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Jeff was laying on Amy's bed and he turned the T.V on and changed the channel when Amy came out of her bathroom in her p.j's and Jeff smirked when she came out

"What?" Lita asked

"Nothing" Jeff said and he shook his head and turned back to the T.V but he couldn't help but to continue smiling

"Jeff?" Lita asked and she picked up her shoe and threw it at Jeff

"Ow!" Jeff exclaimed and he sat up

"Well I wouldn't have had to do that if you would just tell me what you are laughing at" Lita said

"It's really nothing, I was just laughing at your pajama's" Jeff said

"Why?" Lita asked raising an eyebrow

"Your top has a monkey on it and your pants have pictures of cows on them" Jeff said, still smirking

"They're cute!" Lita exclaimed "Now where is that other shoe"

Jeff patted the spot next to him and she went and put her clothes in her bag then sat down next to Jeff

"So which movies are we going to watch?" Lita asked

"I don't really care" Jeff said "But I say lets turn this into a pajama party because I see no purpose in me in normal clothes while you aren't in yours"

Lita laughed

"Alright fine, but because you will be gone" Lita began "I get to choose the movie"

"Deal" Jeff said nodding "I'll be back"

Jeff stood, walked to the door and walked out of her room

Lita smiled when her phone began to ring. She leaned over to the bedside table, picked up her phone and answered it

"Talk to me" Amy said jokingly

"Someone seems happy" Trish said

"I am happy" Lita replied as she lay back on her bed

"So I take it the trip back with Jeff went well?" Trish asked

"Yeah" Lita said simply "We are back to normal"

"Just normal?" Trish asked

"For the time being, yes" Lita said "I just kind of want to settle in before we try as a couple"

"Well don't take too long to settle in" Trish said

"I don't think I will" Lita said honestly "So where are you?"

"With Chris" Trish said "We are out for dinner, I would ask you guys to join us but i guess you have plans"

"It would be fun to go out to dinner but I'm already in my pajama's and I'm pretty sure Jeff would be as well by now" Lita said

"Aw that's cute!" Trish exclaimed

"Trish" Lita scowled playfully

"There is no need to be shy about it" Trish said "I mean you are practically together now"

"Yes but not officially Trish" Lita replied

"So are you sure you don't want to come out?" Trish asked "I mean we are just down the road"

"Well I'll go talk to Jeff and see what he thinks and I'll call you back" Lita said

"Alright, try and call back soon though" Trish said

"Will do" Lita said and she nodded

"You spend too much time with that boy" Trish said as she laughed

"I'll talk to you in a few" Lita said and she closed her phone

Lita grabbed her flip flops (Not what we call them here in Aus but every time I say what we say, you guys will all get the wrong idea)
and she went to her door and walked out to the hall

She received a few strange looks from guests at the hotel but she really didn't care, she was only going to be out in the hall for a minute or two, well that was until she saw someone else walking towards her

"Nice P.J's" Jess said with a smirk, clearly being extremely sarcastic

"Thanks" Lita replied, almost using the amount of sarcasm as Jess just did

"Are you having a Pajama party with all of your friends?" Jess asked stopping in front of Lita

"Yeah" Lita said nodding "But I mean it's better to be having a pajama party with your friends then having none here"

"I have friends okay?" Jess said bitterly

"Name 1" Lita replied

"Shannon" Jess said proudly

"Because you manipulated him" Lita shot back quickly

"I didn't manipulate him, I told him what Jeff did to me and we were drawn together" Jess said

"You sound like an obsessive fan" Lita said, clearly disgusted

"I sound like an obsessive fan?!" Jess asked and she laughed "What about how you talk about Jeff all the time"

"Jeff and I are best friends" Lita said very defensively "Despite what you have tried to do"

"What I've tried to do?" Jess asked "I have no idea what you're talking about, maybe you've taken a few too many bumps to the head while costing Jeff his matches"

"You can just save yourself some trouble and stop lying" Lita said "Jeff told me all about your plan, and you are seriously twisted in the head. I would say you've taken too many bumps, but I've never actually seen you in the ring, in fact, I don't think anyone has"

"Yeah luckily for you" Jess said "Because I could beat you down anytime"

"Is that a challenge?" Lita asked smirking "Because I would take you up on that"

"No you wouldn't" Jess said "You'd be too scared"

"Fine" Lita said "You and me, one on one at King of the ring"

"Absolutely not" Jess said "You should be getting to your party now"

"You're the one whose scared" Lita said and it was her turn to smirk "Just stay away from Jeff and I alright?"

"So you two are all buddy buddy again then?" Jess asked

"No thanks to you" Lita said and she pushed past Jess to go to Jeff's room

Once she got there she knocked on the door rather loudly

The door opened and Jeff had a tank top and his pajama pants on

"Just add a monkey on that and some cows on those and we look exactly the same" Lita said jokingly

You have girls pajama's" Jeff said defensively "So what brings you here?"

"Do you want to go to dinner with Trish and Chris?" Lita asked

Jeff leaned on the door and he crossed his arms

"No?" Lita asked

"Yeah I'll go" Jeff said "But I'll have to get changed, you can go like that if you want, but just keep your distance from me"

Lita laughed

"Alright so I have to call Trish and I'll go back and get changed, will you meet me in the lobby?" Lita asked

"Yeah" Jeff said nodding

Lita smiled and then she turned around to walk away

"Do you want some company on the walk back, so you don't look like the only strange one?" Jeff asked

"It's alright, thank you but I mean everyone wears pajama's right?" Lita said "Except I'm just wearing them out"

Jeff laughed and he nodded and went inside and closed the door

Lita soon got ready and called Trish and made her way down to the lobby where, like he said, Jeff was waiting

"Ready?" Jeff asked

"I am" Lita said nodded

"You look great" Jeff said with a sheepish smile as they began to walk out the door

"Thanks" Lita said, she began to blush a little "So do you"

"Oh I know" Jeff said jokingly "So where exactly are we going?"

"I'm not too sure but apparently it's quite good" Lita said "Trish just gave me the name of the place, I have no idea what kind of
restaurant it is"

Jeff nodded

They got to the restaurant and saw Trish and Chris and went over to their table

Lita and Jeff sat across from each other as did Chris and Trish

"We're glad you guys came out" Trish said

"Well Trish was" Chris said jokingly

"Hey, I would have been happy watching movies in my pajama's" Jeff said jokingly

"Well you guys can do that another night" Trish said "It isn't everyday you get to eat dinner with your best friends in the world"

"No you're right, it's usually lunch or breakfast with my best friends" Jeff said smartly

Lita leaned over and playfully hit Jeff on the hand

"Anyway, so do you guys want to go get drinks?" Trish asked

Jeff and Chris nodded and stood

"What do you want? Jeff asked looking at Lita

"Just water would be great thanks" Lita said

"Killjoy" Chris muttered jokingly as he walked behind Jeff

Jeff and Amy laughed

"I'll be back" Jeff said and he followed Chris

As soon as the guys left Trish turned to Lita

"You guys look so happy again" Trish said with a smile "I love it"

Lita just laughed and shook her head

"But it must have taken convincing to get him out here if it took that long to call back" Trish said

"I saw Jess" Lita said "And we exchanged a few words"

"Like?" Trish asked

"Well I challenged her to a match at King of the Ring but she said no" Lita said

"Someone's scared" Trish said "So what else happened?"

"I just told her to stay away from Jeff and I" Lita said "There wasn't much in it"

"Have you told Jeff?" Trish asked

"There isn't much to tell really" Lita said "But I will later, maybe on the walk back"

Trish nodded

Over at the bar Chris and Jeff were simply standing there waiting to be served and Jeff looked over at Lita

"So what's the go with you two?" Chris asked

Jeff looked at Chris to see who he was talking about and then he turned back to Lita

"We are taking things slow" Jeff said "Not a big deal to most people but I'm really happy"

Chris smiled at the younger man

"Good" Chris said nodding "So you guys really were just going to watch movies in your pajama's?"

Jeff nodded and he laughed

Later that night

Jeff and Lita had just finished dinner with Chris and Trish and they were on their way back to their hotel

"So what did you guys talk about when we were gone?" Jeff asked

"Oh just you" Lita said jokingly

"Of course" Jeff said nodding "You are only human"

Amy smiled and she looked down

"Actually, I do have to tell you something" Lita said

"What is it?" Jeff asked

"I ran into Jess while coming to find her" Lita said

"Oh dear" Jeff replied

"Yeah I know" Lita said "And I challenged her to a match at King of the Ring but she said no"

"I'm yet to see her actually get in the ring" Jeff said nodding

"Same here" Lita said "But she sounds like an obsessed fan when it comes to Shannon"

"Well he's going to realize that soon enough" Jeff said

"She seems to think that they were drawn to each other" Lita said "Anyway, I told her to stay away from us"

"Nice work" Jeff said nodding

"But I gave her a good earful" Lita said proudly

Jeff smiled and he put his arm around Lita's shoulders

"So what are you doing the rest of the night?" Jeff asked

"Sleeping" Lita said "I'm so tired"

"So no movies in out pajama's?" Jeff asked pretending to be really sad

"Well you could always come and sleep over" Lita said "I can't guarantee I will get through a movie though"

"That's alright" Jeff said "I'll fall asleep anyway, i always do"

"And that's why I don't like watching movies with you at night, because in the first 15 minutes you fall asleep" Lita said

"That is not my fault" Jeff said defensively

Amy laughed as they continued to walk back to the hotel

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