I didn't really expect to continue this, but, decided to put up another short chapter inspired by reviews-comments.

Chapter two: What Goes Around, Comes around

Setsuna rested her head into her hands at the dining room table with a satisfied sigh. The remains of a large takeout ramen meal were spread out like a corpse at a crime scene. The girls were at their classes at Tokyo University and she had just checked up on little Ranko and the happy parents. Life was going well in their corner of the universe in the year and a half since the blessed event. The NAME change hadn't even been noticed by the senshi, since that had 'always' been the little princess' name.

Suddenly, an envelope materialized in front of her and fluttered to the table and she could swear she heard someone snickering...somewhere. Picking up the mysterious missive, wiping off the ramen stain that had attached where the letter had come to rest, she nervously opened the envelope. She pulled out the letter, noticing that there was a photograph still in the envelope. Figuring that the letter would explain the photo, she began to read.

Dear Meioh Setsuna, Guardian of the Gate of Time,

For someone with all the time in the world, you don't seem to think things through very well or take into account the feelings of those you manipulate. After what you had done to me, I was so pumped up with pregnant magical princess hormones that I couldn't think straight for a month, long enough for me to wind up having to be married. I actually should thank you because Akane and I have been very happy together and I wouldn't trade little Usagi for anything.

I found out through a friend about the technique that you used on me and your princess. (Setsuna began to sweat drop) It is a temporary transmigration technique used for exactly what was done. I would have been honor bound to do it, regardless of the effects, to save their lives. However, you could have ASKED me politely ahead of time and explained ALL of the possibilities, which were well documented. Things would not have taken such a precipitous turn on my end with preparation.

Since you would not ASK me and bring me into the decision making process, I have decided to return the favor. By now the room should be feeling uncomfortably warm. (Setsuna's head jerked up, a feverish sweat breaking out on her forehead as feelings that had been under tight rein for millennia began to cause her to buck spasmodically in her hardwood chair.) You have eaten enough passion spice to break down someone with the Will of Adamant. An added bonus is the fertility spice that will insure a multiple birth when 'your' time comes.

I really think that you are a well intentioned person, but feel that this will put you back in touch with your humanity. Please be considerate of who I picked for you, as I gave him as much choice as you gave me, I owe him too, ha ha ha.

With all due regards,

Saotome Ranma—"Mama"

Setsuna began a whole body twitch, causing the photo to fall out of the envelope. In it was a black haired girl with a unisex hair style, grinning with pride as she looked at the red headed young woman seated in front of her, sporting an equally proud grin. The red head was plainly nursing the infant in her arms.

She jerked spastically on hearing the door bell. Shaking her head no, her body moved to answer the door. When the door opened, she saw a gangly youngster with dark circles under his eyes. "Helloooahhh!", he began before being jerked inside. The path leading upstairs was covered in torn clothes and loud cries of pleasure soon filled the house. The letter and envelope vanished from the floor as the photo was returned to the table. A quiet snickering "Have fun Gos." could be heard as the door opened and closed by itself.

The other three tenants immediately left the house on hearing Setsuna's loud cries of passion to rent a suite of rooms near the campus, in order to get some sleep.

The end...really.