So this is Goodbye?

By Miss P

Summary: Booth's sure there's something terribly wrong with Bones. But will she tell him before it's too late?

Disclaimer: I don't own Bones…

Authors Note: Now you're probably wondering why I'm not updating "The Dark room", but I will, I promise, it's just that I have no idea of what to write… so I wanted to do something sad in the meantime, hope you'll like this… if I've succeeded, it'll be really sad…

Part one of four.

Chapter One


I brought it up again today; she claimed there was nothing, just like all the other times. Maybe I'm stupid who doesn't let this go, but the feeling of that there's something wrong is so strong. I've even had dreams about it. It's late but I can't sleep, I'm afraid I'll have that dream again…

I'm gonna ask her again tomorrow, I need to know the truth.


I arrived to the Jeffersonian early the next morning, tired from only a couple of hours sleep. To my disappointment, Angela was already there. I thought I'd get some time alone with Bones, some time to really talk…

I walked up to the platform, she glared at me, obviously already knew what I was there for. Before I could talk she opened her mouth, I closed mine. Angela stopped working and stared at us.

"Don't even start Booth, there is nothing wrong!"

"Bones, I had that dream again…" I suddenly realized I never told her about the dreams. She gave me a confused, but irritated look.

"What dream?"

I sighed. My eyes darted around, trying to focus at something. I couldn't tell her about the dream; what if it was nothing more than a dream, I'd die of embarrassment.

"Listen Booth, I have to work, I can't talk about this now, you should go."

I wasn't sure, but I thought there was something in her eyes, was it worry? Fear? I didn't move, just stood there staring at her while I felt the fear slowly rise inside of me. I was right, please god no, don't let me be right…

Suddenly Brennan yelled my name, I looked down, I hadn't heard a word of what she'd said.

"Sorry… what did you say?"

She sighed. "Get out Booth."

She sounded cold, but her eyes looked sad as she grabbed my arm and lead me away. I stopped her, looked her in the eye.

"Please don't hide this from me, I know it's more than a dream, I can see it in your eyes."

For a moment it looked like she was about to talk, but I was mistaken.

"I don't want to be nosy, but what the hell is going on here?" Angela.

Both I and Brennan turned to look at the artist. She sighed deeply, I followed her example.

"Nothing, Booth was just leaving," Brennan gave me one last look, then she walked back to her bones and ignored me. I sighed a second time, giving Angela a sheepish grin.

"Hey, tell me?" Angela demanded.

"Alright." maybe she'd believe me. I started to talk. I don't know why I'm not letting this go, hell I don't even remember where I got this crazy idea from, I've been dreaming the same for weeks now, maybe even months, I've lost track of time. From the beginning I ignored it, but as the feeling grew stronger, I couldn't ignore it anymore. I am sure something is terribly wrong with Brennan, and I'm not giving up until she gives in and tells me. I've never been surer about anything in my entire life.

"I'll ask her, but I'm sure there's nothing Booth."

I nodded, feeling stupid. "Thanks, I should… uh… go, talk to you later okay…" I turned to leave.

"Hey Booth, it's really cute that you worry about Brennan, that proves something!" with that she left me standing there, staring.


There's been two days since I spoke to her. We haven't had a case and I just couldn't bring myself to visit her again, I had no idea of what to say to her. I couldn't keep on nagging, if she didn't want to tell me, there's nothing I could do…

It was late, I sat in my sofa lazily watching TV when there was a soft knock on my door. I got up, walked to open. To my surprise it was Brennan.

"Can I come in?" she asked.

"Yeah… of course Bones," I let her in, for a moment I just stood there watching her as she walked to sit down in my sofa. There was something about her manner that made me feel afraid.

Back at the sofa, I sat down next to her, still watching.

"You were right," she suddenly said after a long silence.

"Right? You mean… Bones…" My voice trailed off. "What's wrong?" I only managed a whisper as I felt the fear get a cold grip around my heart.