-1Day Two

I don't sleep. Well okay it's not that I don't sleep… But I don't need to sleep, so it was a piece of cake for me to stay awake and keep watch over Alec as he slept. You know just in case he woke up and didn't have a clue where he was, or he panicked or something. Thankfully though the night was without incident and Alec slept through without so much as a sound spread eagle on Logan's couch snoring like a Rhino, something that had he done back at Manticore he would have definitely gotten in trouble for.

Manticore, just a longer word for hell as far as I'm concerned, and longer I sat there studying the X5 sleeping before me, the more I was able to convince myself that this… Whatever this was, happening to Alec, was their fault.

A person can only stare out the window at the dilapidated city below for so long, before boredom grabs hold of them and they begin to feel restless… This was my current state, as I tore my eyes from the rain stained window and glanced at the clock above the TV. It was only thirteen minutes after five in the morning, I still had at least two hours to kill before Logan would drag his grumpy ass out of bed. Then it would be another hour before he would be remotely awake enough to focus on the matter at hand.

So what was I going to do with myself? I had one hundred and eighty minutes of silent solidarity to suffer through, and D found my eyes working their way once more toward Alec's slumbering form.

On a normal night I would never find myself envious of the rest of the world tucked away in their beds dreaming , snoring and let us not forget drooling all over themselves, I mean to me sleep is a waste of perfectly usable hours, there are so many more exciting things to see then the inside of your eyelids.

Not at this moment though, at this moment, I was exceedingly jealous of the sleeping population, because at least they were doing something, sure it wasn't much of a something, but it was something. Not me though, I just kept watch, like a good solider.

I shook myself from my own pity and made my way into Logan's kitchen, if I couldn't sleep like a normal person at least I could eat like one….

Taking a peek inside a sly grin came to my lips, you could always count on eyes only to keep the fridge stocked up, it was like he knew I was going to come and raid it at any minute, it was filled with my favorite things.

I pulled out bread and eggs, butter, juice and the small bowl of fruit from the top shelf kicking the door closed behind me as I set them down on the counter.

Most women love to cook, I hear that some of them even live for it. I however am not one of those woman, and I never will be one of them. The lovely scientist who put me together must have forgotten to put some chef in my cocktail or something… I don't know.

There are a few things though, that I can manage thanks to watching O.C. sputter about the kitchen every morning, showing me everything I needed to know, even when she didn't know that's what she was doing.

Anywho, I busted the first egg into the pan and dug out the little slimy thing with a fork and I was just about to do the same to egg number two when my breakfast fun was quickly disturbed.

I had never been more glad to possess supersonic hearing then I was at that very moment, it was like… Like a tapping, someone's foot almost against the ground, and it was coming from the other room, where I had left Alec not even ten minutes pervious.

Thinking that maybe one of the boys had decided to rise and shine a little on the early side, I turned the fire off and made my way back into the front room stopping dead in my tracks when my eyes saw what they saw…..

I felt nauseated almost instantly as the small thumping sound grew louder, and I tried to swallow the lump in my throat. Alec's right arm which had previously been dangling off of the sofa was now jerking uncontrollably in some sort of spasm his bones popping with each thrust as his hand smacked into Logan's coffee table over and over again.

"Alec." I was by his side in what one would literally consider a flash kneeling down next to him, his eyes were open, wide and fearful as he didn't even bother to look in my direction when I called for him, he was to busy staring helplessly at his dancing limb.

I drew in a deep breath and fought against my own panic I clasped my hand around his and the tremor was strong enough to make my body quiver.

"LOGAN!" I cursed myself hearing the unsteady tone of my own scream as I shot my gaze back down to Alec who was now looking to me for answers… AGAIN.

"It's alright," I sighed and swallowed trying to wet my throat, it's funny how when you tell a conscious lie your throat automatically double clutches on you . "Your okay." I realized at this moment how terrible my bedside manner really was and began wondering if they offered some sort of classes somewhere about counseling the sick and where I could enroll.

"LOGAN!" I felt like I have been crouching there next to Alec, his eyes burning into me for hours, days, weeks… but I knew it had only been a minute, because that's what I do when my nerves begin to fray I count somewhere in the back of my mind I begin counting and the numbers won't stop rising until whatever the hell is bothering me disappears… Or I make it disappear.

"What?!?!" Logan's voice was anything but soothing against my quickly frazzling nerves as he rolled into the living room still in only his night shorts.

"What yourself." I shot back in a growl still holding tight to Alec's hand in my own.

Logan's eyes caught sight of what was happening and he immediately made his way closer to the two of us.

"Alec." He was surprisingly calm which made me more than a little jealous, how come he always got to keep his cool? I was the one housing genetically altered DNA not him, but no he was always the damn Marlon Brando of the situations his voice collected and calm.

Alec didn't move, other then the shifting of his eyes, which had still been focused on me, in Logan's direction.

"Did you do something? Do you know how this happened?"

"I had only been in the kitchen about ten minutes." I scowled immediately jumping to the defensive in a classic me move.

"And he was sleeping when you went in there?"

"Of course he was he was sound-" My words trailed off as the shaking of the hand in my own subsided and instinctively I began to rub it with my palms turning my attention back to Alec.

"Are you alright?" I ask knowing that the question is a dumb one, but unable to think of anything else to fill in the silence.

"I-I don't understand," He mumbles a little and frowns, "I was sleeping, and all the sudden this pain, it was shooting up my arm and I opened my eyes and……" His voice trailed off and I watched, literally watched as his eyes went from strong hazel orbs those of a warrior, to confused and childlike.

"And then what?" Logan pressed gently and I wondered if he had noticed the same thing as I had, the sudden vacancy … It was all so spooky and it definitely had my skin crawling.

I shook my head a little as Alec's eyes turned to Logan and he swallowed looking at him, blinking a few times.

"Alec? What happened after you opened your eyes?" He tried again but I could tell by the defeat in his voice that he knew there was no answer coming his way.

Something didn't feel right as I continued rubbing the hand in my grasp, I looked down and instinctively I drew my lip into my mouth and began chewing on it.

"I don't…I don't know." The whisper, the words were broken as they came from Alec's lips and I forced my suspicions aside glancing back up at him.

"That's alright…" I kept my voice low in an attempt to keep it sounding normal, "Logan would you go get him a glass of water or something?"

"Yeah, sure."

"Max?" Uh oh I could tell from the tone carried in his voice that there was more questions on the tip of his tongue as I had to force a smile on my lips, it was amazing to me how hard it was to smile in a time like this, it feels like what I imagine going to the dentist would. My whole mouth ached and my throat was once more unbelievably dry. This just sucked.


"Wh-What are we doing here?" His eyes were moving around slowly in their sockets, and I realized that even with his memories slipping, he knew somewhere inside of him that something was faltering, it was like he knew that there were pieces missing or something, holes in his brain somewhere. I wished I had the answers, I wished I was quick enough to think of a lie suitable enough for this situation, but for some reason… Looking at him, right there before me so vulnerable so scattered, not a single excuse, not a single story found it's way into my thoughts.

So I settled for the truth… Well part of the truth I should say, hell if I tried to tell him everything something told me that by the time I got half way through my tale that he wouldn't remember much of what I had told him anyway.

"Logan is working on something for us, remember? We came here last night. I picked you up at your apartment and we headed over here, we needed his help."

"Why?" Three letters, one little word, and an answer long enough to fill three full pages to go along with it… Even if the answer made little sense and contained no useful information.

"Your having some troubles with your memory." I told him shortly and popped my neck, another one of my many nervous habits, I quickly thought back to the night before and to Logan's suggestions about White, deciding that it was definitely worth a shot at least asking about it… Maybe we would get lucky and he would remember something, anything for us to go off of…

"Alec, did you um, did you run into any old friends recently.. Like that scum bag White? Anyone who could of done this to you?"

"Done what to me?"

Had he really already forgotten what I just said??? This was not much on the scale of fun. I don't really know what I expected to happen, maybe I was hoping for some sort of miracle, for him to blurt the answers out and piece everything together for me?

And again I say… Yeah right.

I was thankful when I heard Logan approaching behind me and I finally stopped rubbing Alec's now relaxed Limb taking the glass of water with a subtle and gentle smile. Careful of course not to let my fingers so much as graze Logan's flesh. "Thanks."

He nodded and cleared his throat a little, "No problem, I think since we're all up I'm going to go call Sam now and see when would be a good time for us to head out his way."

"Sam?" Alec whispered a little and I looked at him just in time to watch his eyebrows furrow.

"The doctor." I stated bluntly, finally realizing that the shorter the answers were that I gave to him the easier it was going to be on the both of us.

"Are You sick?"

"No Alec, you are, but we're going to figure this out, you just drink that up and try to relax and get some more rest alright?" Obviously Logan did not have the same short answer philosophy that I did as he turned to head back into the other room.

I turned my full attention back to Alec now and made sure to keep that painful smile plastered against my lips, anything had to be better then the look of confusion I was feeling engulfing my insides..

"I don't, I don't feel sick." I watched as he began eyeing the glass of water that I was still mindlessly holding on to.

"I know." I leaned forward a little and placed the cup into his right hand, the one I had previously been massaging , "You look a little thirsty there. Drink some of this and then-" I silenced my words and lunged forward just in time to catch the glass as I watched it in some sort of slow motion time reel fall from Alec's gripless hand and plummet toward the hard wood floor.

His eyes were wide as he saw what just played out before him and he looked from the cup in my hand to my face, his face read as though he thought I were some sort of circus freak, or Manticore alumni, with a second head sprouting out of my shoulder,

"Alec." I cast my gaze downward wanting and needing to free myself from the torture of his pitiful look. So I decided to concentrate on the glass in my hand as well, there wasn't much else I could do now was there…. I looked at the glass and at Alec's hand surprised he was remaining silent another non-Alec thing to do.

It was as though he hadn't even tried to grab- to grip the cup. "Aren't you thirsty?"

"Ye-yeah." I heard him swallow hard and draw in a breath as he still lay his body out stretched on the couch.

"Well, here…" I set the glass down and leaned over even more helping him to a sitting position, flashes of infants and their mothers dancing through my brain like a montage from a horrible sappy woman's movie as I tried to shake then from my mind.

Alec's body seemed heavier,…. Heavier then usual anyway. As I took a minute to look him up and down and sighed when his eyes clouded and typical of the last few days he began to look around the room with a tinge of fear, of unknowingness…

I took my hand and gently put it on his chin forcing him to look at me, his hazel eyes forcing themselves into me like two small demons and I swore I swore I saw his lips beginning to tremble, as though he was going to cry or something… Something that was unheard of for a solider, for an X5.

"Your safe here Alec, your with me." I tried my damndest to sound positive and reassuring before turning my attention back to the latest problem,

As X5's we are build strong, durable and we have very precise and sharp reflexes, it has to do once again with that whole super human genetic coding deal that we got running through our veins, and I won't lie, more often than not that part of me definitely comes in handy, hardly ever spill the milk or anything else for that matter and it makes it a hell of a lot easier to keep things clean….

Anyway that point being that, being built like that… Alec should not be so clumsy as to drop a cup that I put directly into his grasp….

I couldn't help but swallow a few times, it was as though I were stuck in some horrible nightmare…. And things just kept getting more and more bogus by the second, not to mention overly confusing, and as I sat there looking at him, wondering what the hell was going on inside of that normally cocky and eccentric head of his I had to resist the urge to bounce, to blaze and never look back.

I swear to you each day the run in me screams louder and louder and sometimes all I can think about is finding a way to bail, to get out of this hell hole and never look back, but as quickly as the thoughts come to be, as fast as they appear, I push them aside…..

I look at my friends, and the people around me, and know that no matter how bad I think I might have it, how ill my life seems, at least I have the power to do something about it, unlike them, so I must stick around, kick ass, and protect the innocent…

Which brings us back to Alec, right now, not every day, but right now, he was the innocent, the one who needed my help.. The only difference was I still didn't have any idea what it was I was going to have to fight against… What it was causing this, and that seemed to be getting stronger and stronger with each passing nano-sec.

I held the glass out knowing that by this time Alec had forgotten about the minutes before us and was once more basking in blissful confusion, "Thirsty?"

"Uh… Yeah." His head was turned so much to the side now, cocked in confusion that it nearly was resting on his shoulder as he sat there studying me, but I took note that he didn't reach for the cup in my hand.

"Here…" I placed it against his palm and watched as his fingers slowly worked their way around the glass with a listless and weak demeanor.

As I let go I kept telling myself that I was going to let what happened, happen and I was going to see how he reacted,

Sure enough the small glass filled with water went straight for the ground like a reverse rocket and I watched my eyes darting from the cup to Alec and then back again and again… But he did nothing, not a thing except watch as I had been doing as a loud and nerve wrecking shatter filled out ears and glass shards flew across the wooden floor of Logan's apartment…

"Well that didn't go well…" I mumbled under my breath already hearing a hurried Logan headed towards us, having exchanged his hell on wheels for bionic legs, making him feel more my equal then my inferior.

Alec hadn't said a word he was just looking down now, looking down his gaze burning into the flesh of his hand. I could sense the angry, the fear, every emotion pouring from his body as though it were some sort of title wave headed directly for me… I placed my hand on his knee and gave it an attention stealing squeeze.

"Max?!?!" Logan's voice was breathless with panic as he made his way through the door jam and into the same room as us.

"We're alright." I whispered looking up momentarily and giving him a uncomfortable smile. "Alec just dropped a glass is all, don't worry I'll take care of it."

"I-I did?"

Logan came and took a seat next to me on the coffee table facing the again disoriented young man as I nodded in his direction, "But that's alright, we all have accidents."

I didn't want to do what I was about to, I didn't want to find out that things were getting even worse that we were now knee deep in the septic tank and there was no hope of a rescue anytime soon, but I had to, I needed to know….

Logan was watching intensely and I knew that his concerns were the same as mine as I slid my hand into Alec's and looked at him, forcing myself to look past the worry and discomfort in his eyes, "Alec, can you do something for me?"

"Do we have a mission?" His left brow cocked a little and I shook my head.

"No, no nothing like that I just I need you to squeeze my hand alright, just squeeze it as hard as you can… Can you do that?"

His eyes shifted down and he looked at my hand placed in his, he looked for a long, long time, the seconds passing like hours….

"Don't look at it though… Look at me ok?" I looked to Logan for some help.

Alec's face came up again and still he did nothing, he just looked from me to Logan.

"Squeeze Max's hand Alec." Logan's voice was still kind and calm but at the same time carried a sense of order,

I made sure to put my free hand under Alec's chin so that he could not look down, "Keep looking at me…"

One…. Two….. Three…Four…..Five….Si- I had already made it to six before I felt the smallest fidget against my flesh from the fingers placed against mine, and my insides shuttered with a disgusting sickness,

I looked toward Logan and shook my head just slightly before realizing by the look on his face he saw what I did, and knew what I knew….

I cleared my throat loudly and rose to my feet having to actually concentrate to keep my knees steady, "So uh, Sam is ready for us right? We should get going…." I leaned down to pick up the pieces of the broken water glass and glanced upward when Alec's insecure and small voice filled my ears…

"Where are we going?"

I watched him for a minute, and my heart ached for him, his Adam's apple bobbed mercilessly as a flash of confusion blinded him like the suns light and he began to look around again this time his uneasy eyes settling on Logan…

"Who are you?"

I heard the glass fall from my hand in a moment of shock and I swallowed loudly, This was definitely not good.

I hope that everyone who celebrates had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I hope that you enjoyed this chapter, you know every time I write a story, there is always one part that I am unsure of, and that is this chapter, I just don't feel as though it flowed to well… or something, but anyway it's not up to me it's up to you, and I hope you liked it. As always let me know what you think, and I think you for your lovely replies to the last part.

As for the whole Max and Logan thing, remember we are inside her head so there are bound to be a few off the wall thoughts, but all of you Max and Alec fans (like myself) are in for a bit of a treat soon enough.