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Chapter One: Introductions

Ash Manley was sitting at his desk when the most beautiful woman he had ever see walked through the door. She had dark brown hair; the most amazing eyes and wonderfully luscious lips. She couldn't be older than 20, 21 at most.

Noticing him following her every move, she walked over. Black high heels coordinated with a black mini skirt and blue blouse. Taking all of her in, she was about the sexiest thing Ash had ever seen. Large silver hoops decorated her ears; and, just as Ash was about to add her to one of his largely erotic fantasies, noticed that she was wearing a wedding ring.

"Uh…hello? I was wondering if you could direct me to Thomas Mason's office," the young woman pondered, her voice as sexy as the rest of her.

Ash was too dumbstruck to understand any word that she was saying. He was following a few tendrils of her hair that traced the outside of her cleavage. It wasn't until Charlie flicked him in the ear that he woke up to reality.

"It's right over there, love. My names Charlie, junior case officer. This is Ash, senior case officer," Charlie introduced with his cockney accent.

"What do you want to see Mr. Mason for?" Ash asked, sitting up in his seat instead of slouching.

"Business. Just business," the young woman replied, eyes taking in the splendour of the office.

"Well, welcome to the Grid, Miss?" Charlie asked.

"Miss. Shaw. Juliet Shaw,"


"When do you start your posting? Next month isn't it?" Evelyn wondered her husband. Her soft blonde hair fell in ringlets to her shoulders, and her gentle green eyes made her face look kindly.

He didn't reply at first. The red and blue tie that she had got him for his birthday was becoming increasingly tiresome. Harry Pearce was 27, and a spook. Yet, a simple piece of cloth was annoying him. It was always the spy factor that seeped into his life outside work. His wife Evelyn and he were trying for a child, but no success. Secretly, she blamed his lifestyle for their ability not to conceive. She never said anything, but Harry could tell what she thought.

"Yes dear. I got my posting to Cologne last night, and I begin in two weeks. You are alright with me going, aren't you?" Harry asked, finally defeating the tie.

Maybe it was the fact that he hadn't told her about his job till after they had got married. Maybe that was why she acted so strangely when it came to anything to do with his job. Being a spook had its advantages, and one advantage was telling peoples emotions from their body language. She was tense, nervous: she didn't want him to go. The stiffness passed, and she gave him a brief kiss on the cheek.

"Have a lovely day at work darling. I love you," Evelyn whispered in his ear, her tone trying to keep even. It was failing her terribly.

"I love you too. Say hello to Rebecca for me," Harry replied, returning her kiss on the cheek and opening the door.

Outside was Oliver Mace, Harry's long time ally at 6 and best friend in the world outside Vauxhall Cross. Behind him was his latest monstrosity of a car, a Mini Cooper.

"We are not performing the Italian Job Oliver," Harry said disapprovingly.

"Not today, Harry, not today. Anyway, William is sending us over the river to Thames House. Ash Manley, Charlie Grace, Delilah Rogers and Thomas Mason. 5's finest," Oliver moaned, getting into the driving seat of the red car.

"5 are not that bad. They're just not as good as 6, that's all," Harry defended, trying to sit in the cramped passenger seat.

"Apparently, old Mason has got his daughter in law the job of administrative assistant. I heard from one of the analysts that she's 20, gorgeous, but married. She's working on her English degree and hopes to join 5 in a more official capacity when she's got it all on paper. Or so I've heard," Oliver explained sheepishly, starting the car.

Harry sighed loudly and tried to stretch his legs.

"Oliver, you are married to Natalie. I am married to Evelyn. No 20 something tea girl is going to tempt me away from my wife. And, Oliver, for goodness sake you have one of the longest pairs of legs I have ever seen and yet you have a Mini Cooper. Do you have an explanation or are you just an idiot?"

Oliver shifted audibly in his seat and prepared himself for the response to his answer.

"When I'm behind the wheel, I can imagine myself as Michael Caine, alright?" he muttered, ignoring the increasingly loud sniggers from the officer next to him.

"Let's go before I burst a blood vessel!" Harry said amidst chuckles.


The grid, even though it was located in Thames House, was your typical office. The brand new grey computers sat pride of place on every desk. Each mini office had its own personality. That ranged from large movie posters to massive collections of photographs. On the other hand, you had Thomas Mason's office. The head of 5's office was a place of calm and tranquillity within the beige coloured walls. The only thing that decorated it was a small family portrait.

Thomas had three sons: Bernard, Joseph and Patrick. Bernard had married Juliet Shaw last April in a beautiful ceremony. Keeping in with the modern woman, she had kept her own surname. His new daughter in law had wanted to teach English at primary school level when he had suggested she work at the service. While Juliet worked at 5, her husband worked at 6 with fellow officers Harry Pearce and Oliver Mace.

Those were the two that they were awaiting. In the slightly cramped meeting room, the main officers of 5 and Juliet were sitting in silence. The briefing was one of many, mostly about the mission in Cologne. He hadn't heard much about it, but it was definitely a black op.

Ash Manley, with his large sideburns and large fringe was the senior case officer and a serial womaniser The only thing that stopped him going for a girl was a wedding ring, and sometimes not even then. Charlie Grace had the seventies shaggy haircut and was the junior case officer. He played 5 a side football on Friday nights and could speak both Russian and French. Delilah Rogers was the technical analyst and had was always perfectly made up. Unknown to the others, she was 6's spy on the team and reported directly to Oliver Mace.

Harry and Oliver chose to enter at their own leisure, thirty minutes late. That was more coincidence than design, the Mini Cooper had fouled up three times on their journey. Ash and Charlie acknowledged the men, and Delilah gave a wave. Oliver smiled slimly, and sat next to Charlie; directly diagonal from his little spy. Harry, on the other hand, sat next to Juliet. Upon entering, he had recognised her as the 20 something daughter in law that Oliver had mentioned. And that was only because she was probably the most beautiful thing in the room.

"Everyone, our esteemed visitors from Vauxhall Cross, this is Juliet Shaw. She is going to play admin assistant till she receives her English degree," Thomas introduced, giving Juliet her moment in the sun.

"Pleasure to meet you Mrs. Shaw," Oliver greeted, his voice oozing with fake sincerity. They shook hands over the table. Harry then offered his hand to Juliet and she took it. Immediately, they pulled away; both feeling a spark flow between them.

"Harry Pearce. As Oliver said, it's a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Shaw," Harry gulped, his voice growing thick.

"Juliet, please," she stammered, the presence of this man drawing a response from her that she had never felt before.

Oliver smothered a smirk, instead choosing to look at the antique wooden table. So much for not being attracted to the 20 something tea girl. Thomas started with the meeting: KGB, bad; Britain, good. Same old story. Oliver was too busy trying to stare down Delilah's shirt; and wasn't really paying attention. Harry had his eyes glued to the screen, trying to avoid staring at Juliet. Her eyes were focused on Thomas, also trying to avoid the figure next to her.


The briefing was over, and Juliet was still shaking like a leaf. Those intense brown eyes had dug down into her soul, and her legs felt like jelly.

Her husband Bernard was a nice man. He was intelligent: two degrees in mathematics and he could recite every Tennyson poem off by heart. He had thick black hair and twinkling blue eyes that had dazzled her when they had first met. But, with all that, he had never made her melt the way that a glimpse of Harry Pearce had done.

She was standing in a lone corridor, trying to cool down her flushed face. It didn't help matters when Harry came round the corridor, tie missing and shirt undone by a couple of buttons. Oh, how she wished the rest were too; simply because the shirt only gave a teasing glimpse of what lay underneath.

"It's really hot in here, isn't it?" Harry mumbled, trying start a conversation while avoiding looking at her prominent cleavage. Ever since the meeting, his body temperature had gone up several degrees. Removing his tie and undoing the top buttons had done nothing but ensure laughter from Oliver.

"Yes, just a bit," Juliet gasped, desperate to get air into her lungs. Fanning her face, she decided to look up instead of down. The sight was still incredible, just slightly less sexually stirring.

He moved a few inches closer, hearing his heart pounding in his ears. They were about an inch apart, practically pressed against the wall together. The heat was coming off both of them in waves, and both seemed to notice. Both of them were now shaking, adrenalin pulsing and hair sticking up on end.

"Do you want to get some lunch? I'll fill you in on all the things you need to survive here. Like avoiding Ash and staying out of Charlie's way when he's watching football," Harry asked, babbling slightly incoherently.

He offered her his hand. It was softer than she imagined, but stronger too as his fingers enveloped hers. She nodded, and he took away from the cool corridor out to god knows where. He could have been taking her to hell for a quick bite to eat; it didn't matter. Anywhere with Harry Pearce would satisfy her.