time was literally crawling by. She yawned tiredly. She was so exhausted. She wanted to be home and she was counting the seconds away a she dealt with every little petty problem that came her way. With a sigh of relief she rushed to her office as soon as the lock struck nine. She wanted to be in her home. She needed a nice bath that would soak away the days hardships and labours. It wasn't that there was anything bad about her job. It was just that there was no challenge in it. She was bored. She needed something to do, something that would take her mind away from life's mundanities.

Saying goodnight to the security officers, she stepped out of the building with a cheery smile on her face. She stretched on the top steps of the building she worked at. It was so big. She arched her back to look up at it and nearly fell over with the distance. She giggled feeling silly and started the walk home. It was a good twenty minutes. She liked the walk, as it was a great way to exercise. She did ten-hour days and she didn't get the chance to work out so the walk was her only way to keep fit.

There was something wonderful about the night. The wind circled her as if whispering dark secrets to her. Her hair flew all around her at the gentle touch of the night breeze and she smiled. She felt so wonderful. It was always the same when she left. She felt like skipping and singing. The freedom she felt leaving that building was impossible to understand. She thought about the day's events and made plans for the next. In two days the weekend would arrive and she would get to go home to her mothers. She had promised that she would visit. Sota was a man now at least practically and they had made plans to go to the town's carnival that weekend.

She was so comfortable with the walk. She got lost in her thoughts. She remembered her friends. Her friends from an era in the past, which she should have never been able to visit. She understood that she had been needed there though. Her initial visiting had been not of her choice but it had changed. Things had changed so dramatically. She'd fallen for a half demon named Inuyasha only to have her heart broken when he'd chosen a dead version of her self instead. She had begun to realise that she did not love him. She had realised that it was the memories of the reincarnated soul in her that had clung to him. She had slowly gotten over it. She had had to concentrate of defeating the evil menace that was Naraku. That had been her only care and she was more than happy to go through with it. Naraku had been a menace to the world and she had known that had she not tried the world she knew now would not have existed. She smiled

Her last day in that time had been a wonderfully great day. She had parted with Inuyasha as friends. She'd hugged her friends Sango and Miroku and had asked them to look after Shippo. She missed them immensely. In this time when they were already dead she couldn't help feeling sad that she would not have been with them everyday but she comforted herself with the knowledge that they had lived in a time where Naraku did not exist. She thought of them everyday. They had been a family to her and she would have lied if she'd said she did not miss their company. But times changed. You lose friends and you make new ones.

She got to the part of the walk that she hated the most especially at night. She had to cut across the park. It was really big a wide-open area surrounded by trees. If she took the route around the part it would take her almost an hour and a half but it was so dark in there. One never knows what lay in the dark so every night when she walked there, she was worried, but crime rate in the city had gone down drastically so she felt mildly safe and taking a deep breath she continued her stroll home.

She felt a chill touch her body as the wind rustled through the trees. It made an eerie sound that had her quickening her steps. She did not know why but walking there always brought to mind scary thoughts. Simple innocent sounds of nature became the most frightening sounds on the earth. She almost sighed as she got to the last part. It was a five-minute walk through that part and in less than a minute she would be home. This was the part where she walked through the trail of trees and then she would be again in the lit streets of Tokyo.

She sighed almost with relief until she heard a snap to her right. It sounded like someone or something had been walking through the jungle and had stepped on a branch or something. She felt her heart pick up. She had already been scaring her self with all those thoughts and she couldn't help the fear that coursed through her veins. Why didn't I just take the bus? she thought as she looked behind her. It was probably nothing but right now she was so frightened she did not care.

With a sigh she turned back in front of her, as there was no one or nothing visible. She felt silly. Her heart slammed into her chest as she caught a glow. It was a pair of red eyes and they were looking at her. Oh god! Oh God! Oh God! she was thinking as her steps increased. It was not behind her but to a good distance on her right.

She barely heard it but it was there. The whispered snarl of "Run," caught her ear. She was positive that the creature looking at her had said it and not wasting time she started to run. She was frightened. She heard it take off as soon as she did and not being stupid she lunged to the right turning her self almost violently into the canopy of trees. It was so close. She was crying. If she hadn't moved it would have caught her and she was afraid of looking back. She knew that it would kill her tonight and so she ran all through the forested area.

A chuckle caught her ear. It was toying with her. It was so close. Go away she begged repeatedly. She felt it behind her and she tried to make a last ditched effort to zigzag but it was pointless. He grabbed her, she fell to the ground on her back and a scream left her lips. It was quickly muffled by a hand as a dark voice whispered into her ear. "Hello little ningen. Let's play a little game…"

An angry growl escaped the mouth of Sesshomaru Taisho. He was the head of the Taisho Company in the business district of Tokyo and a very serious deal had gone down the drain. He knew that his competitor had deliberately sabotaged his investment and he wanted blood. He looked at his clock within the massive office that served also as a room on the nights he stayed over to work on particularly difficult deals. He had to get out of there. There were humans working for him and he did not trust himself around them. Besides a certain hanyou needed to learn where his place in this world was. He was so angry that he could feel his inner youkai raging to come out. He knew that he was dangerous tonight. It was one of those times that his control slipped while in the human world and from the gasps of the security guards he knew that his youkai had shown up from the reddening of his eyes. He snarled at them as he stepped out of the building.

Sesshomaru was a beautiful man. His silvery blond hair hung down his back in a tight braid. He had the features of an aristocrat. Many who had seen him thought that his uncanny beauty was something to envy and desire. He was tall and built even though many who saw him though he looked lithe. Combined with his unusually golden eyes these made him into a man that many women desired. Many had not been ashamed to state their desire. He found such easy conquests a bore and he mainly as a principle ignored them.

Right now though he needed a fight or a good fuck. Anything to get rid of the anger. He walked out into the night. The stares came. He ignored them. He had no reason to care what they thought. He was looking for a target. The one that would give him a nice challenge. A delightful scent drifted over the night air. It completely overpowered the stench of sweat and bodies and a canine grin formed on his lips. It seemed it would not be a battle of strength but a battle of pleasure that night. He knew he shouldn't go after this woman but her scent enchanted him. It was so familiar. He needed to find it and so he walked into the park. He could feel his control slipping with each step he took into the darkened park. He had not had a good hunt in so long. His prey seemed so hapless. He had been following her for a good five minutes and she still had not seen him. He knew that she was nervous being there on her own. The crime rate against women were well known to all females. She was taking a risk that night and she would definitely learn from her mistake. She would think twice about walking in the dark alone after tonight and his smile grew.

She was beautiful. He watched her casual steps. She took her time to walk through the darkened area and he itched to take her in his arms. He had not been with anyone in so long that he knew that he was not going to be gentle. But she would like it. He would make sure that she would like it. They always did. He watched her light walking, her slim waist swinging in a dance of erotic temptation. His mouth watered as he thought about taking her in his arms. He walked closer his steps were slow and calculated. He was losing his precious control quickly. His inner youkai had chosen its prey and it was battling for dominancy. It wanted her and the beast was fighting the man. He could feel his body tightening in arousal. Images played in his mind. They were so close to real that he felt his heart rate pick up. It had been a really long time since he had been with someone. He stifled a moan as her scent made its way to him. It was some kind of flowery scent mixed wit the flavour of a woman.

It was time to make his presence known. He stepped on a branch and watched. Her fear was like a punch and he felt his arousal harden. He would definitely love this. She looked around her slowly, fearful. She seemed to relax until she saw him. He smiled a hunter's smile as she started to walk fast. He could barely restrain the beast anymore. "Run," he said before he let the beast have its free reign. He exalted in the chase. She ran for dear life. It had been so long for him. He felt free. Shedding his business cloak he took off after the running female. She was a smart one he thought as she swerved suddenly to the right. He had almost had her and a thrill rushed through him. This was exhilarating. He loved the chase.

She was crying.

She was incredibly fearful.

Smart woman

He chuckled as she continued to zigzag erratically. She had no idea where she was going. He couldn't wait anymore. His blood was pumping through his body at alarming speeds and he feared that if he waited anymore he would mount her like the beast he was.

He could sense that she knew he was behind her. Again she dove to the side but he wasn't letting her go. He quickly grabbed hold of her and she fell on her back. Pressing his advantage he held her down with his hand over her mouth. The scent of her fear was intoxicating. He breathed it in as he said, "Hello little ningen. Lets play a game," and he brought his tongue down to her ear licking the rim softly.

She was trembling before him and it excited him but he, apart from the chase, did not like force. So looking at her tightly closed eyes, he kissed her closed eye lips softly, licking away her tears. He liked her taste and he felt his beast tremble with need. As he slowly trailed his tongue down her cheeks following the trail of the tears his lips made it to the corners of her mouth. Her lips they were so soft. Her chest was rising and falling at an alarming rate and as her breasts rubbed up against him with each breath he had to stifle a needy moan.

As he continued to ran his lips against hers. He could feel her heart beat increase but it was from something else and he smiled. He brought his moist tongue out to run it against the slit of her mouth's opening and groaned. He was careful not to press his erection into her. He wanted to have sex with his little ningen right there on the forests floors but he wanted to seduce her. He knew that she was unwilling and conquering her that way would help the steam in his blood to die down but first he had to tempt her senses. So slowly he sucked her bottom lip into his mouth they were so soft there he had to struggle to keep from roughly ravaging her mouth then. Using his teeth he, nipped softly. A slight gasp escaped her. It was a mixture of surprise and the forbidden. He took it, plunging his tongue between her lips. He laced his fingers between her own, as he tasted her. She was sweet and so he had to have more. He ran his tongue over hers. She was trying to struggle but his hold on her was not one easily broken so she attempted to remain still and impassive. That is until he ran his tongue over her pallet to that part near the back of her throat, which could drive some people to orgasm. He withdrew to suck on her lips after a while and did it again. Her gasps heated his blood. He pulled away to look at her. She lay on the green grass, her eyes tightly closed. She was truly beautiful. She was a stranger and it was the most exciting thing.

Slowly her eyes opened and he could tell that she had liked his kiss and he grinned. He was still over her and so he went back down kissing her lips again before trailing down to her chin and slowly down to her neck. He stopped there for a moment. He loved a woman's neck. Maybe it was because it was the place of marking that he found it so erotic and forbidden. He slowly licked his way down her neck. His tongue played over her pulse points and she trembled.

She could feel her body relaxing in arousal. She felt like she was doing something so forbidden and it was so exciting. He was frightening but he had yet to attack her. She lay there in his grasp. She had attempted to struggle but his grip had not budged. Her body had stiffened when his lips had drifted down her face licking the tears that he had brought there. She closed her eyes tightly as the feather light touch of his firm soft lips sent butterflies fluttering their wings in her stomach. She knew that what she was doing or allowing him to do was not right but there was a time in every woman's life when she wanted to have anonymous sex. This man was being gentle and for some reason the chase had thrilled her. She felt ashamed that she was enjoying it but as a gasp left her lips she couldn't find it in her to not like what he was doing. It was all she could do not to start writhing beneath him.

As his lips drifted to hers she started to tremble. It was light, minor tremors rushing through her body. She gasped out loud as her nipples continued to graze against his muscled chest. They had stiffened so quickly drawing the sound from her lips. He quickly entered her mouth then. His tongue battling with hers and her heart was slamming in her chest. It was so strange. She felt like she was doing something taboo and it was exciting. He slowly left her lips to seek out the other undiscovered parts of her body and she felt her feminine channels clench tightly.

She could feel it. She was aroused. She was going to let him have his way with her on the forest floor of an open park. He started to suck on her pulse point and she arched into him on a sharp intake of breath. His hands trailed under her shirt touching the flat skin of her stomach and she could feel the muscles in her stomach clenching. His hand was making its way to her breasts and her breathing increased. She closed her eyes as he drew ever closer to that point that wanted to feel his touch. She knew that when he touched her there, there would be no going back.

He chuckled over her sensitive skin and she moaned out loud. She wanted him to touch her so badly but she didn't ask. Her eyes remained closed. As his hands drifted over her rapidly rising stomach he could feel her heart triple as his hands feathers over the underside of her breast and she gasped. She tried to move but his one remaining hand held her down tightly and that so excited her. She did not know who he was and he could be some serial killer but she was so fiercely excited that she couldn't help it. She wanted him to take her.

His hands slowly crawled over the firm flesh of her breast and he growled. He left her neck to suck on the other exposed nipple. He did not care that it was covered in clothing he took it between his lips and started to suck roughly. Each suck of his lips on her nipple combined with his hand's caressing had fiery trails making their way down her body to become feminine wetness. He was preparing her body for his invasion and she was more than cooperating. He stopped. Her arousal was more than he could bear he had to fight to control the need to mount her but he wouldn't. He wanted to exhaust them both. He wanted her to remember him always.

She was openly writhing beneath him. "Oh god please don't stop," her voice was laced with thick desire as she moved her body seductively on the ground. It was an erotic dance, a dance, which called for mating and he felt triumph.

"I do not intend to little human…"