Tomorrow is my last exam paper! Let's celebrate cause i can write as much as i want to after that! Just a small treat for you all.

By: Hiki-chan



"Aww, come on Kyuubi, please! I can't go out looking like this!"

"I don't think the Uchiha brat would appreciate me doing that, kit."

"Who cares about Sasuke? Just do it, he'll get irritated and angry. You like making people irritated and angry! You think its fun!"

"Sadistic but true…"

"Then do it!"

"However, kit, I prefer getting you irritated, frustrated and angry than the Uchiha. I think its more fun."

"Blasted fox!"

"Whatever kit."

"Please Kyuubi, I'm begging you, just heal them!"

"No, I think it will be amusing for me to watch, behind these bars, you trying to get out when all your friends ask what those red marks on your neck are."

"Kyuubi please!"

"Let me think," A pause, "no."

"I hate you, Kyuubi!"

"I love you too, kit."

End Drabble.

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