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Chapter 1

Kurama walked into his bedroom, closing the door behind him. Looking down at the little gold box in his hand he rolled his eyes and threw it against the wall. With a frustrated sigh he flopped face down on his bed. "Damn, this sucks."

If it hadn't happened at least a hundred times over the years Kurama would have jumped when he suddenly heard Hiei beside him. "Whatever sucks must be really bad if you're beating up defenseless flowers Fox."

Slowly raising his head Kurama saw Hiei perched in front of him on the bed holding the little gold florist's box. Through the little cellophane window on the box Kurama could see the bruised and wilted lily inside. Feeling slightly guilty Kurama held a hand over the box feeding ki to the wounded flower.

Hiei never ceased to be amazed that even the smallest amount of his partner's spirit energy could bring beauty and life back to any plant blessed with his attention. When the flower was healed Kurama slumped back down. "Hello Hiei. What brings you by today?"

Hiei set the box on the nightstand before leaning against the headboard with his legs stretched out before him. "I'm bored. Kurama, why is that flower imprisoned in that little box?"

Kurama couldn't help but smile at Hiei's innocent question. Sitting up Kurama faced his friend. "It's called a corsage Hiei. My mother got it for me to give to my date tonight."

Hiei silently prayed that his disappointment didn't show. "Another date? Didn't you just go on one the other day?"

Kurama's shoulders sagged as he nodded. "Yes, and unfortunately I have another one tonight."

A glimmer of hope dawned at Kurama's defeated words. "Kurama, why don't you just tell your mother that you don't want to go?"

Sad green eyes met Hiei's. "It's not that simple Hiei. If I tell her I don't want to go on any more dates she's going to expect an explanation and I don't think I'm ready to tell her why I'm not interested in any of the ladies she's chosen for me."

This statement peaked Hiei's curiosity. "Why aren't you interested in them Fox?"

Red hair covered Kurama's eyes as he looked down at his hands. "Because I'm not really attracted to females anymore Hiei. I'm not sure which would be harder, telling my mother I'm a demon or that I'm more attracted to men than women."

Hiei was grateful that Kurama's head was still down when a little glimmer of hope suddenly shined brightly from his ruby eyes. Quickly he masked his feelings before green eyes met his again. He hesitated only a moment before shyly probing Kurama for more. "Kurama, are you attracted to men in general or is there one special man you're interested in?"

The fire demon was surprised to see the ancient fox spirit actually blush. "I'm not sure how to answer that Hiei. I like different things about several men I know however there is one in particular that appeals to me more than the others."

Hiei hoped Kurama couldn't sense how hard his heart was pounding. "Would it really be so bad to tell your mother the truth Fox? If she really loves you then wouldn't she want you to be happy?"

Kurama smiled at Hiei's innocent thinking. "You're right Hiei, my mother has always wanted my happiness above all things. I don't really think my mother is homophobic I just feel like I would be disappointing her by not marrying and giving her grandchildren."

Taking a deep breath Hiei tried to get up the courage to tell Kurama about his own feelings but he just couldn't. "You've given up so much for Shiori, maybe it's time you thought about your own happiness for a change."

Kurama gave his friend a little smile. "I'll think about it Hiei. Thank you for listening. I didn't realize how much I needed to talk to my best friend about all this."

Rising from the bed Kurama stripped off his shirt as he walked to his closet. Hiei covertly watched the redhead change. "Hiei, can I ask a favor of you? Will you come back later? We could visit some more and you could spend the night. This has been nice spending time with you but unfortunately I have to go soon."

Hiei had a hard time not blushing when Kurama walked back to the bed with his shirt hanging open. Mischief danced in Kurama's green eyes as he leaned closer to Hiei. "Maybe I could bribe you with a treat? I'll bring you back something sweet if you say yes."

Even though he didn't need a bribe to come back Hiei wouldn't let Kurama know that. "It had better be something good Fox."

Kurama smiled as he turned away. Disappointed, Hiei watched as Kurama buttoned and tucked in his shirt. "I promise Hiei, I'll make sure to get you something very special."

Just then Shiori called from downstairs. "Shuuichi, Son it's time for you to leave."

Kurama's shoulders sagged as he called back. "Coming Mother."

Reaching for the little box with the lily Kurama leaned close to Hiei and whispered. "See you tonight Hiei."

It was just after ten when Kurama slipped in the front door. He tried to be quiet so as not to disturb his family. In the living room he could see his stepfather sleeping in a chair with a book laying on his chest. Kicking off his shoes Kurama sprinted up the stairs. He held his breath as he reached for the doorknob and thought he was home free when his mother suddenly came out of her room. "Oh Shuuichi, I didn't know you were home, I was just going to get your father. How was your date? Sharese is a lovely girl isn't she?"

Hiding his impatient sigh Kurama turned and smiled at his mother. "Yes Mother, she's lovely. If you'll excuse me I'm going to bed, I'm rather tired."

As much as Kurama wanted to be with Hiei he couldn't begrudge his mother a goodnight hug. As she stepped away from him Shiori saw a little box in his hand. "What do you have there Shuuichi?"

Ever the eloquent liar Kurama shrugged. "Oh, just my dessert. I thought I'd have it before I went to bed."

Shiori grinned. "If I didn't know better I'd think you had Hiei hiding in your room and were sneaking him food like you did when you were younger. Well, goodnight Son, sleep well and don't forget to brush your teeth."

Luckily Shiori was already headed down the stairs and didn't see Kurama's surprised expression. Finally in the sanctuary of his room Kurama leaned against his door, closed his eyes and sighed. "You seem to be doing that a lot lately."

Kurama almost laughed as Hiei snuck up on him for the second time today. Even in the dark Kurama's demon eyes could make out Hiei's form sitting in the window. "Doing what Hiei?"

Hopping down from the window Hiei didn't ask permission before taking the box from a startled Kurama's hand. "Sighing Fox. If those females you're dating are causing it then they need to go."

Hiei crawled into the middle of the bed and began greedily devouring the contents of the box. Kurama flipped on the bathroom light as he began getting ready for bed. "I think you're right Hiei. Maybe I should make a few changes. If I have to live out this human life then I should at least try to be happy."

Completely uninhibited by Hiei's presence Kurama stripped naked before going to his dresser for a pair of sleep pants. No matter how many times Kurama undressed in front of him Hiei was always completely awed by how beautiful the redhead was. Believing Hiei to be engrossed in his treat Kurama went to brush his teeth. From the bathroom he called softly to Hiei. "Don't forget you still have to brush your teeth before bed you little sugar demon."

Before he could put the toothpaste down Kurama found Hiei standing beside him holding his own toothbrush. "It's disgusting that your human customs are rubbing off on me. Do you know how hard it is to brush your teeth before bed when you sleep in a tree?"

Kurama grinned as he looked at his friend. Secretly he whished he had the nerve to lean over and lick the chocolate from beside Hiei's mouth. Deciding he'd rather lose his hand than his head Kurama reached out and used his finger to remove the chocolate. Hiei couldn't hide his blush when Kurama closed his eyes and licked the sweet from his finger with a little moan. After that both men were silent as they brushed their teeth.

Picking up his hairbrush Kurama stalled. He didn't want to turn the bathroom light out until he'd seen Hiei remove his clothes for bed. Once a boxer clad Hiei had crawled under the covers Kurama turned out the light and climbed in beside him. "Thank you for coming back Hiei. I really needed to talk to my best friend before I went crazy."

Kurama lay on his side with his head propped on his hand looking at Hiei in the darkness. Hiei almost couldn't resist reaching out to touch Kurama. To cover his slip Hiei tucked his hand behind his head. "So what are you going to do now Kurama?"

Kurama thought a moment before he answered. "I think first I should have a talk with my mother. Then I think I'm going to test the waters. I'm not sure my advances will be accepted by any of the men I'm interested in but I'll never know if I don't try."

Hiei frowned. "Kurama, you're strong, attractive and intelligent. They'd be fools to turn you down."

Ruby eyes opened so wide they almost bulged out of Hiei's head when Kurama laughed then settled his head on the fire demon's shoulder. Kurama found himself holding his breath for the second time today as he waited to see how his action would be received. When Hiei only gave a little gasp Kurama relaxed. "I never thought you would be one to stroke my ego Hiei but I appreciate it all the same. As to why they wouldn't accept me, well I'm not sure any of them are attracted to other men. I'm fairly sure that two of them are at least bisexual though, so there is some hope."

It took Hiei a moment to gather his courage before he lowered his arm to rest it around Kurama's shoulders. When Kurama made no comment Hiei relaxed. "You probably have to go to that ningen learning place tomorrow so we'd better get some sleep Fox."

Kurama's heart was pounding as he gently rested his hand on Hiei's bare chest. "Actually I'm between semesters at the university so I'm on break for a couple of weeks. That should give me plenty of time to work a few things out and make some changes. I hope you'll be around for a while Hiei. I might need your strong shoulder to lean on or cry on if I get rejected."

Reassured by the warm arm around him Kurama settled himself comfortably against Hiei's side and closed his eyes. Feeling Kurama relax against him Hiei smiled. "I'll always be here if you need me Fox."

It was a very sleepy voice that Hiei heard whisper. "Goodnight Fire-Baby and thank you."

Drifting off to sleep Kurama didn't feel Hiei's other arm slip around him to hold him close. "Goodnight my Fox."

The morning sun was trying to peek through the curtains when Kurama heard a light taping on his bedroom door. Sleepy green eyes popped open wide when he remembered falling asleep in Hiei's arms. He had only a second to realize Hiei's head now rested on his chest. Quickly he pulled the sheet up to cover the dark head just as his stepbrother Shuuichi pushed the door open a crack. "Hey Shu-Kun, mom says breakfast will be ready in ten minutes."

Kurama's heart pounded as he realized how close they were to being caught. "Um… thanks Shu-Chan, I'll be right down."

Shuuichi was just about to close the door when he turned back. "Oh, and she said that if Hiei's still here to bring him down with you."

Before Kurama could reply Shuuichi closed the door. As Kurama sighed he felt Hiei's shoulders shack in a little laugh. "She's pretty smart for a stupid ningen Fox. Guess my dessert gave us away after all."

Pulling back the sheet Kurama gazed down at sleepy ruby eyes. "Looks like you're going to get dessert and breakfast out of this so we'd better get dressed and head downstairs."

Exactly ten minutes later Kurama and Hiei entered the kitchen. Hiei hung back in the doorway as Kurama went to kiss his mother's cheek. He didn't need to hear Kurama's words to know what Kurama whispered to Shiori. "Thank you for inviting Hiei Mother."

Shiori gave him a quick hug before turning to Hiei. "Good morning Hiei-Chan. It's been so long since you've been to visit us, I'm glad you could join us for breakfast."

Bashful as ever Hiei shuffled his feet as he replied softly. "Thank you Shiori."

Only Hiei's demon senses prevented him from being run over by Shuuichi as he rushed into the kitchen. "Sorry Mom, I gotta run, I'm late."

With his bag on his shoulder Shuuichi quickly kissed Shiori's cheek and would have rushed off if she hadn't stopped him. "Hold on one minute young man. You are not leaving without breakfast."

Shuuichi tried not to show his impatience as Shiori wrapped a rice ball in a napkin and handed it to him along with his lunch. "Have a good day at school Shu-Chan."

As Shuuichi rushed out Hiei turned to Kurama. "I thought you said you didn't have to go to that nin… school today Kurama?"

Even though Shiori had been told of the 'nickname' Hiei and their other friends called her son Kurama couldn't help but be nervous every time Hiei said it in front of her. "Shuuichi's still in high school Hiei so he won't be off until next week. I'm in college and am off this week and next."

Hiei nodded. "Hn."

Shiori in the mean time had been filling plates. "Have a seat boys. Hiei, I remember what a sweet tooth you have so I made sweet buns too."

Once again Hiei found himself shyly thanking Shiori as he sat next to Kurama. Shiori didn't see her son smile at his friend as she talked happily. "So Shuuichi, tell us about your date last night. You went to bed before you could tell me much."

Nervously Kurama smiled at her. "Actually Mother I was hoping you were free today. I'd like to talk to you about that as well as a few other things."

Thinking this was good news Shiori beamed. "Of course Shuuichi, I'd love to spend time with you today."

After that the conversation slowed as the three ate breakfast. When they were done Kurama excused himself saying he wanted to see Hiei out. Once they were out on the porch Hiei could see that Kurama needed moral support. "She'll understand Kurama. Everything will work out fine."

Giving Hiei a big smile Kurama risked life and limb to give Hiei a quick hug. "Thank you Hiei. Maybe you could come by later and I'll let you know how it went."

Though Hiei was thrilled at the unexpected show of affection from his fox he only grunted. "Later Fox."

Flitting away Hiei hoped things went well for Kurama today. He knew the chances were slim that he would benefit from Kurama being true to his feelings but if Kurama was happy then he'd try to be happy for him.

Returning to the kitchen Kurama helped Shiori clean up. A few minutes later they finished and Shiori poured them both some tea. Kurama knew the moment of truth had arrived when they sat at the kitchen table and Shiori turned to him. "Now Shuuichi, you haven't asked a single girl out on a second date and you repeatedly avoid discussing them with me. I can't help but think I'm choosing the wrong type of girl for you. Is there something different you'd like me to look for in the next girl?"

The ancient Youko's deviant side wondered what Shiori's reaction would be if he said he wanted his next date to have a cock. "Actually Mother all the ladies have been quite pleasant, intelligent and attractive. There was nothing wrong with any of them."

Shaking her head Shiori reached out placing her hand over Kurama's. "Then what is it Shuuichi? You should know that there's nothing you can't tell me."

Trying not to squirm Kurama took a deep breath. "It's not them Mother, it's me. I'm just attracted to a different kind of person that's all."

Expecting shock or confusion Kurama couldn't have been more surprised when Shiori smiled and spoke calmly. "You mean that you're gay."

It took Kurama a moment to realize it wasn't a question. Green eyes blinked in surprise several times before he spoke. "It's not that… I mean maybe… I mean… oh hell."

Placing a hand on his forehead Kurama tried to rub the growing tension he felt away. He looked up suddenly when he heard Shiori giggle. "Shuuichi, it's alright if you're gay. I've kind of suspected for quite some time."

Kurama sighed. "It's not that I'm not attracted to women, I'm just… more attracted to men."

Shiori didn't miss a beat. "Oh, then you're bisexual. You know Shuuichi, it doesn't really matter who you love, I just want you to be happy. Of course as your mother I'd like it if you married and gave me a few grandchildren to spoil. However, if you'd be happier with a husband than a wife then that's what you should have."

At her straightforward remarks Kurama shook his head. "Mother, you never cease to amaze me."

A hint of mischief lit Shiori's hazel eyes. "Now I'm not sure how to go about finding you a husband but I'm sure I'll figure it out. I wonder how one goes one go about asking a man if he'd like to date my son."

Green eyes widened in shock and Shiori laughed. "Relax Shuuichi, I think perhaps it would be best if I left the choice up to you on this one. But make no mistake, I want to see you happy and settled down so if you don't make progress soon I'll be back to trying my hand at matchmaking."

Kurama couldn't decide if he was relieved or more nervous. "Don't worry Mother, I have a few prospects of my own I'll be looking into. I'll let you know just as soon as I do how things are going."

Kurama nearly jumped when Shiori clapped her hands together. "Oh Shuuichi, I do hope that adorable Hiei is at the top of your list. He's already an unofficial member of the family so it would be very easy to make him an official member."

Lowering his eyes Kurama blushed. "As much as I'd like that Mother I don't think Hiei would be very receptive to my advances. He's had a very hard life, he's been hurt a lot. It took me years to get him to trust me enough to call me his friend. I'm not sure he will ever be able to trust me or anyone else with his heart. No one but his sister has ever been able to penetrate the walls he's built around it."

Feeling his mother's hand cover his again Kurama looked up. "Shuuichi, have you ever seen the look in Hiei's eyes when he looks at you? Whether you realize it or not you've not only penetrated the walls around his heart but been firmly sealed inside them."

Green eyes regarded her as Kurama considered her words. "I hope you're right Mother because I'm pretty sure I'm in love with him. I have to be sure that I love him though. If I decide to pursue him I need to know that if he accepts me it's forever. Hiei's so innocent and vulnerable when it comes to love that I would never want to be the one to hurt him."

Though Shiori wasn't entirely sure what he meant she trusted her son. "Then you do whatever you have to do to ensure you are both happy in the end."