Just a Fling

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Imposed Together

"Max?" he whispers softly, they both froze at the sight of the other. It is no more mind boggling for Max than it is Alec.

"I thought you guys said we were going to that 2-2-…" Max distractedly turns to face Biggs and Sam who shrewdly slipped away. "Motherfuckers" she mutters. He can't help but give a tiny benevolent smile. Alec missed that, her sassy attitude, her skewed lash out on life's little disasters.

She watches his bemused gaping and sense's a heated blush warm her skin when his eyes grate down her body. She wants to ask him what the hells going on, after all he usually knows. In most cases he's the one driving the chaotic hell on wheels to its horrendous pitfall, right? But by the way he uneasily shifts his arm blocking the doorway she understands that asking him anything would be a vain attempt at nothing.

"Max, what are you doing here?" he asks evenly, making her gaze drift away and off to the other end of the hall.

"You know…" she half-heartedly grins and gives a jaunt of the shoulders. Max frowns finding no explanation. "I have no fucking clue" she shakes her head in the unseen hilarity of the situation. Biggs and Sam were in for some serious ass kicking later.

Silence surmounts the two still motionlessly standing in the hall. "Well…"

"You know…" the both say simultaneously breaking the dreadful hush that uneasily overcame the two. Max laughs nervously. Things were definitely easier before, when she thought it was just a game, that it was nothing. She wished things could just go back to that, how much effortless it seemed back then.

Alec smiles dimly "go ahead."

"I… I didn't… You know what?" a painful sigh escapes her lips puckered in deliberation. "When I get my hands on those two slimy…" she again sighs trying to find the words she so desperately wants to say. "Actually, I'll just go" quickly turning to hide the disappointment in herself she heads to the stairs.

This was not the way she wanted this to work out. Not that she had expected the whole confrontation happening to begin with but she would've hoped this would end in the ass kicking in the bitch that stole his heart.

Miserably she pulls the door handle wishing that she could spit the words out. That she could tell him she loved him, that she was so sorry. He was a taken man though, and despite Sam and Biggs best efforts nothing could change that.

"Wait" he sputters from his hazed state. Max pauses and spins on her heel to waiting for his continuation. "Why don't you come in?" submissively he steps aside and gestures her in.

"Well… I mean… I… okay" Max huffs.

This was bound to be weird.


"Well I wonder if the two love-birds have kissed and made up by now" Sam muses out loud. Biggs smirks.

"Probably, knowing 494 he is probably groveling at her feet. I mean when I first heard it, that he was actually in a serious relationship I… I wanted to laugh. After I thought about it though he's not such a brooding kinda guy, or committing, so I betcha they are getting their monkey on already. Unless they are stepping on each others toes and pretending to be mad at one another. Then we'll have to call out the Bigg guns… haha get it?"

"You're such a babbling idiot" Sam mutters. The complete and utter tension was starting to get to her. The flashbacks of the good ole days, the ones where they would be on a stakeout, or they would be disguised as a honey-moon couple. That first love.

"What?" he asks amused. He heard her all right; he just didn't know what exactly she was getting at.

"Nothing" she grins hoping he hadn't actually heard her.

"No I think you had something to say" Biggs nudges harder.

"Well I think you thought wrong" she swats and steals the remote from his grasp.

"You sure we don't need to kiss and make-up?" a light smile plays on his attractively magnetizing lips.


Max steps past him and into the hotel room, discreetly looked for her or something of hers. After finding the place empty she breaths a deep lungful of relief. As coolly as possible she seats herself at the corner of the bed, hands in lap, fiddling with the sleeves of her black sweatshirt.

"Uh… you wanna a drink?" Alec asks attempting to cut some of the tension.

"Why not?" she shrugs, hoping that he had something strong, really strong. He could hear the uneasiness in her words, her pretending to be alright in her tone. It hurt to feel her ache commencing from him.

"So how's Logan and everyone?" he asks tightly whilst grabbing for a couple short glasses, then reaching for the amber colored liquid.

"I wouldn't know" she bites off hoping he would get the message and quit tiptoeing around the subject. She hates when he does that.

"Oh" it kinda surprises him to hear this. He thought she would've said something more along the lines of 'none of your business' or 'why would you care' or something. She was definitely hiding something, "So what you aren't happily ever after?" Alec couldn't help it, not at all, he just had to ask, it was in his meddlesome nature.

Max couldn't help but glare at his response. How typical.

"Not that it is any of your business but no…" she pauses, then adding on just to see his expression, to see if he will figure it out she says "We were only together for two months, I mean I guess I just didn't know what I really wanted then." He flinched at the words, he flinched? Why'd he flinch? Just as quick he covers with an ever so archetypal cocky grin.

"Hope ya like scotch" he hands it to her, her fingers briefly brushing his in the exchange. His heart wildly thuds in his chest. He hopes she can't hear it. His arm brushed hers as he plops down beside her.

"What about the All-Mighty Alec, what have you been up lately?" she smirked putting him in the hot seat. It wasn't like she was gonna let him get away with pussy-toeing through the conversation without giving him a taste of his own little game.

"Oh you know, just the usual" he brushes off rashly. She really did have some nerve, what did she want him to say? 'Oh I moved away, skipped shit-hole to shit-hole, and somehow ended up in scorching Arizona. Drank, moped and well moped, while you were off with your love of your life that isn't really the love of your life.'

"The usual?" she asks skeptically. Max wasn't about to let him get off the line that easily. She gave him the low-down on her shit and he was gonna do the same.

"Well yeah, you know earning an honest days work, going out with the boys" Max doubtfully grinned and nodded.

"With the boys? Since when do you have boys? And an Honest days work, now I know you're shittin' me." He laughed, it almost felt like old times. For a minute anyways. "What about your girlfriend?" she asked bluntly. He freezes unsure, his girlfriend. Right that girlfriend.


"Biggs" Sam punches his shoulder lightly.

He continues gazing at her honestly, doesn't give into the easy route. He is tired of holding back with her. He is tired of pretending they are just friends.

"Knock it off" she giggles.

"Knock what off? I wasn't kidding Sam. I know you feel it too" her brown eyes involuntarily meet with his and her heart begins thudding harder than before. "It's not just me imagining this" he persisted.

Sam glanced around the room unsure if she really wanted it, this. "No… no Biggs" she gazed at him fixedly "You're right."

He beams and pulls her to himself. Her arms wrap around his neck and play with the short hairs pulling him closer. Maybe 'first love' could be last.


"I… Max, I lied…" he ruefully looks away from her impassive gaze.

"Why?" she asks calmly, you could hear the indignation in her voice. The serenity in her voice does not surpass him either. He tried to understand why she would be so composed about something so… massively upright. After all he thought she would hate him by now, for lying. For breaking her heart and clobbering her alleged love. He just wished she could know that he felt the same.

"I guess… Well I guess I just thought that you deserve better… or that you got in a fight with Log-boy…" Max feels the heat rise from her stomach, realizing how much she truly loves this guy.

"Deserve better? Are you kidding Alec?" she roars sullenly, he suddenly felt as if she is purposely tearing him down piece by piece. "I was a bitch, even I know that… but you" she lays a palm on his cheek and shakes her head lightly. The single gesture of her fingers connecting with his skin sends vibrations through his entire body. "You still stuck with me… If anyone deserved better that was you…" A single tear slid down her cheek and his heart wrenched.

With that she stands, sets down her empty glass, and drifts to the door.

Dumbfounded for the moment he jumps up and blocks her retreat. "Where do you think you're going?" he grins. Max grimly pushes him to the side but not before he pulls her into an embrace.

Her arms struggle against the grasp of his. It isn't long before the attempts fall futile in the depths of his eyes, her hands are grasping to pull him closer. Hazel eyes locking with brown, their faces began to gravitate.

His lips met hers, or was it the other way around? Anyways they met in the middle, somewhere in a gentle languid kiss.

Yeah this was definitely how it was supposed to be.


Max shifted to her side to face him, head rested on propped up elbow. Gently her fingers brushed his barcode egging him to wake. He twitches at the tickling and she smiles at the curve in his lips.

"Ma-ax" he whined grabbing her hands in his own.

"I'm bored" she pouted planting several light-deliberate kisses across his chest.

"You're always bored Maxie" he smirked opening his eyes for the first time that morning. At first he could only make out her silhouetted body under the sheets, the sunlight was blinding. As his eyes adjusted he could make out her pouty lips, long dark wavy hair, and big brown eyes.

"I meant it ya know" she muses in a way that never ceases to make him smile.

"Meant what?" he mimics teasingly.

"That I love you" his arm around her waist tightens protectively, he has been waiting for that a long time.

"So it wasn't just a one-night thing?" he goads.

She smirks and leans forward whispering softly… "Guess not."

The End


I really hope that the ending wasn't too abrupt. I felt like continuing would be dragging on for me. I have decided it is time to wrap it up. I have other fics going on and I think I would like to keep my focus on them. When I feel strained to finish a fic I like to stop it.

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