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Here's some background info:

Jess: Jess is a new WWE Diva who has blondish hair and she is about 5'2 and has blue eyes. Jess Befriended Jeff on her first day and he is the closest to her.

Jeff and Lita have liked each other since the day they met each other. They aren't really dating but they are an unofficial couple so everyone knows they are off limits. Jess, a diva new to the roster has just started and has befriended Jeff. Jeff is too scared of what Lita will say if he asks her out, he doesn't want to be rejected by Lita but he doesn't know that Lita would not reject him

Jeff sat in the hallway with his eyes closed

He had his earphones in and he rested his head against the wall

He looked up when his feet were kicked

Jeff smiled when he saw who it was

"Hey stranger" Jeff said

"Hey" Lita said, smiling back

"What's up?" Jeff asked

"Nothing, I was just walking and I saw you there" Lita said

Jeff smiled and nodded and he took his earphones out and put his Mp3 away

Jeff patted the spot next to him

Lita sat down, close to Jeff and he threw his arm around her shoulder

"Who are you fighting against tonight?" Lita asked

"Steven Richards" Jeff stated

"Will Victoria be there?" Lita asked

"I have no idea" Jeff said

"Okay well I should be down there just in case" Lita said

"Okay if you want" Jeff said smiling

"Is it a King of The Ring qualifier?" Lita asked

"It is" Jeff replied

"Then I defiantly should be down there" Lita said

"But are you feeling okay after Victoria jumped you last week?" Jeff asked

"I was fine" Lita snapped

"Uh Amy, I had to get medics to you because you couldn't feel your left arm" Jeff said

"Well lucky you were close by" Lita said

Jeff smiled and shook his head

Lita stood up and Jeff looked up at her, puzzled

"What are you doing?" Jeff asked

"Well I have to get changed if I am going out there with you" Lita said

"Okay, I'll cya later" Jeff said

Lita nodded and she walked off down the hall

Jeff stood, sighed and walked to his locker room where his new friend Jess was

"Hey Jess, what's up?" Jeff asked

"I'm just here to say good luck with your match" Jess said


"Do you know where Matt and Shannon are?" Jess asked


"Do you have anyone to go out to the ring with tonight?" Jess asked

"Yeah, actually Amy is going out with me tonight" Jeff proudly stated

"No, she is going to the ring with you. She isn't going out with you" Jess harshly corrected Jeff

"Jess" Jeff said

"Right, sorry" Jess said

"Hey Jeff what colour.." Lita stopped talking when she walked up and saw Jess next to Jeff

"Hi Amy" Jess said coldly

"Hey Jess" Lita said, using the same tone of voice

Lita put her arm around Jeff as a sign for Jess to back off

(Lita and Jess obviously don't like each other but they are civil for Jeff's sake)

"So what brings you here?" Jeff asked

"I just wanted to know what colour you are wearing so that we can match" Lita said

"Oh well I'm wearing this, but you wear whatever. I'm sure you will look great anyway" Jeff said

Lita smiled and blushed and Jess rolled her eyes and sighed

"I have to go, I'll see you later" Jess said and she walked off

Jeff watched Jess walk off and he turned to Lita more

"Sorry about her, she doesn't do well with…well with people" Jeff said

"Well she seem's fine around you" Lita said

"That's only because I put up with her" Jeff said

"Well why?" Lita asked

"Because she doesn't really have many other people and that's just how she is" Jeff said

"I'm gonna go get changed" Lita said

Lita turned to walk away when Jeff grabbed her arm softly

"Hey um did you maybe want to go grab something to eat after the show?" Jeff asked

"Yeah, sure but I am picking the place" Lita said

"You know, it's great when you boss me around" Jeff said sarcastically

"You know, you'll miss me when I'm gone" Lita said jokingly

"Well when are you leaving?" Jeff asked as a joke

Lita smiled and pushed Jeff and then she walked off

About 10 minutes later Jeff was sitting on some metal cases and he was talking to the Undertaker

Lita walked to them and she sat next to Jeff

"Well I should go but good luck with the match, he Lita" Taker said and he walked off

"He left because of me didn't he?" Lita asked

"Of course he did" Jeff said blankly

Lita laughed

"He was just telling me about the usual. You know, bikes, matches and dead people…the usual" Jeff said

Lita shook her head as she smiled

"Are you ready?" Lita asked

"Yes I am" Jeff said

They went out to the ring and waited for Steven Richards to come out and Victoria was with him. Jeff had control of most of the match

Jeff kicked Steven Richards in the stomach and did the twist of fate! Jeff did the Hardyz sign and then he went to the top turnbuckle and he looked outside the ring to see Victoria come from behind and throw Lita into the barricade and her spine molded awkwardly when she hit. Jeff jumped down and he got outside the ring and he checked on Lita as the ref began counting. Jeff picked her up and started walking to the back and by the time he walked up the ramp the ref was up to 6. Jeff looked back at the ring then he just walked to her locker room and he put her down. She had tears in her eyes

"Are you okay?" Jeff asked

"Yeah, I'm okay" Lita said

"Well how come you're crying?" Jeff asked

"I cost you your match" Lita said

Jeff sighed and he softly smiled

"Sweetie, it doesn't matter" Jeff said honestly

"Yes it does, it does matter. Stop being nice" Lita said

"Amy I don't really care, as long as you are okay it's fine" Jeff said

"Thank you" Lita said relieved

"That's okay" Jeff said

Lita held out her arms and Jeff hugged her

"But I know you and you'd only cry if you were really hurt so where is it sore?" Jeff asked

"My shoulder" Lita said

"Okay, well I'll take you to a medic" Jeff said

"Are you sure?" Lita asked

"Yeah, I am" Jeff said "Did you still want to go out?"

"Yeah I do" Lita said "Look, I'm really sorry and you don't have to act that you aren't upset because I can see you are"

"Don't worry about it because I would rather you be okay than win the match" Jeff sighed "I am mad that I didn't win but I am not mad at you, not at all. I'm mad at Steven and Victoria"

Lita nodded

"Well are you okay now?" Jeff asked

"Yeah I'm fine" Lita said

"Okay well I'm going to go get changed" Jeff said "I'll be back soon"


"Don't worry about it" Jeff said

Jeff smiled and kissed her on the forehead and he walked out

Jeff walked to his locker room and Jess was sitting out in front of his door

"Hey" Jeff said quietly

"So what are you doing tonight?" Jess asked

"I'm going out to dinner with Amy" Jeff said

Jess nodded

"Well I'm doing nothing" Jess announced

"You should go with Matt and Shannon to the bar with everyone else" Jeff said

"That's a good idea" Jess said "Hard luck about your match"

"It's okay, as long as Amy's okay" Jeff said honestly

"Yeah well not many guys would say that so it's very nice of you" Jess said

"Well it's true" Jeff said

Jess nodded and stood up

"Okay, well have fun Hardy" Jess said

Jess hit Jeff on the shoulder and she walked off

Jeff slightly smiled and went into his locker room

Okay well there you have it. The first chapter and I hope you liked it!