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Chapter 3

Friday came pretty quickly to the four Californian residents. School was about a week away and they didn't have much to do but shop, relax and look for part-time jobs to do while in school. They haven't had much luck but they keep trying, hopefully getting something so they could afford to go shopping and pay for their books. Lilo and Victoria have meet some other students attending the same school as them and have gotten friendly with them over the last few days; nothing big, just playing some soccer, talking about stuff, getting ready for school.

Lilo called Gantu and asked him when he could pick them up for the party and told they to be ready around noon. Lilo, Victoria, Stitch and Snooty got ready for the day ahead, planning on having some fun in Kauai with their friends one last time before school starts. After eating breakfast, taking showers, and getting dressed, at least for Lilo and Victoria while Stitch and Snooty remained naked as usual, they were ready to go and went to the location that Gantu was going to pick them up. He couldn't land his ship in the middle of the streets of Los Angeles, otherwise people would become suspicious. They arrived at noon to see Gantu and Reuben leaning against the ship.

"Hello Gantu" said Lilo

"Hello Lilo. You all ready to leave?" asked Gantu as he opened the ship.

"Yes" said Lilo, Victoria, Stitch, and Snooty

"Everyone in then" said Gantu as he pointed to the entrance of the ship. They all went in and buckled in to their seats. Gantu started the ship and flew to Hawaii. They got their in about half an hour and landed on Kauai, near the location where his original ship stayed for the years he worked for Hamsterviel, trying to capture experiments for Hamsterviel's army.

Gantu carefully handed the ship and then proceeded to shut off the ship. "We're here" said Gantu as he unbuckled his seatbelt and got up. The others unbuckled their seatbelts and followed him outside. Lilo lead the way to her house as the others followed, she knew the island of Kauai like the back of her hand, exploring it since she was very little. After a few minutes they arrived at the Pelekai's residence and Lilo knocked on the door to let the people inside know that they had arrived. Nani opened the door to see her sister standing in front of her. "Hi Nani" said Lilo

"Lilo" said Nani as she hugged her younger sister strongly

"Hey, be careful. You'll break me" said Lilo

"Yeah right. After all those years of experiment hunting you probably have been stronger physically and mentally than me for the last ten years" said Nani as she and Lilo started giggling.

"I haven't been gone that long you know" said Lilo

"I know but it seems like forever. I can't believe I'm saying this but without you around the family seems incomplete" said Nani

"Your only saying that because I babysat Keona and Nalani for free" said Lilo

"Yes, that too" said Nani as the two sister laughed.

"Were is everyone?" asked Lilo

"They haven't arrived yet. It's still pretty early" said Nani

"Auntie Lilo" said Keona and Nalani as they ran to their aunt

Lilo bent down and gave them both a run as they ran into her arms. "Look at you two, you have grown so much. How are my favorite niece and nephew" said Lilo

"We're your only niece and nephew" said the twins in unison

"That doesn't mean that you aren't my favorite" said Lilo

"It's good to see they haven't forgotten their aunt" said David

Lilo let go off the twins as she got up and gave David a hug. "Hiya David. How is my brother in law?"

"Aren't I your favorite brother in law?:" asked David jokingly

Lilo let go of David, still smiling. "Nope" said Lilo

The family laughed a little. "Well, while we wait for everyone to arrive we're going to see the experiment and make sure that they have been taken care of" said Lilo as she, Victoria, Stitch and Snooty were about to go before being stopped.

"Hey, mind if I come?" asked Reuben

"No, you can come along" said Lilo

The five got together and for about an hour went and greeted the experiments the experiments they came by. Many of them had coupled together and seemed were happy on the island doing what they were best at. They also seemed were happy the way they were being treated by the humans on the island. The five walked back to the house where they were greeted by several guest that had arrived while they were walking around.

"Lilo, how has little niece been?" said Jumba

"I've been good uncle Jumba" said Lilo

Jumba let go of Lilo and picked up Stitch. "Stitch, you look good. How have you been?" said Jumba

"Fluffy" said Stitch

"Lilo, you look great. How has school been?" asked Pleakley

"It's been good. How about your teaching career?" asked Lilo

"It's been great. So many eager students wanting to learn about Earth. It's amazing" said Pleakley

"That's good to hear" said Lilo as she walked around and Pleakley walked over to the twins.

"LILO" screamed Mertle as she ran to Lilo and gave her a hug. "How are you?"

"Not so good" said Lilo

Mertle let go of Lilo. "What's wrong?" asked Mertle

"My ribs are going to break if everyone hugs me so hard" said Lilo

Mertle smiled with relief. "How about a handshake then?" asked Mertle as she extended her hand

"All right then" said Lilo as she shook Mertle's hand but then pulled her in for a bear hug. "You're breaking my ribs" said Mertle

"Now you know how I feel" said Lilo

Mertle turned her attention to Victoria while her dog/experiment Gigi talked with Stitch and Snooty.

Lilo went into the kitchen to get a drink and meet up with another guest. "Hello Cobra. Your going to try and hug me to aren't you?" asked Lilo tiredly

"No, I think a handshake will suffice. Don't want to break your ribs or anything like that" said Cobra Bubbles.

"Thanks. I appreciate that. How have things been with you?" asked Lilo

"Top secret" said Bubbles

"No surprise. Well, hope you enjoy the party" said Lilo as she went back into the living room, drink in hand.

For the next few hours a fun time was had by all; everyone was in high spirits and were talking to each other as if they haven't seen each other in quite some time. As time passed people started going home until it was down to Lilo, Victoria, Stitch, Snooty, Gantu, Reuben, Jumba, Pleakley, Nani, David and the twins. Gantu had to get going soon so that he could arrive back to Planet Turo so Lilo, Victoria, Stitch, and Snooty said their goodbyes to Lilo's family. They went to Gantu's ship and left to go back to California. After being dropped off they said their goodbyes as Lilo, Victoria, Stitch and Snooty went home. Lilo gave his sister a call to tell her and the others that they arrived back to California safely. After she hung up she sat down on the couch.

"It was nice to get to see everyone again" said Victoria

"Yeah, it's easy for everyone to drop what they were doing to visit but it was nice of them. I doubt there is going to be another party like that for some time" said Lilo

"Well, it's a good thing we enjoyed it while we were able to" said Victoria

"Your right. It was quite a fun time" said Lilo while Stitch and Snooty shock their heads in agreement. The four sat down and watched some television, relaxing after the exciting day they had had.

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