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Before they knew it the year had passed and Kurama was about to graduate from college. Hiei still went to Makai on weekends and whenever Kurama was off school but he refused to go without his mate unless it were a true emergency. Though the bond no longer prevented them from being apart the demon's chose to be together.

It was the last week before finals and Kurama had been stressing out a little. Hiei tried to reassure him that as a straight 'A' student he hand nothing to worry about but Kurama was a perfectionist and refused to listen. The redhead was spending more and more time studying and working on the report for his biology research project.

What Hiei didn't know was that school wasn't the only thing bothering his mate. Kurama was worried about what the future of their relationship would be after he graduated. Would Hiei force him to live in Makai, leaving his mother behind? Would Hiei stay with him in the Ningenkai and end up resenting him? The worst solution Kurama could think of however was that Hiei might go back to Makai leaving him behind in the Ningenkai. Since it was now possible for them to be separated for several weeks at a time this was a distinct possibility.

"Kurama, you've been staring at that page for an hour. You must have memorized it by now. Why don't you come to bed?" Kurama jumped. He hadn't even heard Hiei enter the bedroom.

Glancing over his shoulder at Hiei Kurama smiled. "Sorry Koi. I've been studying so hard I think my mind is beginning to wander."

Hiei reached out and closed the book Kurama was reading. "That's it then, you're coming to bed."

Kurama sighed and tried to resist the strong hand that pulled him by the wrist. "But Hiei…"

The fire demon's voice was firm. "No buts Kurama. There can't possibly be anything else those books can teach you tonight. Not to mention you've been neglecting me all week. Besides, there's something I want to talk to you about."

Reluctantly, Kurama allowed Hiei to lead him to the bathroom. A little nervous about what Hiei might want to talk about Kurama followed Hiei's lead and brushed his teeth before removing his clothes. Naked, the demons crawled under the covers and cuddled together in the middle of the bed. "What did you want to talk about Koi?"

Hiei paused a moment as if to consider his words and Kurama's anxiety grew. "The other day you were saying that you wished you had more time to spend in the biology lab before your report is due next week. I was thinking that maybe it would be better if you stayed home this weekend instead of going with me to Alaric. That would give you time in the lab on Friday and the weekend free to study without me being in your way."

Kurama's heart was pounding. He hadn't even graduated and already Hiei was making plans to leave him. "Hiei, you are never in my way. I thought we agreed not to be separated unless it was unavoidable?"

Hiei didn't see that his casual shrug was upsetting his mate. "This is kind of unavoidable. You have work to finish here before you graduate and I have a few things to take care of with Mukuro. I'm going to be working the whole time anyways and won't be able to do more than sleep with you."

Hiei smiled when the redhead pouted. "I thought you liked sleeping with me."

Leaning over Hiei began nibbling on Kurama's neck. "I love sleeping with you Fox especially when we don't get much sleep. How about I show you just how much I love sleeping with you to make up for the nights we'll be apart?"

Hiei's warm lips and sexy tongue quickly made Kurama forget that his mate meant to leave him tomorrow. Succumbing to the pleasure Hiei offered Kurama lay back and allowed his lover free access to his body. Taking advantage of the offer Hiei kissed and touched the redhead until he was moaning and begging for more. "Gods Hiei, please don't stop. That feels so good."

Pleased with Kurama's response Hiei's tongue flicked across a taught nipple before latching on and suckling causing the redhead to moan. This wasn't about having sex, this was making love. Hiei's primary goal wasn't his own pleasure but Kurama's. After tormenting first one nipple then the other Hiei moved lower. He caressed Kurama's thighs leaving a trail of kisses from his navel to the sensitive area at the back of his knees. Kurama whimpered when Hiei avoided his bobbing erection. "Relax Fox, I'll taste you soon enough."

True to his words Hiei slowly made his way back up until he was settled between Kurama's thighs. When Hiei's calloused hands stroked the erection before him Kurama groaned loudly. Starting at the base Hiei nibbled and licked his way to the tip of Kurama's need. By the time Hiei's mouth closed over him Kurama was clutching the sheets and arching up to meet his lover's lips. With no sense of urgency Hiei worshiped Kurama with his mouth slowly bringing his mate closer and closer to completion.

Kurama was now panting, too far gone in his pleasure to even beg for release. Suddenly Hiei's mouth released him drawing a frustrated gasp from Kurama. Moving up over his lover Hiei surprised the redhead by straddling his hips and lowering himself onto Kurama's dripping erection. Pleased by the unexpected treat Kurama's hands moved to Hiei's hips holding him still for a moment. When he was satisfied Hiei was ready Kurama's hands caressed his lover's body as he began to move.

At first Kurama enjoyed the sight of Hiei riding him, his dark head thrown back in ecstasy. After a while though a more primal instinct kicked in and Kurama pulled Hiei to him, claiming his lips. Forcing Hiei's mouth open Kurama's tongue matched the rhythm his body had set. Hearing Hiei's mews of pleasure excited Kurama even more. Rolling Hiei beneath him Kurama's strong hand moved between Hiei's legs as he set a pace that soon sent both demon's hurtling to their climax.

Settling beside Hiei Kurama pulled his mate close. "Thank you Hiei. No matter how we have sex it is always incredible but nothing compares to when we make love. Knowing that you're leaving me tomorrow I really needed you to make love to me today Koi."

Kissing Kurama's temple Hiei grunted. "Hn. You make it sound like we're being separated Fox. It's just for this one weekend and then we'll be together again."

Sighing, Kurama cuddled against his mate. "Promise me we'll always be together Hiei."

With a sleepy yawn Hiei replied. "Stupid Fox. Of course we'll be together. Always and forever Kurama."

It was almost dawn and Hiei hadn't returned yet. Having long since abandoned his studies Kurama paced through the apartment. The few times Hiei had gone to Makai without him the fire demon had kept to their schedule of returning on Sunday evening. Now, as Tuesday morning approached, Kurama was beginning to worry. As it was he didn't sleep well with Hiei gone, worried about his mate he didn't sleep at all.

With a frustrated sigh Kurama looked at the clock for the umpteenth time. Seeing that it was just five am Kurama decided to take a shower. Once he was showered and dressed Kurama sifted through his school work selecting several folders then headed for the door.

Minutes later Kurama sprinted up the steps of one of the new apartment complexes near the campus and scanned the names on the mail boxes. Finding what he was looking for he headed for the stairs. It was just past six when he found the door he sought. Kurama knocked loudly, waited, then knocked again. A few minutes later a sleepy Maya wearing a bathrobe peeked out the door. "Shuuichi, it's six in the morning. What are you doing here?"

Without ceremony Kurama shoved the files at her. "Something's come up Maya and I need leave. Will you please turn in my biology research to Professor Keys for me?"

Clutching the files Maya blinked at him in disbelief. "What do you mean you're leaving? You haven't finished finals yet and you're supposed to present this in class not just turn it in."

Wanting desperately to leave, Kurama briefly answered her questions. "I've taken all but one of my finals. As for the research it will have to be enough. Thank you Maya."

When he turned to leave Maya called to him. "Shuuichi wait! What's going on? This isn't like you to walk out on something as important as school. Especially right before graduation."

Kurama turned back. "Hiei needs me and nothing is more important than Hiei."

With that Kurama left.

The warm Makai sun beat down on the silver Youko as he approached Alaric. Kurama could see several demons repairing damage to the fortress. Judging from the many scorch marks on the outer walls Kurama suspected that Hiei had caused most of the destruction. Cautiously Kurama passed through the gates. The demons repairing the fortress paid him little attention as they continued their work.

Recognizing him, the guards at the door nodded granting him entrance. His attention was taken from the damaged fortress when Mukuro exited her office yelling at her guards. "Damn it! What the hell do I have guards for if you're just going to let anyone walk right in the front door?"

One of the guards saluted her before answering. "As Lord Hiei's mate Lord Kurama has always been granted entrance."

Mukuro rolled her eyes. "Imbecile! Hiei killed half of you and nearly destroyed my fortress. What if Kurama's here to finish what Hiei started?"

At a nod from the guard that had spoken two guards with spears approached Kurama. As if they weren't worth his time Kurama withdrew a rose from his hair and with a flip of his wrist left them in pieces on the ground. No one else moved as Kurama calmly addressed Mukuro. "What the hell have you done with my mate Bitch!"

Mukuro didn't flinch at the deadly cold voice that addressed her. "What do you mean what have I done? Did you see what that damn little fire demon did to my fortress? Not to mention that he killed half of my army!"

Seeing more of Mukuro's men approach Kurama flared his energy. "Call them off Mukuro or I'll kill every demon that Hiei didn't!"

At a nod from Mukuro her men halted but did not withdraw. Appeased for now Kurama knew he needed to remain calm if he wanted answers. "Now tell me what happened and where I will find Hiei."

As if tired Mukuro sighed and for the first time Kurama noticed there were bandages showing beneath her tunic. "The bastard wanted to resign as my heir. When I tried to persuade him to reconsider we fought."

Stunned by her words Kurama waited for her to continue. "When we finally came to an agreement he took off. As to where he is, I don't know. He was hurt pretty bad though, I can't imagine he got far. I sent some of my men to look for him but when they didn't find him I was hoping he'd gotten to you. That was the night before last."

Cocking an ear the Youko regarded her. "Why would you concern yourself with Hiei if he tried to destroy you?"

Mukuro smirked. "I may be pissed at him Kurama but Hiei is still my heir. For now I suggest you concern yourself with finding your mate."

Golden eyes pierced the demoness. "You'd better pray that I find Hiei alive Mukuro. If anything happens to him I'll be back to destroy you all."

As Kurama turned to leave Mukuro called him back. "Kurama, wait! I meant what I said, Hiei is still my heir. If you need help you know where I am."

Kurama regarded her a moment then nodded before leaving. Outside the fortress Kurama began circling the perimeter as he reached out to speak to the surrounding plants. Receiving the response he was looking for Kurama headed north. Sniffing the air and following the path the plants indicated Kurama tracked his mate until found himself heading towards one of the dens he and Hiei sometimes used to get away from Mukuro.

Half an hour later Kurama approached the hidden entrance to his den. His heart raced realizing he still couldn't feel Hiei's energy. The plants guarding the entrance parted and his heart stopped when he saw Hiei sprawled on the ground just inside the den. "Hiei!"

Rushing to his mate Kurama gently turned him over. Leaning close he was relieved to feel Hiei's shallow breath brush his cheek. Lifting the fire demon gently Kurama carried him to the bed within. Making quick work of Hiei's clothes Kurama assessed his injuries. Though his wounds appeared to have stopped bleeding on their own some of the larger wounds reopened when his clothes were pried away.

Sheets were torn into bandages and vines were grown to hold them firmly in place as Kurama worked first to stop further blood loss. When this was done Kurama went for water from a nearby stream. Making a fire he began brewing plants to use both on the wounds and as medicines for Hiei.

Hours passed as Kurama worked. Only when Hiei was clean, bandaged and resting comfortably did Kurama finally begin to give in to his exhaustion. He hadn't slept in days, then he'd used most of his spirit energy to heal what he could of Hiei's wounds. As usually happened when his energy was extremely low he'd been unable to maintain his Youko form, reverting to his redheaded human form a while ago.

After making sure the fire was out and the den and camp were once again hidden Kurama curled up against Hiei. Pulling a blanket over them Kurama kissed Hiei's temple then gave in and slept.

Waking slowly it took Hiei a moment to remember what had happened. With his eyes still closed he tried to asses the damage. When he realized nothing hurt and he was actually quite comfortable he briefly wondered if he was dead. Taking a deep breath the fire demon smiled. "Kurama?"

Hearing his mate's weak call Kurama rushed to his side. "Hiei! I'm right here, open your eyes Koi."

When red eyes drifted open it took Hiei a moment to focus. Blinking several times Kurama's face finally cleared before his eyes. Seeing the concern in his mate's green eyes Hiei smiled. "That sure is a beautiful sight to wake to."

Grinning, Kurama leaned over to gently kiss Hiei's lips. "How do you feel Hiei? Does it hurt anywhere?"

After moving around a bit Hiei shook his head. "No pain but I feel drugged. What did you give me?"

Kurama's eyes sparkled as he laughed. "Just a brew from a few of my plants."

Hiei raised an eyebrow. "I've seen that look before. I'll bet in someone else's hands they'd be deadly."

Giving Hiei another kiss Kurama then reached for a cup. "Thank you Hiei, I'll take that as a complement. Now drink this, and don't worry it's just juice."

An hour later Hiei was sitting up in bed munching on a bowl of fruit. From his place on the edge of the bed Kurama watched Hiei intently for signs of pain or fatigue. "Hiei, Mukuro said you tried to resign and then the two of you fought. Is that true?"

Hiei shrugged. "Something like that, yes."

After waiting in vain for Hiei to continue Kurama sighed in frustration. "Hiei, please! When you didn't come home I went to Alaric to find that you'd almost destroyed it in a fight with Mukuro and then I find you half dead. I think I deserve a better explanation than that."

With a sigh Hiei nodded. "You're right Fox. I wanted you to stay in the Ningenkai so I could talk to Mukuro alone. I was afraid she wouldn't take what I wanted to do well and there might be a fight so I wanted you safe at home. I told her I wanted to resign as her heir since I wouldn't be able to come to Alaric for a while."

Not quite understanding, Kurama frowned but remained silent as Hiei continued. "Kurama, I've been thinking and I've decided that we should stay in the Ningenkai for a while."

Kurama was stunned. "Hiei, you hate it there. What changed your mind?"

Hiei shrugged. "I know you don't want to leave Shiori. The more I thought about it I realized that her lifetime will only be a fraction of ours. Even if she lives another forty years or so that we'll still have centuries to be together in Makai when she's gone."

Kurama just stared allowing the implication of Hiei's words to sink in as if not quite believing them. "Mukuro said you had reached an agreement before you left. What did she mean?"

Hiei set the bowl of fruit aside. "When I tried to resign at first she was furious. She said that the only way I was getting out of my obligation to her was if I died. After we began fighting I think she realized how serious I was. That if I had to chose between you and her, she'd lose. In the end we agreed that I would suspend my training with her until you and I were ready to return to Makai. After that I had to promise that when we returned we would make our home at Alaric and I would resume my position as her heir."

When Hiei finished he looked at Kurama hopefully. What he got was an exited redhead in his arms. "Oh Hiei, you've made me so happy. Thank you for understanding how important my mother is to me. I want you to know something. If you had decided that we were returning to Makai after graduation, I would have come with you. I would have been unhappy at leaving my mother, but if I had to chose between you and her, she would lose."

Hearing Kurama say he would chose him over Shiori, Hiei felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from his heart. Contented, Hiei and Kurama settled down in the bed. Neither spoke or slept, they just held each other. After a while Hiei frowned. "Kurama, what day is it?"

At first Kurama shrugged. Hiei wasn't sure if he didn't want to answer or just didn't care. When Hiei pulled back looking at him questioningly Kurama casually answered. "I think it's Wednesday."

Hiei frowned. "Wednesday? Fox, you're supposed to be in school right now!"

Again Kurama shrugged. "No Hiei, I'm right where I belong, with you."

Inside Hiei was pleased with Kurama's answer but he knew how important his education was to the fox. "Damn it Kurama, how can you be so casual about it? This is the last week before you graduate. Did you finish all your tests? What about your research, did you present your findings?"

Hiei couldn't believe Kurama was so calm. "No, I missed my literature final and I asked Maya to turn in my biology paper for me."

Rising up on an elbow Hiei looked down at the redhead. "Fox, you said you when you presented your work to the class that is was part of your grade to defend your theories and prove your results. How could you…?"

Kurama leaned up and silenced Hiei with a gentle kiss. "None of that is important Hiei. Nothing is more important to me than you."

Seeing the truth of Kurama words shine in his green eyes Hiei smiled and kissed him. "Just as nothing is more important to me than you Fox. Now where are my clothes? If we go home tonight you still have two days to try and fix the mess you made at school."

As he tried to keep Hiei in bed Kurama laughed. "I never thought I'd see the day that you of all people are trying to make me go to school. Forget it. You need to rest and heal so we're not going anywhere."

Managing somehow to pull away from his mate Hiei only got as far as the edge of the bed but didn't have the strength to stand. "Damn it Fox, move! If you fail those classes I'm going to have to endure another year of you going to that infernal school!"

Kurama could see Hiei's reasoning but still tried to pull Hiei back into bed. "Hiei, you don't have the energy to get off the bed let alone make it to the Ningenkai."

Hiei turned and fixed Kurama with a steady gaze. "You'll have to help me then, won't you?"

Startled, Kurama couldn't believe his ears. Hiei never asked anyone for help, ever. Knowing it took a lot for Hiei to admit any weakness Kurama released him. "If we do this Hiei I won't allow you to walk. You will let me carry you the whole way. We will rest whenever I say and any trouble we encounter I will deal with alone. Is that clear?"

Seeing the look in Kurama's eyes Hiei knew he had to agree or his mate would not budge. "Crystal. Now get my clothes."

The trip home took them twice the usual time even with the larger, stronger Youko making the majority of the journey. Three times Kurama insisted they stop to rest and even threatened Hiei with one of his sleeping potions if he didn't try to sleep as they traveled.

It was well after dark when Kurama, holding Hiei close, climbed the stairs to their apartment. Before Kurama could try to reach for his keys however the door was pulled open from inside revealing Kuwabara. "It's about time! Do you know how much trouble we've had keeping Shiori from calling the police?"

Hearing Kuwabara's words Shiori rushed forward followed by Yusuke. "Shuuichi, thank the gods! Oh my, Hiei, what happened?"

Kurama could feel how uncomfortable Hiei was to be carried in his arms in front of anyone, especially Yusuke and Kuwabara, but he didn't let him down. "I'm sorry Mother. Everything happened so fast I didn't get a chance to call you. I just knew I needed to get to Hiei and I forgot everything else."

The look in Yusuke and Kuwabara's eyes told Kurama they were wondering who to kill for hurting their friend but thankfully they remained silent. Moving ahead of her son Shiori opened the bedroom door then turned down the bed. "Hiei-Chan, is there anything I can get you? How about some ice cream?"

Even as tired as he was Hiei's eyes lit up at her words. "Sweet snow!"

Seeing Shiori's nervousness the men let her go. Yusuke barely waited until she was out of earshot before turning on Kurama. "What the hell happened? Why didn't you call us to help?"

Kurama moved to check Hiei's bandages. "I didn't know I'd need help until I found Hiei wounded. Kuwabara, please get Yukina. I couldn't fully heal his wounds and I'm afraid they might have reopened on the trip back."

Kuwabara left before Hiei could protest. "I'll be fine Kurama. Yukina doesn't need to come."

Before Kurama could reply Yusuke scolded the fire demon. "Hiei, just shut up and let us take care of you. It's your own fault for getting into trouble in the first place."

They fell silent as Shiori reentered the room. "I know ice cream isn't a miracle cure but I didn't know what else to do. Since the hospital bandaged you up and sent you home I hope that means you'll be alright."

Shyly Hiei smiled as he accepted the ice cream from her. "I'm fine Sh…Mother, you don't need to worry about me."

Hiei could see the concern in her eyes when Shiori reached out to brush his hair back and caress his cheek. "Of course I'm going to worry Hiei, you're my son."

Kurama smiled when Hiei blushed. "Mother, Kuwabara went to get Yukina and she'll have Hiei healed in no time."

Shiori's eyes widened. "What do you mean 'heal'? Didn't he go to the hospital?"

Kurama bit his lip. "Uh, no Mother, he didn't. Hiei's a demon, he can't go to the hospital. I healed what I could then cleaned and dressed his wounds. Yukina's healing powers are greater than mine so she'll heal what I couldn't."

Heart pounding Shiori looked from Kurama to Hiei. "May I ask how you got hurt?"

When Kurama would have answered Hiei cut him off. "Kurama no. No more lies, no more secrets. She deserves the truth. Mother, when I tried to resign as Mukuro's heir she got angry and we fought. For breaking our agreement she had the right to kill me."

Shiori gasped. "That settles it! You boys are not going back to that horrible place! I couldn't stand it if I had to worry that one of you could be hurt or killed."

In an unusual show of affection Hiei put his ice cream aside and reached for Shoiri's hand. "You don't have to worry. The reason I'm hurt is because I fought for my freedom. In the end Mukuro and I came to an agreement. Kurama and I will remain here for now. When we are ready to return to Makai we will make our home at Alaric and I will resume my duties as her heir."

When Shiori turned frightened eyes to Kurama he knelt beside her. "It's alright Mother. Hiei's agreed that we will live here in the Ningenkai for maybe the next forty or fifty years. Will that be long enough?"

Smiling, Shiori nodded and reached out to hug him. "Yes Shuuichi, that sounds just about right."

Beside them Hiei grunted. "Can I eat my sweet snow now before it melts or Yukina gets here?"

Everyone laughed as Hiei grabbed his bowl and devoured his ice cream. A few minutes later Yukina rushed in. "Hiei! Oh Brother, what have you gotten into now?"

Kurama stood with Shiori as Yukina began removing Hiei's bandages and healing his wounds. Shiori stared in awe as one by one Hiei's wounds closed then disappeared. Within a few minutes Hiei was healed and tucked into bed. After everyone said goodnight to Hiei and left the room Kurama gave him a kiss. "I'll just see everyone out and be right back Koi."

Hiei snuggled down in the bed and thought about the last hour. Hiei loved being a demon and wanted to some day rule a third of Makai. He couldn't deny however the incredible feeling of having mate, a sister, friends and now a mother who loved him. Maybe living here for a while wouldn't be such a bad thing.

He was pulled out of his thoughts when Kurama reentered the room. Winking at Hiei he paused at his desk to push the button on the answering machine then reached for the buttons on his shirt. As he undressed several messages from his mother played. He paused however when he heard Maya's voice. "Shuuichi, it's Maya. Gods I hope you get this in time. I gave your work to Professor Keys… did you know he was gay? Well he is and he found it so romantic that you put Hiei before everything else that he's giving you until Thursday to discuss your research with him. He also spoke to Professor Young and he's willing to give you until Thursday to come take a make up test. Good luck Shuuichi and I hope Hiei's alright."

Naked the excited redhead jumped on the bed to hug his mate. "Did you hear that Hiei?"

Hiei smirked mischievously. "Yes, Professor Keys is gay. That's exciting."

Kurama laughed. "Very funny Koi. It means I can fix everything tomorrow and still graduate next week. Thank you for making us come back today Hiei."

Before he could respond Kurama claimed his lips in a passionate kiss. "I love you Hiei. Are you sure you're alright with all this? I know you're doing this for my happiness but I want you to be happy too Koi."

Pulling Kurama close Hiei stroked a hand through his hair. "I'm happy so long as I'm with you Fox. Now come rub that sexy body against me and make me even happier."

"It will be my pleasure Hiei."

As they made love both demons knew that no matter where they lived they would be happy so long as they had each other.