A/N: this story is the polar opposite of fluff. I don't know why I wrote it and I know that it's very disturbing stuff. I do not support rape in any way shape or form so please no angry reviews.

What a good bit of magic that was. She couldn't stop herself from thinking it as her body went completely limp. The Death Eater proceeded to carry her into a small, dank room with nothing but a sizable bed in it. Horrible thoughts entered her head as she was dumped unceremoniously onto the mattress. She was brought back to reality as she felt the Death Eater's hand snaking up under her skirt, up along her inner thigh, under her panties…

"Nott," growled a voice from the door, "you were instructed to carry her here and tie her up only. No fondling of his goods." His goods. Those words stung her painfully and she thought what little scraps she had been given would surely reappear. Nott began to tie her limbs to the bedposts, cursing under his breath and a mention of the fact that he'd fondle whoever he felt like. She wanted to struggle and kick and scream, but he didn't remove the curse until he had checked all of the knots. Once he did, Hermione began to do all of the things she'd been aching to do, only to receive a wicked grin and a mocking pinch on the cheek from Nott. Then he was gone. Hermione continued to struggle and scream in rage and fear. Finally he came.

"If you cannot control your voice, Hermione, it will be taken away from you" said Lucius Malfoy from the doorway. She responded to this by screaming even louder, praying someone good would come and rescue her.

"Do not say that you weren't warned," said Malfoy, and with a flick of his wand her shrieking stopped. She glared him down and struggled harder against her bonds. His calm countenance turned to hunger as he looked at her squirming body.

"Crucio," he said and her squirming increased tenfold and her face contorted. He lifted the curse. "Be a good girl tonight and try not to move too much or I will keep that curse on you until you go insane and don't even understand what I'm about to do to you." Hermione stopped moving with fear etched across her face. "There's a good little girl."

He moved across the room and on top of her with his shirt off in what seemed like a second. His chest wasn't muscular or smooth like she had imagined. It was undefined and hairy, which disgusted her even more. With a few swipes of a knife and some pulling, her clothes were off, and only her modest underclothes were left.

He put down the knife for a moment and started to move his hands all over her. He rubbed and stroked her inner thighs much more smoothly and methodically than Nott had. He ran his fingers over her stomach and finally rested them on her breast, which he began to massage at first lightly, but then harder and harder until she was silently begging him to stop. And he finally did, but only to retrieve his knife and slice off her underclothes. Then she was completely exposed to him and tears of shame ran down her cheeks.

He dipped his head down between her legs and she felt his tongue flitting into her. 'No no no no no no!' screamed Hermione in her head. Then he pulled of his trousers and underwear and she saw his arousal. He positioned himself at the ready and with one last wicked grin at her, he moved into her. Hard. She couldn't scream and instead bucked against him in attempts to get him off and rid herself of the awful pain he was inflicting upon her. He became more aroused by this and thrust into her again and again, getting into a rhythm. Finally, he pulled out of her and began to slowly caress her again, this time with his mouth. He licked her here, bit her there, until he was satisfied. He got off of her and pulled on his clothes.

"I'll send Nott in. I'm sure he wouldn't mind having my seconds." And he was gone, leaving Hermione with dread and a strong will to kill herself.