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In this story Max and her unit never escaped,well, they did, but they were all captued before they could even make it 5 miles away from Manticore, and this is pretty much the life they would have had. Max and her brothers and sister went to psy ops, and they came out pretty much the same, but they had no intention to try and escape again,ithey almost lost Ben,Max,and Krit. They will be transfered to the Gillette facility, and meet their clones, and well...things won't go to hot, except for Ben and Alec of course, who get along very well but they hide it, and act mean to each other when their brothers and sisters are around.
1.Max- X5-452

2.Zack- X5-599---CO

3.Ben- X5-493

4.Zane- X5-205---SIC(second in command)

5.Tinga- X5-656

6.Syl- X5-701

7.Krit- X5-471

8.Brin- X5-734

9.Seth- X5-624

10.Eva- X5-580

11.Jack- X5-714

12.Jondy- X5-210

Jace was moved to a different unit.

1.Alec- X5-494(Ben's twin)

2.Biggs- X5-511

3.Mary- X5-657(Tinga's clone)

4.Hope- X5-211(Jondy's clone)

5.Mercy- X5-581(Eva's clone)

6.Sam- X5-453(Max's clone)

7.Devon- X5-625(Seth's clone)

8.Brenden- X5-715(Jack's clone)

9.Nick- X5-472(Krit's clone)

10.Lane- X5-600(Zack's clone)---CO

11.Nichole- X5-735(Brin's clone)

12.Hannah- X5-702(Syl's clone)

13. Ryan- X5-206(Zane's clone)---SIC

All of Alec's unit is a clone,except for him.He and Ben are twins, which is highly unusual, since Manticore had nothing to do with it, they didn't make them twins, they were just naturaly twins, and will form a very close bond once they meet.Unlike the others.

Max's unit...

"When are we leaving?" a nine year old Max asked

"I think we're leaving tomorow" Ben answered

"Yes, were leaving tomorow so you guys need to sleep" Zane said and they both shook thier heads no,Ben and Max were the youngest, and could both never sit still or be quiet for more than 2 minutes,unless of course, they were on a mission, but then they would just be using sign language.

"Why are we leaving again?" Ben asked as he sat on Tinga's bunk

"Because, their almost isn't any other X5's here, so were going to go and live with LOTS of other X5's like us" Tinga said

"How many other ones?" Ben asked,curious.

"Millions" she said with a smile

"Cool!" Max said, she really wanted to meet some other transgenics, their was only like 3 other units that were X5's but a

"Yes it is, but you guys have to go to sleep...now!" she ordered when she saw that they weren't moving, then they both groaned and went to their beds.Even though they were 9 and 10 they acted like 2 year olds, just sometimes though.They could also be VERY mature.

"How come they listen to you and not me?" Zane asked

"Because we like her better" Ben and Max said in unsion

"Oh shut up and sleep!" he said

"But i'm not tired, you know, shark DNA and all" Max said

"I don't care, try and sleep and maybe you'll fall asleep" Zane said and she just sighed and layed back down, and 5 minutes later both of them were asleep.

Alec's unit...

"So how X5's are comming?" 494 asked his older brother 600

"They said 4 units" he answered, he was trying to sleep but his little brother wouldn't shut up!

"How many people is that exactly?" he asked

"I don't know, you never know how many people are in a unit" he said as he yawned

"Okay,night" he said as he layed back down

'Finally!'600 thought as he fell asleep.

"State your designations!" a drill officer ordered harshly, this was like roll call so they wouldn't leave any X5's here on accident













Well, they are all here, so that's a start! Then they saw a big bus pull up.

"Get on!" he ordered, they all immediatley were heading to the bus.Max was the first one on, Ben was second so he sat with her, and that upset Zack, but only Brin noticed, and was a little confused.

'Why would Zack be angry at Ben for sitting with Maxie?'she thought, but she quickly forgot about it and sat down next to Tinga when she saw the officer get on, and he had a very nice shiny gun.Wonderful.

The ride took about 4 hours, and needless to say,Ben and Max got SUPER bored, they both slept for about an hour, then they just looked out the window for about 10 minutes, then they decided to see how easy it was to bug Zack, it turned out to be way too easy.Then they watched everyone, and when they got bored of that they talked to each other using sign language.

"Everyone out and stay near the bus!" he ordered as they all got out and stood at attention when they saw Lydecker comming.

"At ease soldiers" he said and they immediatley went into the relaxed solder pose, which wasn't that relaxing, they had to have their arms a certain way along with their legs, they had to be spread a little, and they had the be perfectly even with their elbows.

"Are you ready to see the facility?" he asked

"Yes sir" was the response from all of them

"Good, follow me" he said and he started to walk away but Ben was looking around and he saw himself! He was staring at him too. He looked just as shocked as he felt. Tinga saw that Ben wasn't listening and apperead to be looking at something so she grabbed his arm and started to pull him.

494 was just practicing with his unit when he saw a bus pull up.

"It'a them!" he cried as he pointed at the bus

"Cool, their finally here" 453 added

"Yeah, finally!" 715 said

"Wonder what they look like" 472 said

"Yeah, do you think that their ugly or pretty?" 702 asked

"They are X5's right?" 206 asked and they all nodded "Then it's safe to say that they'll be pretty"

"Oh yeah, i forgot all X5's are pretty" 702 said embarrased

"It's okay 702, we all have 'those' moments" 494 said, as he put an arm on her shoulder "Just not as many as you" he said and they all started to laugh.

"Shut up 494!" she cried as she elbowed him really hard in the stomach and he groaned and held his stomach. And she smiled

"Okay kids, stop it, i really don't want to be sent to psy ops again!" 735 said, they had no idea why they were sent their in the first place, but a few months ago they came in and dragged all of them,except 511, into psy ops, they refused to tell them why though.

"Yeah, i don't either, i've been their way too many times!" 494 said

"Well, don't cause trouble and say smart ass remarks to the officer and maybe you wouldn't have to go there so much" 511 said

"Yeah 494, you bring it upon yourself" 581 said with a smile

He was about to say something sarcastic, but he felt someone was watching him, he turned around and saw himself! He couldn't believe it! He had a identical twin! How cool is that?

Then he saw 657 pull him by the arm, but he looked behind him and saw that 657 was right behind him...she had a twin too.

He saw that they didn't even notice his twin, so he just decided to forget about it for a while.

"Yeah, i know, but it's just too much fun to mess with people" he said "I mean how was i to know that 453 was afraid of mice?" he asked innocently

"Shut up!" 453 said "And i'm not afraid of them...i'm just not that fond of them" she finished

"Riiight" he said with a smirk, and she smacked him on the back of the head.

"Ow!" he said as he rubbed the back of his head "You're very violent, you know that?"

"Only with you!" she said as she gave him a cute nine year old smile

"You know that dosen't work on me, i'm ten now!" he said

"So what? It always worked on you before" she said, a little dissapointed

"Exactly, past tense.I was young and niave then, now i'm older and much more mature" he said

"It worked last week!" she pointed out

"Yeah, i know, but it won't work now"


"Get back to the barracks!" a sergent yelled as he walked up to them

"Yes sir!" they said as they all marched there.

Once Lydecker showed them everything they needed to see it was lights out, so they all went to sleep, even Max.But Ben couldn't stop thinking about his brother. How weird was that? He actually had a blood sibling, just like Max and Krit.He couldn't sleep, and he remembered where Lydecker's office was.

'I wonder if he has a file on my him?' he thought 'He probably does...i could just go and take a little peak, i mean, what harm could it do?'

So he got up and quietly got out and walked around until he found his office, he opened the door,huh? it was unlocked.He walked in and saw a filling cabniet. He walked over to it, but he heard the door opening, he quickly hid, he stuck his head out a little and saw his twin.So he took a deep breath before he walked out.

"Hi" he said quietly

"Ummm...hey" 494 said, this was a little akward.

"What are you doing in here?" Ben asked

"What are you doing in here?" 494 asked

"I came to find out about you" he admitted

"Same here" he said

"So...were twins" Ben said

"Nah, ya think?" he asked sarcastically

"Yeah, i guess that was a little stupid huh?" he asked with a little smile

"Just a tad bit" he said, and it was quiet for a minute "494" he said as he held out his hand

"Ben" he said as he shook his hand

"Ben?" he asked

"Yeah, it's my name" he said, a little suprised

"You have a perminant name?" he asked

"Yeah, you don't?" he asked, and 494 shook his head "Well, do you want one?"

He saw 494 look like he was thinking about it before he said "Yeah...that'd be cool" with a smile, it looked just like his.

"Cool, ummm...let's see, your obvisouly a smart alec...i got it! What about Alec?" he asked

"Alec" 494 said, testing it out "I like it"

"Cool, i'm 493 by the way" he added

"Man!" he said

"What?" he asked

"You're older than me!" he said

"Yup! So what do you say we look at the profiles?" Ben asked

"Sure" Alec said as he opened the cabniet and took out a pile of files

"Wow! Please tell me that these aren't just ours" Ben said

"Nope! It's ours plus our brothers and sisters" he said as he sat down and grabbed the profile that was closeset,734. Ben sat down and also grabbed a random profile,735.

"I got 734" Alec said

"Wow, i got 735" Ben said and they both laughed at that a little, they found out that their laughs sounded like identical, it was kinda creepy.

Designation: X5R-734

Hair: Black

Eye: Dark Brown

Location: Gillette,Wyoming. Manticore base

Notes: Suffered from Progeria which was cured by Manticore

Surrogate Mother: 7115-821

Alias: Mary Duke

Surrogate Father:1962-255

Alias: James King

"Cool! It has our parents on here!" Alec cried

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