A/N: This is assuming Zuko is traveling with the gaang. Just a silly plot bunny that's been jumping around my feet since Lake Laogai.

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"I have to warn you Zuko, he might be a little violent. You did chase us for a long time, and bisons have great memories!"

"Great..." Zuko grumbled, as they continued to walk towards the Avatar's flying beast.

"You know, he took out almost the entire Dai Li AND skipped a guy across the lake by tossing him from his leg. There were bite marks. It looked painful." Sokka said, teasing the Firebender. He sniggered as he saw Zuko's worried look as they finally approached Appa.

The flying bison growled a little and leapt towards Zuko.

"Now Appa, Zuko is our friend now, so don't—" Aang stopped mid-sentence and he and Sokka's mouths dropped.

Instead of attacking Zuko, Appa had him pinned lightly beneath one large foot and was giving him large sloppy licks from his chest to his face while emitting what almost sounded like a purr.

Zuko squirmed for a bit before giving up and letting the animal soak him in flying bison slobber.

He tilted his head back and smirked at the boys' astonished looks.

"Did I ever tell you guys about the time I freed your Flying Bison?"