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Countenance - Finale

When Yami awoke, he was lying in a hospital bed, but he immediately recognised it to be within Kaiba's mansion. He turned his head to his left and right and lifted his arms experimentally. He wasn't tied down, but he had a tube stuck in one arm.

'Hello?' he said weakly. He heard a chair squeak against a solid floor and a nurse came over to him.

'Oh! You're awake!' she asked. 'That's excellent. How do you feel?'

'Like I just saved the world from certain doom and it sapped all my energy,' he replied. The girl giggled. 'How long have I been out?'

'A few hours.'

'Is that all?'

'Well, Master Kaiba wanted to make sure you weren't given a sedative or anything. He said you should be allowed to sleep and wake up on your own terms, and that I was just to put the tube in you in preparation for saline solution if you were going to sleep for more than a day or something.'

Yami sat up. 'Where's Yugi? And the rest of Kaiba's house guests?'

'Yugi Moto just went to the bathroom. He's been by your side the whole time since the incident upstairs on the roof. And Master Kaiba and his associates have been in his office since then too.' The nurse looked over at another bed. 'One of his guests took a blow to the head. Nothing serious, but Master Kaiba advised that I keep him sedated, that he was dangerous and should be kept like that until such time as the proper authorities came to pick him up.'

Yami was surprised that the girl was so much in the loop. He followed her line of sight and saw Bakura lying, eyes closed, on a bed off to the side. 'Good. He is indeed dangerous.' Yami pulled the tube out of his arm and winced. He swung his legs over the side of the bed.

Just then, Yugi walked back into the infirmary. 'Yami! You're okay!'

Yami smiled broadly. 'Yugi!' Yugi rushed to his side and hugged him fiercely. 'Yugi. You are alright!'

'Yes, I'm fine!' The two broke off the crushing embrace. 'Kaiba has been so accommodating in the last few hours. He got Roland and his men, who recovered by the way, to take Dartz and those other Brotherhood guys to his office. He then called for more men to bring Bakura down here. He and I brought you here and after the nurse patched up my shoulder, he offered me a room to sleep in if I wanted. I told him I would rather stay here with you.'

Yami took all he said in. 'So, Kaiba is being nice now?'

'Yeah! I guess going through what we just did is certain to change a man.'

Yami laughed and ruffled Yugi's hair. 'You really do see the good in everyone!'


Yami stood up. 'Come on! We have to go see Kaiba now and determine the fate of the Brotherhood and Bakura.'

The two hurried through the hallways and Yugi prompted Yami where to go to get to the elevator to take them up to the office. When they got there, the door was closed, but Yami opened them without knocking.

Four pairs of eyes swivelled round to look at the newcomers. 'Ah, Yami! I see your years of intense training help you to recover quickly,' Seto said.

Yami strode over to the desk, eyeing Dartz and Rhiannon carefully. He stopped when he reached Kaiba's side of it. 'Are we your prisoners, Kaiba?'

Seto looked at Yugi, who was standing in the doorway. 'Yugi, although that is the safest place to be in the event of an earthquake, there's no need to cower there. No one will hurt you now.'

Yugi took a couple of steps forward. 'I wasn't cowering,' he muttered. He sat down on the brown leather sofa by the door.

Seto looked at Yami. 'To answer your question; no, you are free to go whenever you please, but we do need to work out some sort of deal, in light of tonight's…events.'

'Indeed,' Yami said. 'What do you propose?'

'Kaiba Corporation has officially pulled out of the dealing with the Brotherhood and all it's associate organisations. I want nothing more to do with your little boys club, Dartz.'

The aqua-haired man pressed his fingers together and shrugged. 'As long as the New Order acknowledges that the Brotherhood has not disbanded. We will continue to seek that which will enable us to rule the world.'

Yami was the one to shrug this time. 'We have stopped you since the New Order was formed, and we will continue to do so, however, I will not turn you and your associates there over to my superiors if you promise to never again come near Yugi or his family.'

'Master Dartz! This is most unusual! The Brotherhood does not negotiate with the New Order!' Rhiannon whined. 'The other members will not be pleased!'

Dartz stood up to his full height and addressed Rhiannon. 'The Brotherhood will do as I say. I am the Head of this organisation and what I say still goes these days. Am I understood?'

Rhiannon nodded his head. Andrew just smiled.

Dartz turned to Yami. 'Agreed. The Brotherhood retracts all monetary flow into Kaiba Corporation, which was not much in the first place, and Seto Kaiba is no longer obligated to fulfil his end of the bargain and with no underhanded repercussions. Furthermore, the Brotherhood will be sure to keep away from Yugi Moto and his family.' He pointed at Yami. 'But you are a different matter. If you so choose to continue with your participation in the New Order, you and I may very well cross again. While your little lover over there may be safe, you will not.'

Yami nodded. 'Agreed.'

Seto pressed a button on his desk. 'Roland, please escort Dartz, Rhiannon and Andrew to their respective rooms. They will be packing ready to leave at their earliest convenience.'

'Right away, Master Kaiba.' The doors opened and Roland entered with a few men. The three Brotherhood members were lead out of the room, and the doors closed behind them.

'What about us then?' Seto asked Yami. 'Apart from my serious indiscretions in the past as controlled by the Brotherhood, I feel that I have more than made up for it by helping you defeat that…whatever it was.'

Yami smiled and went to sit down where Dartz had been sat. 'Well, apart from the medical attention and our freedom, I just do not feel like you have made amends.'

Seto growled. He slammed his fists on the desk and stood up suddenly. 'I gave up the Brotherhood! I didn't know any of their major secrets, so I would be of no use to you in that capacity. So what do I have to do to make it so that when tomorrow comes, I can start running my company that way it was meant to, and open Kaibaland all over the world and see my brother without fear that I will have to hold off you and your cronies?'

Yami feigned deep concentration. 'Most importantly, Bakura is released into the custody of the New Order. He will be punished for his crimes of the past.' He looked at Yugi. 'And the present.'

Seto sat back down and nodded. 'Done. Anything else?'

Yami looked at him. 'Yes.' He thought for a while. 'Lifetime tickets to any Kaibaland you open over the world for Yugi and me. Free rides and one meal per visit.'

'What?' Seto cried. 'That's ridiculous!' Then he had a thought. 'How often do you intend to go to any Kaibaland?'

'Oh, all the time!'

Seto spluttered. He looked at Yugi on the couch, who was giggling and Yami, who was smiling with a knowing look on his face. Seto sighed. 'Fine, I'll make sure to get you a card or something.'

Yami stood up to leave.

'But,' Seto said witha smirk, 'you and I need a to have a rematch. No way could you pull out Exodia again!'

Yugi sat up straight. 'You beat Kaiba with Exodia, the Forbidden One?' Yami nodded. 'Incredible!' He slumped back down on the couch.

Yami looked back at Kaiba. 'It is a deal, Kaiba!' He held out his hand for Kaiba to shake to seal the deal.

Seto smiled and took the young man's hand.

Back at Yami's hotel room, the two boys collapsed on the bed, exhausted from the last few days events. 'I feel like I could sleep for a week,' Yugi said suppressing a yawn. Beside him, Yami nodded his head in agreement. The older man already had his eyes closed. 'Yami?'

Yami peeked at Yugi through a half open eye. 'Yes, Yugi?'

Yugi sat up a bit and turned towards the other. 'Um, you know how you said you'd wait until I said I was ready?'

Yami racked his brains. The last few days were a blur, but he soon focused on a particular conversation he and the boy had in Kaiba's mansion. 'Yes, I recall.'

Yugi bit his lip shyly. 'Well, I think I'm ready.'

Yami sat up. 'Are you sure?'

Yugi nodded. 'I want the memory and pain of Bakura's touch to be banished, just like you banished the evil the other day, and I think the only way to do that is put myself in your hands. I'm finding it difficult to separate the idea of making love with you to the hurt Bakura put me through, so I need you to bring your tender touches back to me so I can see the difference.'

Yami leaned forwards and, without further hesitation, kissed Yugi softly on the lips. While he didn't want to startle the youngster, he realised that he desperately wanted him at the same time, so he wasted no time.

Yugi sighed softly as Yami's tongue caressed his. There was no dominance, no force, but he submitted to Yami's experience and let the older take the lead. He had nothing but confidence in the other's ability, and he knew he was in good hands.

Slowly and carefully, Yami shifted his position to lie down and pulled Yugi down with him. In order to regain his trust, I mustn't allow him to feel like he's being dominated, unless he asks. The two ended up with Yugi lying on top of Yami, still in the throes of a heated kiss. Let him take control, but guide him at the same time. Although Yami was in a position of submissiveness, he trailed his hands down Yugi's neck and shoulder to the buttons of his shirt and began undoing them. Slowly, slowly...

Yugi sensed Yami's hesitation, and to show him how ready he really was, he sat up suddenly straddling him and yanked his shirt off before resuming his position. He slammed his lips back to Yami's mouth and the passion overwhelmed him. He no longer wanted Yami to be careful. Nipping at the other's lips, he brought his mouth to the shell of Yami's ear. 'Please don't worry. I know you'd never hurt me. I just want you to make love to me.'

Taken by surprise by Yugi's force, Yami's eyes widened, but then slowly, a smile spread across his face and he flipped their position makig careful note of Yugi's expression. There was slight surprise, but not fear, and that's what Yami was desperately trying to avoid. 'As long as you're sure...?' Yugi huffed with impatience. Yami chuckled. 'I'll take that as a yes.' He proceeded to plant kisses from Yugi's lips down to his nipples. He squeezed one in between his fingers gently and nipped the other with his teeth.

Graphic scene starts here

Yugi hissed with pleasure, the wonderful, familiar sensation coursing through his body. A moan escaped his lips and he blushed. Yami looked up from his ministrations and smiled at the young one's embarrassment. Despite what he went through, he didn't seem to have lost his 'innocence'.

'Yamiiii,' Yugi moaned. 'Please, just take me!'

'Patience, Yugi,' Yami chuckled. His tongue soothed the pinched nipple and he pinched the other. This elicited another moan from his lover. With a small smile, he licked his way down Yugi's chest and stomach to the top of his trousers. Dipping his tongue into the belly button, he undid the button and slowly lowered the zip before pulling them gently down.

Yugi watched as Yami very carefully pulled the item of clothing off and deftly threw it across the room. It landed neatly on the back of a chair. He laughed at the accuracy of the throw, but his attention was diverted when he felt his boxers coming down next. His muscles clenched as slight fear resurfaced. He breathed out focussing on Yami rather than the memory of Bakura. This will be good. Not rough, not harsh. Yami cares about me. He managed to talk himelf out of feeling scared and closed his eyes so he could enjoy the soft caresses.

Yami slowly slid a hand down Yugi's chest and lower still, teasing his little lover. He would not succumb to the raging passion he felt just yet, because he felt this would not be as satisfying for Yugi, and tonight, it as all about gaining his confidence. He eventually reached for Yugi's already straining hard-on and began stroking it gently.

'Gods!' Yugi suddenly breathed out. The line had been drawn where Bakura had simply striped him and has his own way for his own pleasure, and Yami just crossed it taking him back to the place he had been a week or so before.

Yami, sensing this, seemed to understand and lowered himself between Yugi's legs. He ran his tongue up Yugi's thighs relishing in the moans coming from his other and without waiting any longer, he engulfed Yugi's hardened flesh with his mouth and alternated between sucking and licking to quickly bring Yugi to the brink of an orgasm. A gentle squeeze and final suck had Yugi screaming Yami's name through a hand clasped over his mouth.

Yami swallowed what he was given and slowly crawled up Yugi's body to lie flush against the younger male, who was panting harshly. 'I take it you enjoyed that?' he asked with slight amusement.

Yugi's eyes spakled with lust and he smiled pulling Yami's head hown for a searing kiss. 'Oh yes,' he breathed. 'Very much.'

Yami smiled and placed a chaste kiss on Yugi's forehead. 'Good.' He made to get up, but Yugi grabbed his arm. 'What is it?'

'Aren't we going to...you know...?' He waved a hand in the general direction of Yami's bulging pants. 'I don't want you to go without and I want to feel you inside me.'

Yami lay back down. 'Are you absolutely sure you're ready? I don't want to hurt you.'

'Yugi frowned. 'After what Bakura did, I doubt you could hurt me. And yes, I am ready.'

Yami searched the determined look on his lover's face for any hint of fear, but found none. Smiling, he nodded and kissed Yugi once again pushing his tongue between the smaller boy's lips and fnding his own.

'Get these clothes off,' Yugi murmured through the kiss. He pulled on Yami's shirt. Yami obliged and soon, he was as naked as his young lover. Yugi blushed.

Yami chuckled and went over the the drawer. He reached inside and removed the lube. He then climbed back on the bed and embraced the smaller male. Yugi felt Yami's hardness pressing into his thigh and he felt himself growing hard again.

Yami opened the lube and spread some on his fingers. He then gently pressed them inside Yugi's entrance. Yugi breathed in sharply and slammed his eyes shut at the feeling expecting it to hurt. Yami paused, but then began moving further more slowly. Soon, Yugi relaxed, his fear dissipating.

Yami removed his fingers and spread a little more lube on his own erection. He rubbed himself a bit and then pressed the tip against Yugi. 'Yugi, are you absolutely sure his is what you want?'

Yugi almost snarled with frustration. 'Now is not the time to ask me that! I already told you I want you to take me.'

Yami chuckled again at Yugi's impatince. He pushed forwards and felt his penis slide slowly inside.

Yugi grimaced as Yami pushed into him. Yami groaned and Yugi felt warm all over thinking that Yami was enjoying himself. Yami pushed further, as far as he could go without physically hurting Yugi and then pulled out again, nearly all the way, before pushing back in again. Yugi couldn't stop himself from moaning loudly.

Soon, Yami began to speed up, filling Yugi with every thrust of his hips. Yugi moaned with each movement. He heard Yami begin to pant slightly, the sound music to his ears. All thoughts of Bakura's actions flew out of his head, hopefully to never return again.

As the two rocked against each other, the pressure inside them both reaching a climx, Yami let out a cry of pleasure and that in itself made Yugi come again. He felt Yami release inside him and it felt good.

Graphic scene ends.

Yami flopped on top of Yugi, panting harshly. Yugi felt Yami's warm and slightly sweaty body rising and falling as he regained his normal breathing rhythm. They both lay there, still panting, and eventually, Yami rolled off, reached over and pulled Yugi closer to him and hugged him as if he were afraid to let go.

'I love you,' Yami said wearily.

'I love you too.'

They fell asleep.

'Welcome, boys and girls, to the Grand opening of the first major Kaibaland Amusement Park here in Tokyo, one of many nation and worldwide!' an announcer said. He was dressed as the Dark Magician. 'Please come in and remember, today everyone is entitled to one free go in the Blue Eyes Kaiba Dome, either against an opponent, or against the computer. Be sure to get your ticket scanned!'

Yami and Yugi walked through the large wooden doors that made up the entrance to Kaibaland Tokyo and flashed their lifetime membership cards to the ticket master, who nodded knowingly.

'This is so great!' Yugi said practically skipping. 'It's only been like three months and now it's finally open! I can't wait to try to the roller coasters and see what new games Kaiba's got in the Arcade!'

Yami chuckled at the childlike innocence of his boyfriend's enthusiasm.

'Hey look, there's Téa!'

Yami looked to where Yugi was pointing and they saw the young girl standing at a coconut shy and eating some pink candyfloss. She turned when she heard Yugi's voice call her name and waved.

'Hey guys!' she said. Sometimes she still couldn't believe that her best friend Yugi had somehow latched onto her other good friend, albeit international spy for the New order organisation. And she was thrilled that the two had got together. Sadly for the New Order, Yami had tendered his resignation saying that he wanted to settle down and begin a new life with Yugi. Yugi had been bouncing off the walls for days after that announcement.

'Hey, Yami,' Yugi said before they reached Téa. 'I forgot to ask you today how those memories are and if Atem has spoken to you since…you know…'

Yami smiled and ran slender fingers through Yugi's soft hair. 'My dear Yugi, you ask me everyday and my answer will be the same. My head is fine. Atem has been quiet.' Yami absently fingered the Puzzle around his neck. 'The memories are still there, but there is no need to call on them anymore.'

'And remind me again why you're holding onto the Puzzle?'

'All the Items have been returned to their keepers. The Necklace to Ishizu, the Rod to Marik and the Eye to Pegasus. The others are being held in the New Order Headquarters under even stricter lock and key than before. But everyone thought the Puzzle would be much safer with me, since I saved mankind and everything.'

Yugi laughed. 'Yeah, that was kind of a dead giveaway!'

Yami put his arm around his young lover and laughed. 'Yes, but at least now I get to spend all my free time with you.'

'It was nice of Ishizu to get you a job as Curator of the Egyptian Exhibit in the Domino Museum.'

'And it was nice of Seto Kaiba to give you a job testing his computer and arcade games.'

The two looked at each other before risking a quick kiss.

'Ew! Guys!' Téa exclaimed. 'Not in public!'

'Hey! Yugi! Téa!' voices from afar cried. They turned to see Joey, Tristan and Serenity running towards them.

'Oh wow! The whole gang is here!' Yugi said with glee.

Yami looked around. 'I thought Ryou would be with you,' he said to Téa.

Téa swallowed a lump of candyfloss and nodded. 'He is, but he went of the roller coaster earlier and got sick. He's recovering in the bathroom.'

As she said this, a white-haired man came up behind them. Yami saw Yugi stiffen, but then relax.

'Ryou,' Yami said. 'It is good to see you up and about.' He whispered into the young man's ear. 'You really should not be riding roller coasters. The doctors said you still needed to relax after…you know.'

Ryou closed his brown eyes and smiled. 'I know,' he said in a soft lilting voice. He turned to Yugi. 'Hi Yugi.'

Yugi waved at the teen. He was so similar to Bakura, but he knew Bakura was under maximum security in the New Order Headquarters.

'Well,' Joey said. 'What should we do first?' He was rubbing his hands together.

'Yami!' a voice shouted. Yami turned to see Seto Kaiba approaching their group, followed closely by a young boy with raven coloured hair.

'Kaiba,' Yami said amiably. 'And this must be Mokuba?'

The boy smiled. 'Yep, please to finally meet you. Big Brother can't stop going on about you.'

'Really?' Yami raised an eyebrow to Kaiba with a smile. 'How strange.'

Seto frowned. 'It is only in the capacity that you are currently a thorn in my side with your lifetime membership and you keep drawing lucky cards in our duels.'

'Hey!' Yugi interjected. 'You know he beats you because he's a better duellist!'

Seto smiled. It bordered on evil. 'Well, we'll see how he fares against me in the new Kaiba Dome. The technology is a bit more awe inspiring than my duel disk system.' He pulled out his deck. 'Prepare to be shocked and amazed, Yami, if you dare.'

The young Egyptian smiled and pulled out his deck. 'I accept your challenge, Seto Kaiba. Yugi and the rest of the gang twitched excitedly.

'It's time to duel!'


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