Out Of The Black- Chapter One

Disclaimer: I own nothing! Firefly and Riddick are not mine, though I wish they were! This is my first attempt at fanfiction and if anyone wants to offer suggestions feel free. Hope you like it. It will make more sense once I write more of it, I swear. So just bear with me

Just another job gone wrong. Not like anything the Captain ever came up with went according to plan. Least this time they got to believing it was real shiny like. Drop off a couple of crates and take their payment. Didn't have to do more than point ole Vera at one of them suckers that got it into his head to think of a double-crossing. That thought went away real quick like. So all in all things looked good and I was looking forward to getting the hell off this aiya sorry excuse for a planet. Course nothin' ever goes too right for our crew. Just 'fore taking off that shen jing bing gorram of a girl opened the bay doors and took off. Figures that the doc can't keep one wisp of a girl in line for five tyen-sah minutes. Everyone else was off near the bridge so I shouted over the intercom that the crazy girl's flown the coop and took off after her into the dark. A man's work is just never done around this ole boat.

Running. Must run, move faster. Mind filled hurting loud. Screams of darkness and death. Fury contained barely, reaching through the night. Hunter becomes the hunted. Must help, make the screaming stop. It rushes in her head till her thoughts are buried by the others. Deep pain and hurt. Lost in the darkness. Scared of the light. Can't come out. Can't stop running.

Gorram girl can't have gone far. Don't know where the hell she's heading in such a hurry. 'pose to be getting the hell off this rock. Now where the hell did she go…

The sound of crumbling rocks sounded from above and Jayne wrenched his head upward only to see River peering at him from the top of one of the scattered boulders that spotted the land. Her long unkempt hair reaching down to dangle just above his head and her pale face marked by an exasperated look was enough to make him jump back a step.

"listen here crazy, what'cha have to run all the way out here for. We need to go back to the ship and you can go have that gorram brother of yours take care of you like he's s'pose to. Now come on down off that here rock and let's go." Jayne stated as he looked around nervously with a hand on his gun.

"Can't fly now, need to help the Riddick. He's yelling inside her head oh so loudly and doesn't know how to stop. Needs to escape. Hiding caged with the rocks. Can't get free. Needs to be in the black. Someone calling him. Needs him though he fights that too. Smells like fury, tastes like black." Slithering back out of sight, River jumps and lands lightly on the ground. Her skirt swirling around her as her worn combat boots grip the dirt. Holding a finger out to Jayne as a way of saying be quiet and crouching down, she walks to another boulder and stands with her back pressed against it. Turning her head to the side she says, "Peas in a pod we are, come out pea. Serenity swallowed me up now she's hungry for more. Take you in and make you free. Come with her save the princess from her tower. She calls for you but you can't hear. Your ears have run away. Come find them in the field. Riddick come out to play. No one to fear in the dark."

Twin balls of light reflect the small remains of light in the sky and move slowly as a figure stepped out from the dark. Tall framed man, broad shoulders and a gleaming skull all seemed to materialize out of nowhere. Instinctively Jayne tightened his grip on his gun and glanced back and forth between the girl and the man.

"How do you know my name little girl. No one knows I'm here and if you're looking for a bounty, let me tell you, it ain't worth it trying to bring me in."

"No bounty nor bread. Not relevant. Heard you in the dark, yelling swarming couldn't make the voices stop. You drowned the others all out. Follow me, she needs you. All alone, chased and hurt, she calls your name in her dreams."

Jack. Who else could she be talking about. Strange lil girl, doesn't seem all there. Figure I could follow her. Been in this hell hole a bit too long. Girl can't be a theat and that gorilla of a fellow wouldn't pose much of a threat. "Where we going to then little girl, don't you know you shouldn't talk to strangers at night?" Riddick asks with a smirk on his face as he stalks forward like an animal to circle the object of his attention.

"Not a stranger. Knows you as she knows herself. Kindred spirits we are. Caged birds straining against our cages. But the bars are not important. She needs you now and we must go if we are to reach her in time. Save her from herself. Tried to become you after you left. Search you out. Stirred the hornets nest instead. Now they swarm and sting at her and only the Riddick can get her out."

"Well you're all types of crazy now ain't you darling. Don't see how anyone could use my help. Don't you know, I'm just an animal."

"Jack." River whispered and with that turned and began to run back towards Serenity. Jayne and Riddick glanced at each other before following. Neither neglecting to keep their eyes on the other. Jayne muttering to himself about inviting strangers on their boat and how Mal is going to give him a new hole to worry bout when he gets back on the ship. Riddick's thoughts, however, were father away. Focused on a girl named Jack that he thought he left out of harm's way.