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Caleb walked into a flower store right before Valentines Day. He wanted to buy Cornelia some roses. He stopped in front of the rose section. She was his rose. His guardian or the earth. She was as beautiful and as soft as the rose petals. She was tall, slim, and strong like the stem. She had thrones… her somewhat self centered personality that kept the world from getting to close.

His eyes first caught the yellow roses.

She was his yellow rose: His Friend.

The color of her long beautiful shinning hair

They had been friends before anything.

He could trust her with anything

They were there for each other. When ever and where ever that was.

No… he thought yellow roses just wouldn't be enough. His eyes saw the pink roses next.

She was his pink rose: His Love

It was the color of her cheeks when she blushed

Their love first blossoming in the between the raging battles in the war against Phobos

They had been cautious and shy, tiptoeing around each other.

They had loved each other, uncertain how to tell each other

But their love connected them, keeping them strong and giving each other hope

But long had the war against Phobos had ended and their love rooted stronger than that of a crush. That was when he turned to finger a red rose.

She was his red rose: His True Love, His Passion

They had finally become a couple. Spending their free time wrapped in each others arms.

She was the one that filled his dreams at night. The one who keep his heart warm when he was cold

He'd do anything for her and he knew she felt the same about him.

They loved each other, more than anything else in the world.

He saw the white roses, the fewest being sold.

She was his white rose: His Soulmate

She was the person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with

She knew his fears, his dreams, his wants,

And he in return knew hers

She was everything to him

His life would be empty without her.

Caleb reached for the white rose and stopped. Unsure of which rose to get her.

Valentines Day came and Caleb had a rose in his hand. Cornelia and him were meeting one of the castle rooms. The room had large glass windows that would splash the room in a pink glow as the sun set. As he entered Caleb caught sight of her. She stood gowned in a long sleeved white top and a light pink skirt. Her smiled reached her eyes and her face glowed. The light of the setting sun framing her figure.

"You look beautiful." Caleb breathed handing her the rose.

She smiled at him taking the rose gingerly, tears in her eyes.

"It's beautiful Caleb… How did you….?" She asked starring down at it.

The rose petals had begun to open each petal a different color. Some yellow, some pink, some red. The center unopened petals a pure white.

"A unique rose for my unique rose." Caleb said placing a hand to her cheek.

Cornelia smiled, "I love you."

"I love you too." Caleb said leaning down to kiss her. My Friend, my crush my lover, my soulmate now and forever.

(A/N: SO? what did you think? I've had the whole rose idea in my head for a LONG time. I just thought it would work so well since Cornelia is the earth gaurdian and the meanings for roses worked so well for these two. I just thought it would be a really sweet and a cute fluff to do. I hope the characters aren't to OOC but... This is my first WITCH fic so don't be too harsh. And I'm not that great of a poet but I wanted to try my hand at this. Love comments!)