Author's Note: I've decided to make another story since I've got nothing else to do. This story is about love, so if you don't like it, you may complain, criticize, or even flame me. However, I will not delete this story even if anyone offends me. May I remind you that they still have Alices , although they are not in the Alice Academy grounds.


Summary: Their parents have arranged a marriage between them since they were just kids, merely because their parents were friends. When they graduate junior high they will be living together in the same house, although they won't be considered as a married couple...yet. Since he is a hunk and she is a popularity freak, they don't get along. Or do they?

Tsubame Sakura

There was an enormous house that was sitting near a beautiful beach, while in the house was two couples talking to each other. Unfortunately, the topic of their conversation was to arrange a wedding between their son and daughter when they grow up.

"Do you think your son will be handsome enough for my daughter?" Mrs. Sakura asked, playfully imagining how they would look like together. As she looked at her bestfriend beside her. She smirked at her.

"I think he will be handsome enough. Well, how about your daughter? Will she be beautiful enough for my son?" Mrs. Hyuuga teased, nodging her elbow to her bestfriend's arm.

"Of course she will!" Mrs. Sakura assured her. She let out a laugh.

"Now, now ladies. We know that our children will be handsome and beautiful enough." Mr. Hyuuga and Mr. Sakura said. "Why wouldn't they, when they have got such gorgeous mothers?" They both teased.

"I guess you two are right." The two women replied, blushing at the compliment.

"But let us keep a promise, when they turn 16, they will be engaged and will live together in one house. Is that okay with you, dear?" Mrs. Sakura said, looking at her best friend.

"That's a great idea! But, when they do turn 16, wont they get mad at us? I mean, pfft, teenagers." She said, as she sighed.

"We wouldnt know what their reactions might be but we still have to try, ne?" Mr. Sakura said, Mr. Hyuuga nodded in agreement.

"I agree."

"So it's settled then. On their 16th birthdays, they will be engaged." They smiled.




In the Hospital

"I can't believe I will be having a baby daughter!" Mr. Sakura exclaimed joyously.

"Yeah, well unfortunately, we already have a baby son. He was born 1 month ago on Nov 27." Mr. Hyuuga replied.

"Hey, that's good because he will be older than her. What date is today January 1?" Mr. Sakura pointed out, a grin on his face.

Just then, a nurse came in, interrupting the conversation. "Excuse me, Mr. Sakura; you may now see your wife and daughter." The nurse said.

"Okay, I'll be there." He responded as he followed the nurse into the room where they were staying.

In the Room 346

"Oh, hi." Mrs. Sakura said, smiling tenderly.

"Hi; how's the baby?" The new father asked, approaching her little girl and giving her a gentle kiss.

"She's so beautiful. Natsume will really like her." She replied, caressing the little body that she carried.

The face of the baby was plump and somehow similar to the mother, and the doctors said that she was very healthy. Her eyes were a lively shade of dark brown, a good match to the ruby ones of baby Hyuuga.

"Of course! She did get her beauty from you, right?" He smirked.


"So, what will we name her?"

"Well, I love the color tangerine. Maybe you could give her a name relating to it."

"Mikan means tangerine. It's Mikan then!" Mr. Sakura declared.

They felt sure that their babies would get along well just as they did with the Hyuuga couple, but maybe they were wrong.

That was because they ended up hating each other.

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