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Chapter One:

The Final Battle

Several years ago, in the country of England, there lived a very mysterious group of people with even more mysterious powers. These people were called Witches and Wizards. However, things were not going well for the Wizarding world. A man named Tom Marvolo Riddle, more commonly known as Lord Voldemort, or You-Know-Who, had begun a reign of terror, and the people had no idea what to do. Soon, after eleven years, a prophecy was made, and was recited to one Albus Dumbledore by one Sybill Trelawny.

While this prophecy was being recited, Aberforth Dumbledore, who happened to be the owner of the inn that Albus Dumbledore Sybill Trelawny were currently in, noticed an intruder listening in on the conversation. Severus Snape was then kicked out of the inn, and he went to tell his Master the part of the prophecy that he heard…

A few months later, the Potters, a prominent wizarding family, went into hiding underneath the Fidilius Charm, and named Peter Pettigrew their Secret Keeper. Of course, they told the public that Sirius Black was actually the Secret Keeper.

Peter, being a Death Eater, told his Master the address of the Potters, and soon, the child of the Potters would be dead, and he Lord Voldemort would be unstoppable in his quest to rule over the World.

On Halloween night, 1981, Voldemort arrived at the Potter's house. With a silent Alohomora Voldemort was inside. And the Potters knew it too.

James had yelled to Lily, "Lily, take Harry and go! It's him! Go! Run! I'll hold him off–," and she ran upstairs. There were sounds of someone stumbling from a room– a door bursting open– a cackle of high pitched laughter. She first tried to Apparate, but realized that the Anti-Apparation wards were up. Next she tried a Portkey, to take her to her true home, but it didn't work. When that happened, she cast a spell upon her son, which she had been working on. It transferred most of her magical power to Harry, and she effectively turned herself into almost a squib. Barely any magical power. Young Harry glowed gold for a moment, then turned back to normal.

She heard the stairs creaking, and she dreaded what would happen next. She then saw one of the most horrifying things in her life. First, James tottered up the stairs, but his eyes looked so dead, so empty. She then saw Voldemort climbing up the stairs behind him.

"You see, you do not need to suffer the same fate as him. Give me the boy, and I will let you live." Voldemort said calmly.

"Not Harry, not Harry, please not Harry!" Lily said desperately said.

"Stand aside, you silly girl… stand aside, now…" Voldemort said, starting to get impatient.

"Not Harry, please no, take me, kill me instead–" Lily was crying now.

"Stand aside… NOW!" Voldemort was starting to get angry.

"Not Harry… Please… have mercy… have mercy…" Lily sobbed, and knew she would die. Pointing her concealed wand at Harry, she whispered, "I love you Harry… Tempus Portus Verus Domus," and it was then that Voldemort attacked.

"Stand aside, silly girl. No? Then you will die too! Avada Kedavra!" Voldemort called out. Lily was dead.

Voldemort then turned to Harry, and smiled a sick smile, and said, "Goodbye, Harry Potter, you may have been a worthy adversary," and with that, Voldemort said a quick Avada Kedavra, which was pointed at the baby's forehead, and it hit Harry. It enveloped him, and his pure magic, fought with the deadly chaos magic, for control. Voldemort smiled, and started to turn around, when suddenly, the curse shot back out of the toddler, and hit him square in the chest. Voldemort, thanks to his many rituals, did not die from the curse, but he was stripped from his body. Nothing more than a spirit, Voldemort fled.

The rest is now history.

Harry Potter, grew up not knowing about magic, as his Aunt and Uncle claimed there was definitely no such thing, and if he even tried to use his imagination, he would be punished. After ten years of Harry living with his neglective, and slightly abusive relatives, Harry finally got a letter that would change his life forever. However, it took a half-giant called Hagrid to deliver it to him.

Soon Harry was happy at his new school. But he also found out that he was famous, and that meant he had many admirers, but also a lot of enemies. Namely the children of Death Eaters. Harry made 2 great friends, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger, and together, they did many great things together.

During his years at Hogwarts, Harry had to endure a great many things, he was almost killed every year he was at Hogwarts. Year one, he saved the Sorcerer's Stone, or more commonly, the Philosopher's Stone, from Voldemort, and nearly died from doing it.

Year two, he faced ridicule and was accused of being a Dark Wizard, just because he could speak Parsletongue. He nearly died that year as well, and he would have, if Fawkes didn't show up in time in the Chamber of Secrets. He also destroyed a very important magical item to Voldemort, as it was a piece of his soul. On a lighter note, Harry freed Dobby the house-elf from the care of the Malfoys.

Year three, he had Dementors after him, well, not actually after him, but they still affected him. That year, he saved his Godfather Sirius Black from a worse fate than Death… The Dementor's Kiss. Sirius Black was falsely accused of killing 12 muggles (or non-magic people) and Peter Pettigrew, as well as giving information to Voldemort and assisting in murder. Sirius was never given a trial, as all the evidence pointed against him.

However, Harry, along with Hermione, traveled back in time 3 hours prior, and not only saved Sirius, but Buckbeak the Hippogriff as well. They escaped into the moonlight.

Year four, Harry's Hogwarts years took a turn for the worse. He was entered as the Fourth Tri-Wizard Champion, and was forced to face Dragons, Merpeople, and finally, was forced to witness not only the death of a classmate, but the rebirth of Lord Voldemort. He was forced to duel, and barely escaped with his life, and Cedric Diggory's body. Soon after he got back to Hogwarts, Harry's DADA professor, turned out to be an imposter, and a long-thought dead Death Eater. He was given the Dementor's Kiss as soon as the Minister of Magic, a complete idiot by the name of Cornelius Fudge, who denied the return of Voldemort as soon as he heard about it.

Year five, Harry and his cousin Dudley were attacked by Dementors in an alley near Magnolia Crescent. Harry was forced to go to trial in front of a full Wizengamot court, for defending himself and his cousin. Harry was found innocent, but was still slandered by the Daily Prophet. Harry nearly lost it that year, he was almost always angry, and having Delores Umbridge at Hogwarts didn't help his mood any. She forced to write "I will not tell lies," in a blood quill, tried to use Veritiserum to gain information about the whereabouts of Sirius Black and Albus Dumbledore, who earlier was forced to leave the school, as he was being threatened by the Ministry of Magic, who tried to attack him.

Harry had been having visions that year, and those visions led him to the Department of Mysteries, to save Sirius. Of course, the vision was made up by Voldemort to lure Harry there to retrieve the prophecy made by Sybill Trelawney years earlier. And it worked. Harry, along with his friends Ron and Ginny Weasley, Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom, and Luna Lovegood, all went to the Department of Mysteries, and were ambushed by Death Eaters. Needless to say, the Order of the Phoenix, a vigilante group led by Dumbledore, showed up, and started to fight Death Eaters.

Sirius had come with them, and had engaged into battle with his cousin, Bellatrix Lestrange. He was taunting her, and she threw a stunner at him, and he fell, with a surprised look on his face, through the Veil of Death. Harry snapped, and went after Bellatrix himself, and used the first Unforgivable in his life on her– Crucio.

Eventually, Voldemort showed up, as did Dumbledore, and they engaged in battle. Then Voldemort tried a last-ditch effort to have get Harry killed by possessing him, and Harry welcomed the death that he knew would come. As his thoughts turned to Sirius, Voldemort was forced out of Harry's head, and Harry was himself again.

Harry was portkeyed to Dumbledore's office, and was told the Prophecy by Dumbledore. Harry was upset, but he now realized that he had known that all along, he knew he would have to kill Voldemort.

Year six, Harry started his training to defeat Voldemort. Starting with Voldemort's history. There, Dumbledore and he hoped to find his true weakness. And they found it– it was the key to his immortality… Horcruxes. Harry found out that Snape had overheard the prophecy from Trelawney, and was angry beyond belief. As soon as he went up to Dumbledore's office though, he forgot about his anger at Snape, when he found out that Dumbledore had found another Horcrux- Slytherin's Locket.

Harry faced the Inferi for the first time in his life, not counting the corpse of his Father when he was 1 year old, which Voldemort had reanimated. And he screwed up, big time. He had forgotten the advice that Dumbledore had given him about the weakness of Inferi– fire. Dumbledore had managed to drive them back, then Harry apparated them back to Hogwarts. Soon, they got to Hogwarts, and the Dark Mark was just above the tallest tower in the castle. Harry and Dumbledore flew up there on Madame Rosemerta's brooms, and were soon faced by Draco Malfoy. Malfoy could only see Dumbledore, however, because Harry had on his invisibility coat.

Malfoy just couldn't do it, however. Then Snape showed up and killed Dumbledore, but not before Dumbledore, was begging Snape for something. Harry assumed it was for his life. Snape had a look of pure hatred, and said Avada Kedavra, and killed Dumbledore. Dumbledore glowed green for a moment, then flew backwards, off the tower, and landed on the Hogwarts grounds. Harry then realized that the only thing holding him back now, was shock. Harry then chased after the Death Eaters, and tried to duel with Snape, but he deflected every spell Harry threw at him. Soon after, Harry went to go help Hagrid, after Snape escaped. After Harry took the horcrux out of Dumbledore's robes, he realized that the locket was a fake.

Harry made the final decision about where Dumbledore should be buried. And he decided that if Dumbledore wanted to be buried on Hogwarts grounds, that's where he would be buried. At Dumbledore's funeral, Harry was cornered by the new Minister of Magic, Rufus Scimgeour, who wanted Harry to be the Ministry's poster boy. Harry did not accept. As Harry looked at Hogwarts, one last time, he realized that his life was changed forever, and nothing he could ever do could change that.

And now, Hogwarts was on the brink of collapse. It's once majestic towers now lay broken and in ruins. It had been about a year or two since Harry had last been here, and it was different than it once was. Dead bodies lying all over. Some were bloody and mangled; others looked simply as if they had been frightened to death. And a young man, nearing his twenties, along with a man who had long ago lost his humanity, was right in the middle of it all, battling it out. They were both evenly matched, but were both losing strength.

The young man's name was Harry Potter. Harry Potter had an interesting scar, in the shape of a lightning bolt, right above his right eyebrow. Funnily enough, he was facing the man who gave him his scar in the first place. That's right, Voldemort. Mass murderer. And in Harry's personal opinion, smoked too much muggle "weed" when he was a child. And right now they were battling in the Great Hall.

"Potter, I am giving you one last chance. Join me or die." Voldemort said, nearly giving in to his rage.

"Hm… I think not Voldemort. You've screwed my life up enough as it is! This ends now!" roared Harry.

"I was thinking the same exact thing, Potter. Avada Kedavra" started Voldemort.

Harry dodged, and yelled "Expelliarmus". The spell connected with Voldemort and forced him back, while his wand was tugged from his hand. Voldemort was now defenseless. Then, some how, he called his wand back. "I don't think so, Potter."

Harry looked at the man, no monster, and said coldly, "Time to die, Riddle. Sepelio Vir Pravum."

Just as Voldemort launched off his final spell. "Transporto Astrum Pugna."

A blinding light came from Harry's wand and hit Voldemort directly in his chest, just as Voldemort's hit Harry. Voldemort screamed an unearthly scream as he was being utterly destroyed, while Harry was being teleported to some other far off place…

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" screamed Voldemort. He was dead in the next instant.

Harry sighed. Here I go again…

Suddenly, Harry found himself in a strange white room, where only he and the whiteness only existed. Then, out of no where, a strange voice sounded out of no where.

"You have done well, Harry Potter. You have rid Earth of its evil. But do you remember your oath of going and defeating evil? You must have known that there is more than just evil on Earth? Surely you must have realized this?"

"You mean there is more than evil on Earth?" Harry asked, for he had never thought about there being more corruption than that on Earth.

"Yes, Harry, there is more. You no longer are needed on Earth. That is way I am sending you to a galaxy far, far away… one with far more corruption than that of Earth, and it's corruption." said the mysterious voice.

"What is the name of this galaxy?" Harry asked.

"I cannot tell you. All you will have with you in your 'new' life is yourself, your wand, and any weapons or items you pick up on the way. I cannot say anymore to you, for my time is up." said the mysterious voice.

"But…" Harry started.

"That is all. Good luck in your quest Harry Potter, and May the Force be with you."

The next thing Harry knew, he was being stared at by a tall, black man, (which reminded him slightly of Kingsley), and some weird alien thing that reminded him slightly of Dobby…

Author's note: Kinda cheesy I know, but hey, better than my last story! (You won't find it on here because I deleted it so…) Anyway… Oh yes, the voice is not supposed to be of "God" as many of you have asked or wondered about. It's kind of like the Force, but I don't know. Use your imaginations.


Sepelio- Destroy

Vir- Man

Pravum- Evil

In other words, the spell "Sepelio Vir Pravum" means in Latin, to "Destroy this Man's Evil."

The portkey that Lily performed on Harry earlier in the chapter was a timed portkey. It had to be activated by certain keywords. Which Voldemort happened to stumble on. So that's that. So Harry is a portkey, though it really was connected to his magical core. So there.

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