Half of A Soul

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Chapter One: Demon Heir

"-but Father-in-Law, isn't it too early to begin planning an Omiai for Konoka? Her fourteenth birthday is but a few weeks ago-"

Konoemon rubbed his white beard thoughtfully.

"Nonsense, Son-in-Law. I am merely introducing her to a possible future candidate for an Omiai. You did mention a few days ago that my granddaughter has been very lonely here in Kyoto, since I sent her body guards away to bring back the Thousand Master's son."

Konoe Eishun frowned, unconvinced. "Her body guards will be back in a few days. It was your idea to send all twenty of them away. Besides, I wanted to give her the chance to make normal friends, not-"

"-Sakurazaki is a fine young lad. He is of the same age as our Konoka, so I'm sure they'll get along well. Besides, he will be staying here a few days- Omiai or no Omiai. We had promised Motoko that we would let her son stay here until the disputes on his inheritance of the demon throne is over."

Sighing to himself, Eishun haltingly nodded.

"Yes. But why a leader of the Shinmeiryuu would marry a Crow demon King is beyond me. I don't think those demons would accept a half-demon as their king. Let alone a half-demon whose mother is from the Shinmeiryuu. What was Motoko thinking?"

The older man laughed. "We may never know. But if she succeeds, then Sakurazaki will one day control both the Shinmeiryuu and the Demon clan. Quite fitting for our Konoka, wouldn't you say? He could help her control our two magic associations."

Shaking his head, the head of the Kansai Magic Association resumed his earlier argument. "There is no guarantee that they would be compatible."

"Oh but I have met him. He was such a talented and handsome boy. Beautiful, even. He had quite a few admirers in the Shinmei school. He would be fine company for my granddaughter."

"We shall see, Father-in-Law. We shall see."


Urging the horse to a quick sprint towards the Kansai magic association, Setsuna Sakurazaki frowned. Motoko's advice echoed in the young demon's mind.


Remember, Setsuna, I have great hopes for you. Do not let the your father and my efforts be in vain. Do not let anyone know your secret. I will do all I can to ensure that you will be the one to succeed after your father. As a half-demon, it would be difficult. I know. But if your secret is revealed, the situation would become hopeless.

End Flashback-----

Hardened, black eyes intently scanned the road ahead for any signs of trouble; and for the many miles from the head quarters of Shimeiryuu, there was none that dared to threaten the Shinmei student's path, until a shadow caught the Setsuna's attention.

A few dozen feet ahead, a girl was hanging from the branch on a tall tree . From the looks of it, she was about to fall. In which- she did.

Without wasting time for thought, the demon heir jumped from the running horse as the girl fell, catching the girl before she hit the ground.

Landing on the ground with both feet slightly bent to reduce the impact, Setsuna eyed the girl who lay comfortably in the half-demon's arms. For some reason Setsuna's heart beat faster.

Long, dark chocolate hair, mussed with broken twigs fell into her face, and the girl brushed them away to reveal bright, round eyes and a grinning face.

"Sorry about that. Thanks for saving me."

The girl made no attempt to move from her current position.

Flashing another bright smile, the girl tilted her head, and asked "I haven't seen you around this area before. My name's Konoka. Konoe Konoka. What's yours?"

For some reason the hanyou was stuttering.


Konoka pulled away from Setsuna's embrace, taking the hanyou's hands instead.

"Alright, Setsuna-kun. Let me show you around. You must be new to this region."

A dark blush emerged on Setsuna's face, and every thought erased from the half-demon's mind but one.

She is so cute.


Next Chapter: Meet the 20 Mahora warriors. More hints to Setsuna's secret.