Kaiser: An Ode

Look up, look on, look one and all,

Come and see, ladies and gents,

The Kaiser is a-coming this way

Now pay your deepest respects!

All look on in wonder, in awe

As he quietly glides by

He ignores the praise and looks straight ahead

Nothing reflects in his stone eyes.

Silver serpents at his right and left flanks

A-hissing, a-crawling, a-spitting

Brilliant blue flames that lick the skies

And all who challenge unwitting.

The duke, his brother, a timid young man,

Trails inside his shadow behind

Aspiring to be like his grand old brother

One day, he hopes to find.

The parade vanishes in a heartbeat,

All arise from their bows

Girls desire him,

Boys want to be him,

They're all making their vows.

But there's so much more than meets the eye,

So much of him, I wish to know,

Not tickled by pleasure, nor tortured by pain,

If he had any, no emotion can show.

Thus I look on, lost in my thoughts:

I could be so much wiser

If I could only solve those mysteries locked

In the Sage, the Sphinx, the Kaiser…