Chapter 1 A Big Person in Bag End

"Frodo! The door," the voice of Bilbo Baggins awoke Mariell. A smile crossed her lips. Bilbo could yell all he wanted; Frodo would not

hear him. No doubt her elder brother was off somewhere, reading under a tree. Unlike she, who loved to sleep until late in the day,

Frodo was usually up at first light and out of the house. Of course that was only one of the many differences between them. Ever since

reaching maturity Mariell had known that she was different from the hobbits of the shire. She was a great deal taller for one thing. The

tallest hobbits she knew only came up to her belly button. While all hobbits had curly hair, pointed ears and large hairy feet, Mariell's

dark hair was straight, her ears round, and her feet neither large nor hairy. While the hobbits had insatiable appetites, Mariell ate about a

quarter as much as they did. No, there was no doubt in Mariell's mind that she was different and whatever doubts she may have had

were quickly quenched by certain hobbit matrons' whose twitchy tongues she could not help overhearing whenever she ventured to go to

the market. She tried to ignore the comments made about her but with half of the Shire treating her like an outsider, the one thing that

hobbits hated, she rarely ventured into town.

"Frodo!" Mariell grinned. She was far from miserable at Bag End, though. She loved Bilbo, who had raised her since Gandalf had

brought her here when she was a baby. Bilbo was wonderful and he loved her as though she were his daughter. Being thought quite odd

himself, Bilbo was very understanding when it came to being treated like an outsider. But no one had a place closer to her heart than

Frodo. The two of them were extremely close and shared everything.

"Mariell!" Bilbo's voice yelled through her door. Mariell groaned. No doubt in Frodo's absence Mariell would be forced to act as the

barrier for the many distant relatives that were showing up for Bilbo's birthday. Why Bilbo kept himself locked up in his study pouring

over old maps was a mystery that both she and Frodo had been puzzling over for weeks. "Mariell, are you awake lass?" "I'm awake,

Bilbo, but I'm still in my nightgown"

"Well get your lazy self out of bed, into clothing, and get the door. Tell whoever it is that I am not home"

"Yes Bilbo," Mariell said. She rolled out of her bed and stretched. Then she got up and went to her closet. Her room was the largest in

Bag End. Before Gandalf had brought her to Bag End Bilbo kept a room for big people when they came to visit. Since growing to her full

size it had become hers. She had made all of her clothes herself because the tailor in town could not make clothes that would fit her.

Though hobbit lasses wore dresses, Mariell preferred trousers. Most chalked it up to her being brought up around lads, Frodo and his

cousins, Merry and Pippin as well as Samwise Gamgee, but Mariell simply found them more comfortable. After splashing water from a

basin on her face, Mariell slipped into a pair of brown trousers and a gray blouse. Her boots were a present from Gandalf, for no one in

the shire had knowledge of shoes. She braided her hair and placed the silver pendant with the green and gold stones around her neck.

She never went anywhere without her pendant. It had been around her neck the day Gandalf brought her here. All she knew was that it

was her mother's and she treasured it more than anything.