Chapter one, the fisherman

When we heard about the stories. The fisherman and his hook. We thought it was a joke. "Your kidding?" said Alex. "It's all true. Like about a year ago the girl, Jill, or Julie. Anyway the guy followed her to her home and cut off her leg." It was the fourth of July. No surprise that Alex would be telling this story. "Look I'm gonna sleep. Ok?" That was Amy. Amy was a blonde haired girl who focused on her studies. Which was weird for a blonde. "Fine let's go." We packet up the car and left the beach. Andrew turned up the radio. "Oh, man! I love this song!" That was Mary. Her favorite song was on, which means we'll never hear the end of her sing. It sounded like a crashing on a chalk board. "Yes, yes. Your very talented singer. Now stop singing!!!" Alex never could stand her singing. " Alex watch out!!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. Oh, my god!! We hit some thing, I know we did. "What was that?" Mary ask. We looked around until. Oh, no. This isn't happening, this isn't happening!! We killed someone!!! "Guys! Come here, Now!" They all huddled around me. Alex about die of fright because he never could stand to see the site of blood. "Let's go to the police." Amy wanted to go to the police because she didn't want a hit and run on her application. " No! If we do that than we're done for." He was wrong. He knew that if we go to the police we wouldn't be charge as much as a hit and run. " Why not? I mean to say is that if we go we won't be charged with a hit and run." I couldn't believe what was happening. " Fine this is what we'll do. We'll take the body and dump it in the lake. Is that ok?" I couldn't believe what he was saying. " That's what happened to those other kids. The guy wasn't dead! Remember?"

A car was coming. " Ok, then. Here's the plan. We won't dump the body but we'll burn the body ok?" The car approached us. Lucky for us the just pasted right on by. We put him in the back trunk and headed for south beach. When we got there we started the fire. " Hey, Mark give me hand here." That's me. Mark Thomas. We tossed the body in the fire and watch the body burn. "Ok. Now we all have to swear that none of us will tell about this again?" We all swore to keep the pact. A year had gone by and I haven't seen anyone in over a year. I logged on to AIM to see if anyone was online. It said I had one new e-mail. It didn't say who it was from. Then, I opened the e-mail. I KNOW WHAT YOU DID!! It was all over the letter. Then even more started showing up. I shut the computer down and in the reflection a could see a figure. Oh, No!! It was the fisherman we that night! I turned around and screamed.