Out Of The Black- Chapter Four

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-- The crew is scattered around the mess waiting for to find out about their new arrival---

Mal--- "Well the families all here stranger so why don't I just start with the introductions here before we hear you out. The blond man over there is my pilot Wash, my right hand man here is named Zoe and she'll take you out quicker than you can blink if you don't mind your manners. Going down the line, the preppy boy is our resident doc named Simon. I believe you already know is kid sister here since she's the one who brought you along. Her name is River. Now the big guy in the corner is named Jayne and the pretty little bird over there is over genius mechanic Kaylee. Now as you know this here is my ship, which would make me the captain around here. So mind letting us know who you are and what you're doing on my bird?"

Shifting slightly in his chair, Riddick sizes up the various crew members and after sharing a look with the little crazy decides that he has nothing to lose by being straight with them. They don't look like the type to be friendly with mercs. Clearing his throat with a light growl and sending out his most charming smile Riddick begins to talk. "My name is Riddick… As to why I'm on your ship, you're little girl over there found me outside and told me I should come along. There's someone I left a few years back that needs me and she said coming along was the only way to help them. So I'm not looking for any trouble here. I'm good with a gun if you need another hired hand until I'm ready to get off this boat. So do we have an understanding?"

Mal glanced round his crew and after seeing the slight nod from his second agrees to let Riddick stay onboard. He tells the crew he wants a minute to talk to River and they should get about their business. He gives Jayne the task of keeping Riddick gainfully employed for a bit cleaning out the hold. After everyone leaves he takes a seat and turns to face River who is now sitting cross legged in the center of the table with her face perched in her hands.

"So little one, mind telling me where you reckon we have to go and why" Mal asked in a slightly amused voice.

"Of course captain. He cried out to her across the black and she couldn't block him out. He's louder than everyone on Serenity combined. So much pain and darkness surrounds such a tender hidden heart. His kitten needs us now before she's crushed. He won't bite anyone and matches well in your crew. She will too, for a time before they find their own place. The planet of fire and scorched earth keeps her locked in and she needs a knight to help her find her way out. We need to set the course soon." River states in her most coherent way.

Mal blinks as he pieces together what River said… The only place in this part of the system that it could be is Crematoria, but that's a triple max slam… But he's learned by now to listen to what River says and if she thinks this has to be done, he just needs some more details. "River, mind giving me a little bit more info on what all we need to get done?"

---- River convinces Mal to go to Crematoria to mount a rescue for Jack and earn a side profit by robbing the guards while their there and the trip begins. Convincing Riddick to stay on the ship and to calm Simon down enough to let River go along was the hard part. After landing, Mal, Zoe and River head down the shaft in the pretense of talking to the guards about the profit of turning in a prison they're keeping on board until negotiations are finished. Mal and Zoe each take out one guard upon entering the station while River takes out another four with a series of well placed kicks and punches.

Mal opens the hatch leading down into the prison and stands guard while River climbs down the rope quickly to the ground below. Inmates gather round at this strange site and at the fact that a pretty female is coming into their hands but a new series of turns and kicks as well as Kyra's lethal chain discourages the bulk of the watching crowd. The Guv tries giving his welcome speech but is interrupted by River saying, "Thank you Tom Davis, but it is not necessary to incorporate me." River turns to the shadows and says, "Hello sister, are you ready to go? Your puppy grows restless and may bite the crew if we take any longer. After you…" River gestures to the still dangling rope and Kyra doesn't hesitate but jumps from the rock ledge and begins hauling herself up the rope foot by foot. River quickly follows as all hell is breaking out beneath them as the inmates start to riot trying to reach the rope as well. The guv tries to follow them but gets caught up in the brawl and by the time the two girls reach the guard station at the top and close the hatch, the ground was littered with the bodies of at least fifteen dead inmates and countless more still fighting each other. Mal and Zoe waste no time leading the way back to the ship and in what seems like almost no time they reach it.

Kyra had followed silently, examining those around her as she ran. This was definitely not how she expected this day to go but she wasn't complaining. The girl who came down and got her had mentioned a puppy… but could it possibly be Riddick after all this time? Did he finally come back for her? What does it all mean? But all of her thoughts rushed to a halt as they neared the old firefly model ship and she could see a dark outline of a tall and built man standing on the ramp of the ship.