Hamtaro- the wondering outlaw

Amoeba the Chaos- Hamtaro's partner

Sonic the Hedgehog- Another wondering outlaw

Fox McCloud- the helpful citizen

Link- also helpful citizen

Kirby- also also helpful citizen

Krystal- also also also helpful citizen

Falco Lombardi- the cold hearted terrorist/bandit/bad guy/lawyer

Bijou- the banker

Oxnard- also banker

Knuckles the Echidna- bar tender

Umbreon, Espeon, Skipper the Mudkip, Blazekin, Treeko- drunk citizens

Samus Aran, Samus Erik- miners

Slippy Toad- the guy who Falco shoots

Tricky- the Indian

Miles "Tails" Prower- the inventor

Shadow the hedgehog- the train engineer

Wild Wild West

In the 1800's, the wild west was best. It was a vast prairie of cacti, sand, steppe, and vultures. It was also the home of two young travelers. They roamed the west like it was their own home, nobody knew where they came from, where they were going, or why. They were just two outlaws going where they can go. People hear their tunes during the night as they are close-by. Nobody knew what dangers they faced, nor do they know what they stand for. Just roaming the plains is all they know.

In the small town of Charsville, was a place where outlaws go to see what they can find. It was a small town, really, the only buildings they had was a bank, and inn, a salon, a stead, outhouses, a general store, and, of course, the town hall. Many find this place calm and peaceful, but in reality…

In a salon, everything was a little lively. There were people drinking, eating, and playing poker. There you see the bartender, Knuckles, just wiping a cup clean with a cloth. Everybody was minding their own business. Suddenly, the doors opened, and there he was. He was a hamster with an orange spot on his back and over his head, wearing a vest and a hat, and something was around his back, like a belt over his shoulder and under his other arm. He had no gun, so no one thought he was any harm. He walked in without looking at anyone, keeping a straight face. He walked on over to the bar, sat down on a stool, and his face landed on the counter as if he was drunk.

"Okay" said Knuckles looking at the mysterious hamster "Hey, you can't just walk into a bar already drunk, it ain't right. You come in not drunk and go out drunk"

The hamster didn't move, he was completely drunk. Then, another mysterious person came in, he was in the shape of a human, made of water, had on a vest and a hat similar to the hamster's, and started dancing like wild. Well, it wasn't quite a dance, his arms swung around him freely, he was leaning back and fourth, and his feet went up and down like he was walking in place, singing something like "Nananaaanaaaana nanananananana". He climbed on the stage and continued doing so.

"Hey! Get down from there" said Knuckles still cleaning the cup "Ah, whatever"

The scene continued for a few minuets until three people came in. One was a fox with brown pants a brown shirt, a brown vest, a cowboy hat, and a belt with no gun. Another was a human dressed like the fox, only a green vest and pants and shirt. The other was just a pink ball with a face, two stubs for arms and legs and also wore a cowboy hat. They walked over to the bar.

"Hey, if it isn't Fox, Link, and Kirby" said Knuckles

"Hey, Knuckles" said Fox

"Can I get you anything?" asked Knuckles

"Just give me some water" said Fox

"I shall have the alcoholic beverage" said Link

"Don't you mean beer?" asked Fox

"Yes, I do" said Link

"You need to get out of this drinking habit, Link" said Fox

"I'll have something to eat" said Kirby

"This is a salon, Kirby, you get drinks" said Knuckles

"It's a restaurant, right?" said Kirby

"I guess" said Knuckles

"Well, what's the point of having a restaurant if you don't serve food?" asked Kirby

"Alright" said Knuckles "Be specific, what food do you want?"

"I'll take the steak with ketchup and mustard, and mayonnaise and…"

"One crazy order coming right up" said Knuckles

Knuckles lifted the hamster's head and said "Hey, do you want anything to drink?"

The hamster didn't answer, like he was asleep.

Knuckles let go of the hamster and said "Fine"

The hamster started leaning on Fox's shoulder, Fox shoved him away and said "Hey, Knuckles, this guy is really drunk, how many drinks did he have?"

"Surprisingly, none" said Knuckles "It was like he was like this when he got here"

"Yeesh, he looks out of shape" said Fox "What's up with the other one?"

"Which one?"

"The dancing one"

"Oh, him, he could be drunk, too, only more animated"

"Fox" said Link "Shall we round up the cattle afterwards. The tensity of the beasts may result in a stampede"

"No, Link, we're not cowboys" said Kirby "We don't round up cattle"

"Then what is it that we do?" asked Link

Kirby glanced at Link and scratched the table to make it look like he's doing something.

"Hey, has anyone seen Krystal at all?" asked Fox "I went to go see her, but she wasn't there"

"I am but of no help at that sort, for I have not seen Krystal at all today" said Link

"Me neither" said Kirby "I haven't seen her lately, so, I thought she would be with you, Fox"

"Sorry, Fox" said Knuckles "I've been here all day, and I haven't seen her walk in. But how would I? It's not like her to go to a salon unless she's with you guys"

Then, the doors opened, it was a blue vixen wearing brown pants, and a shirt that hanged on her, like it was made of cloth.

"Here she is" said Fox

Krystal walked over to the bar with Fox, Link, and Kirby

"Hey, Krystal, where've you been?" asked Kirby

"I had some things I needed to do" said Krystal

"But, we haven't seen you at all, today" said Fox

"I had to get up early" said Krystal "I had to help Oxnard and Bijou fix up the bank. Falco robbed it last night"

"Falco? Man, ever since that guy came here, he's been nothing but trouble" said Fox

"Yeah, just what is his deal, anyway?" asked Kirby

"He is but an outlaw" said Link "And as far as I am concerned, outlaws are violent, brash people who want to take over towns"

"Yeah, but Falco, he won't leave" said Fox "I mean seriously, he just comes in and kills whoever he wants, the amount of people he kills depends on his mood"

"Yeah, he even killed… wait! Here he comes now" said Krystal

The doors opened. Everybody stopped what they were doing, except for the dancing water person. In came a blue bird wearing a black vest and hat and pants and shirt. His belt had more than a gun on it; it had machine guns, pistols, missiles, bazookas, sniper rifles, grenades, dynamites, cigarettes, and diapers. Fox, Link, Kirby, and Krystal faced the bar.

"Just pretend not to notice anything" said Fox

"Alright people!" said the blue bird "I, Falco, being the bandit of the town, is feeling like he wants to kill someone, now, who wants me to kill them?"

Nobody moved, but the water man kept dancing. Falco started walking around the salon. Then he noticed the water person dancing and pointed his gun at him.

"What are you dancing at?" said Falco "When I'm in here, I demand a silence!"

The water boy stopped dancing.

"Now" said Falco putting away his gun "let's see who's at the bar"

Falco walked to the bar.

"Hello, Knuckles" said Falco "You seem like an innocent, non-violent guy"

"You'd be surprised" said Knuckles

"Well, let's see if you aren't then" said Falco reaching for his gun.

"I wouldn't if I were you, no me means no drink" said Knuckles

"True" said Falco "I'll keep you in mind"

Then, he spotted Fox, Link, Kirby, and Krystal.

"Oh, I see" said Falco "Think you can just keep yourselves from drawing my attention, well, try being brave and react to me"

They didn't move.

"Okay" said Falco

Falco bent down to Fox and said "Hello, how are you today. You seem like a pretty tough guy, why don't you stand up to me? You'll survive, if you avoid me"

Fox didn't move.

"Fine" said Falco, he bended down and whispered in Fox's ear "You're a yellow-belly"

Fox twitched a little, but didn't twitch enough for Falco to see. Falco turned to Link.

"Hello, green boy" said Falco "That's it, you're a green boy, you're so green, you make cacti look yellow. Doesn't that make you mad? I bet it does, now, will you let me kill you?"

Link didn't move.

"Fine, greeny" said Falco.

He walked over to Kirby and said "What do we have here? A pink…ball… of… chewing gum. You look fat! You look like you eat a lot! All that fat could end you life sooner or later, let me end it now so you wouldn't go through the trouble later, what do you say?"

Kirby didn't move.

"Alright, gum" said Falco

He walked over to Krystal and said "Such a fine lady. You know, people pay women respect, I don't, however. Such, blue fur, how'd you get it? Did you fall into blue paint or something? You're so blue, you should be where you belong, in a freak show! But no, I guess you don't want that, so, I'll kill you so you won't have to worry. What do you say? Show or gun? But, you know, I've always wanted a target. If you let me kill you, I'll use your body as one. How does that sound, blue girl?"

Krystal started shivering in fear, but didn't move.

"Fine" said Falco "I'll just let the freak show know that there's a blue……… What's this?"

He walked over to the hamster and said "Look at this guy! He's drunk! Ruined! Dead to the world! Well, I'll make this guy dead period!"

Falco started to take out his gun, but a frog stopped him and said "Stop! Why do you do this?"

Falco put away his gun and walked over to the frog and said "Tell me, what's your name?"

"Uh…" the frog started sweating "S-Slippy, sir"

"Slippy, eh?" said Falco "Well, let me tell you something, Slippy"

Falco put his arm around Slippy and said "Life is short, it's very short. Let me explain…"

Falco started walking out of the salon with Slippy talking to him about life. It got to the point where they were out of the bar.

Falco continued "… What I mean is… life… it's like a vapor, it sucks, I know, but you've got to get used to it. So…"


"See you guys later" said Falco as he walked off leaving Slippy on the road, dead.

Fox, Link, Kirby, and Krystal took a deep breath of relief.

"Man, that was close" said Fox

"Ah, the poor fellow, I feel sorry for him" said Link

"I'm just glad it wasn't me" said Krystal

"Hey, man, you almost got shot by Falco" said Knuckles to the hamster "You're pretty lucky, that frog saved your life"

The hamster didn't move

"Uh… who is he?" asked Krystal

"A guy who was drunk when he got here" said Kirby

"Well, we can't just leave him here" said Krystal

"You're right, Krystal" said Knuckles "Help me take him to the back"

They took the hamster by the feet and legs and carried him outside a shed in the back of the salon. Knuckles opened the door and said "Hey, thanks for helping me, you guys"

"No problem, Knuckles" said Fox "Okay, on three"

They started swinging the hamster back and forth on the rhythm "One… Two… THREE!"

They threw the hamster in. Then, they got the dancing water thing and did the same thing. When they did so, Knuckles shut the door.

"Are you going to take care of them?" asked Krystal

"Don't worry" said Knuckles "that's where I put all the drunk people, they'll be up 'n at 'em in the morning"

"Well, I'll see you around" said Fox

"Bye, guys" said Knuckles

They all left the shed.

Inside the shed was the hamster, back to the wall, sleeping. The water boy got up and started dancing, then he ran into five creatures, an Umbreon, an Espeon, a mudkip, a Blazekin, and a Treeko, sitting around a fire and they were all wearing cowboy hats.

"Well, look what the cat dragged in" said Umbreon

"Dude, he can totally dance" said Espeon

"Can you join us in this camp fire" said Skipper

"Don't mind if I do" said the water boy

Hours passed, the water boy made friends with the drunk Pokemon, they sang "For he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good felloooooooooow, that no one can deny!"

It was getting nightfall; Knuckles threw in another drunk outlaw. He was a blue hedgehog, wearing white gloves, red shoes, a vest similar to the hamster's, and he was wearing a cowboy hat also similar to the hamster's.

The hedgehog got up and said "I'm not drunk! I'm fine!"

"Sit down" said Knuckles "You're in for the night"

"Aw, whatever!" said the hedgehog sitting down.

Five minuets passed:

The hamster leaned on the hedgehog.

"Yep, this is a pretty dawgon life, ain't it" said the hedgehog

Then, the hedgehog started shoving the hamster until he started moving.

The hamster moaned.

"You awake?" asked the hedgehog.

The hamster opened his eyes and saw the hedgehog.

"Wha… where am I?" asked the hamster

"You're in a shed, and you were pretty drunk" said the hedgehog

The hamster got up and put his hand on his head and said "I remember coming to this town and… what? I can't remember… everything went blank"

"Man, you must've had a wild ride" said the hedgehog "My name is Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog"

"Hello, Sonic" said the hamster "My name is Hamtaro, and that water person singing with those other guys, that's Amoeba"

"Nice to meet you, Hamtaro" said Sonic

"What time is it?" asked Hamtaro

"Late, very late" said Sonic "I come from unknown parts, and I don't know my past. I think I was born in the west and I was raised……… by a cactus. Well, anyway, I roam the west to see what needs to be seen"

"I've got the same past, just that, I wasn't raised by a cactus or anything but," said Hamtaro "I met Amoeba on my travels, and we travel the west to find what needs to be found. Anyway, we come to town, any town, and start getting supplies for our travels. Amoeba and I have our eyes set on the horizon, how far does this land go? We want to find out, so we keep going and going and going"

"Well, I've never been to this town before" said Sonic "I bet you haven't either"

"Well, I get around, but not here"

"Yeah, well, I don't know about you, but how long were you drunk?"

"I wasn't drunk, I was pre-drunk, meaning, I get drunk before I attempt to get drunk, it happens sometimes"

"How do you do that?"

"Must be a mental thing, but, whatever it is, I know about it"

Hamtaro got up.

"Hey, where you going, cowboy?" asked Sonic

"To find an inn, come on, Amoeba" said Hamtaro

"Aw, but I just got here" said Amoeba

"Come on, we need to find an inn" said Hamtaro

"Aw, just five more minuets" said Amoeba

"Fine" said Hamtaro

Hamtaro wobbled out of the shed, he was still drunk… er, I mean, pre-drunk. He walked out in the starry night and went up to the building, and it had a sign above the overhand that said "Bank" but Hamtaro's vision was poor so he couldn't read it. Hamtaro stood there, trying to read the sign.

Inside was Falco, having to guns in his hand and at the other side of a counter was two bankers, Oxnard and Bijou; they had their hands up in the air.

"Keep 'em up high!" said Falco "I want to see them in the air when I take the money"

Then, suddenly, the door slammed open, it was Hamtaro, and he was leaning on the door frame, had his head drooping and he was still drunk.

"Hey!" said Hamtaro "Does anyone know what that sign up there says?"

"Um… this is a bank" said Oxnard

"Oh, alright" said Hamtaro

"Alright, now hand over the money and don't stop me!" said Falco

Oxnard handed him the bags of money.

"Isn't anyone going to stop that bandit?" asked Bijou.

"I'll just be on my way" said Falco

"Huh?" said Hamtaro lifting his head.

Falco started to leave, but the hamster wasn't at the door frame.

"Whatever" said Falco continuing on.

"Where you going with that money?" said a voice

"Eh?" Falco looked around and saw Hamtaro on the wall left of the door frame.

"That's right, you" said Hamtaro

"Why shouldn't I?" asked Falco

"Because, that money doesn't belong to you and it's wrong" said Hamtaro

"Who's going to stop me?" asked Falco

"I will" said Hamtaro

"Oh yeah?" said Falco "Do you know who I am? I've killed many men, conquered many towns, stole from many banks, and not once have been caught"

"So?" said Hamtaro

"You dare stand up against Falco?" asked Falco

"Try me" said Hamtaro

There was a long pause.

"Fine, you win" said Falco dropping the money

Falco started to walk out but turned around and said "I will be back, and I won't let you stop me"

Then, Falco walked off.

"Wow" said Oxnard "You stood up to Falco! And you kept him from robbing us, thanks!"

"You were so brave!" said Bijou "What is your name?"

"Hamtaro" said Hamtaro

"Well, thank you, Hamtaro" said Bijou "Is there any way we can repay you?"

"Well, you can start by pointing out where the inn is" said Hamtaro

"It's just across the street" said Oxnard "But it's closed right now but, you can get a reservation for however long you plan on staying here in the morning"

"I am so sorry" said Bijou

"It's alright" said Hamtaro "I can just sleep in the shed I just got out of until morning, I'll find out what's going on tomorrow"

"Okay, good night, Hamtaro" said Oxnard "My name is Oxnard, by the way, I run the bank, and this is my assistant, Bijou"

"A pleasure to meet someone like you" said Bijou

"Pleasure to meet you, too" said Hamtaro "Well, good night"

Hamtaro walked over to the shed and went in, there he saw the pokemon, Amoeba, and Sonic sleeping. Hamtaro sat down on a wall, pulled down his hat, and went to sleep. That night, he had a strange dream. A voice echoed through his mind.

"I've been waiting for you, chosen one" said the voice

Then, morning struck and the door opened. The light beaming on everybody woke up everyone.

"Whoa, talk about a wake up call" said Sonic rubbing his eyes

"Alright, rise and shine everybody" said Knuckles "Everybody up, come down to the salon, I'll give you free breakfast"

Everybody got up, got to know each other, went to the salon, and was served their free breakfast. Hamtaro, Amoeba, and Sonic were sitting down at the same table, and the drunk pokemon were at the table next to them.

"I had this weird dream last night" said Hamtaro

"What about?" asked Sonic

"I don't know, I thought I was still awake" said Hamtaro "It was all black like my eyes were closed, but I heard this voice it said 'I've been waiting for you, chosen one' and then, morning struck"

"Weird" said Amoeba "I've never had that kind of dream before"

"Well, neither have I" said Sonic

"Well, it certainly can't be a drunken haze" said Umbreon "We've been drunk ever since we got here, which was about, I don't know, months ago"

"Yeah" said Skipper the Mudkip "We've been here a lot, too"

"Totally, dude" said Espeon "Dreams are random, you don't know what could like, come to you"

"I was cured from my pre-drunkness so, I guess it wasn't a drunken haze" said Hamtaro

Then, the door opened, it was Fox, Link, Kirby, and Krystal.

"… And that's why I'm not at the bank" said Krystal "Someone kept Falco from robbing it"

"Whoa, who would stand up to Falco?" said Fox "that's hard to believe… hey, isn't that the hamster at the bar we saw yesterday?"

They sat down next to Hamtaro

"Greetings, friend" said Link "You were very drunk yesterday"

"Are you alright?" asked Krystal

"Yeah, I'm fine" said Hamtaro "You know me?"

"Yeah" said Kirby "We walked into the bar and saw you drunk, then, Falco came in and almost killed you, that frog saved you life"

"Falco" said Hamtaro "Wasn't he the one who almost robbed the bank last night"

"Yes" said Krystal

"So, it wasn't a dream" said Hamtaro "Those guys are lucky I came along, I told him to stop and he walked away"

"That was you?" asked Krystal "You stopped Falco?"

"He what?" asked Knuckles

"He stopped Falco from robbing a bank" said Fox

"Oh, you've got a lot of guts to stand up to him" said Knuckles

"You'd be surprised" said Hamtaro

"Well, my name is Fox McCloud" said Fox

"I am Link" said Link

"I'm Kirby" said Kirby

"My name is Krystal" said Krystal

"Well, my name is Hamtaro" said Hamtaro

"I'm Amoeba" said Amoeba

"And I'm Sonic the Hedgehog" said Sonic

"You don't mind if we sit here, do you?" asked Fox

"Go ahead" said Hamtaro

After breakfast was served to them, Hamtaro, Sonic, Amoeba, Fox, Link, Kirby, and Krystal walked out of the salon, and Umbreon, Espeon, Skipper the mudkip, Blazekin, and Treeko remained at the bar for drinks.

They were walking through the town talking.

"… but, I don't know" said Krystal "No matter how hard I try, I still can't pay off the loan, that's why I work at the bank a little bit"

"Man, I feel sorry for you, Krystal" said Sonic "It must be hard to be poor"

"Where do you sleep anyway?" asked Hamtaro

"She lives in the inn with us" said Fox

"Inn? Oh yeah that reminds me, I've got to get to the inn to get a reservation" said Hamtaro

"Feel free to" said Kirby "It's right there"

They walked into the inn and got their reservation.

"So, how long you staying" said the inn keeper

"Until I decide to leave" said Hamtaro "But, I don't know when that is"

"Right, and the other two?"

"Um… they're with me"

"Right, here's your key"

The inn keeper gave Hamtaro the key to their room. They went to the room to check it out. It looked like it hadn't been used in a while, dusty beds, cobwebs, holes, ants, spiders, moss, and loose change.

"Nice" said Hamtaro

"It isn't much" said Fox "The funds were running low so they had to built it quickly"

"Do you need us to help you unpack?" asked Krystal

"Don't need to" said Sonic "I've got what I've got on my back"

"Same goes for Amoeba and I" said Hamtaro

"Okay" said Fox "Ours is down the hall if you need us"

"But beware when you walk these halls" said Link "For the third floor is forbidden"

"Aren't we on the third floor?" asked Sonic

"Ah, yes, forgive me" said Link "The fourth floor is forbidden"

"Okay" said Hamtaro "We'll be careful"

"Alright" said Fox "So, Krystal, shouldn't you be getting to the bank?"

"No, I'm free" said Krystal "Thanks to Hamtaro, I don't get to work today"

"Okay, so, do you mind showing us around?" asked Sonic

"Okay" said Kirby

They walked out of the in. When they did, Hamtaro noticed something, it was a sign with Falco's picture on it that said "Wanted, Falco Lombardi, Reward: Anything!"

Then, Hamtaro caught up with the others and said "Hey, guys, who is Falco?"

"Oh, him?" asked Fox "He's an outlaw from who knows where. He came to this town 2 years ago; no one could stop them even if they tried. He robbed banks, murdered people, even killed the sheriff, even today, no one would take the sheriff's place because of Falco"

"And it's mostly because of him that I work at the bank" said Krystal "Cleaning up after his mess, and trying to get the money back, it's a nightmare"

"So, how do Fox, Link, and Kirby get paid" said Sonic

"We… don't have a job yet" said Fox

"Knuckles is generous enough to get us free meals if we help him clean up the drunk people" said Link

"Yeah, and he's provided the inn for us to live in" said Kirby

"It wasn't like that before Falco got here, except Krystal, she was always poor" said Fox "But, anyway, my father was the sheriff that Falco killed, so, it wasn't always like this"

"Things have gone downhill ever since he came along" said Kirby

"Well, I won't let him get away with this" said Hamtaro

"That's what they all say" said Fox "But they wind up dead sooner or later"

"That's the way it's been with me a lot, and I'm still here" said Hamtaro

"How can you say such a thing if you do not have a gun?" asked Link

"I have my ways" said Hamtaro

"So does Falco" said Fox

"Well, when it comes to me, I like to come and go and do what's done" said Sonic "I live a carefree life with the west"

"Well, good luck with Falco" said Krystal

Then, there was a scream.

"… Speaking of…" said Fox

"That came from the bank!" said Krystal

"Come on, Amoeba, let's go!" said Hamtaro

"Wait up!" said Sonic

"Come on, let's go!" said Fox

"Let's wait here and see what happens" said Kirby

"Let's go!" said Fox pulling Kirby

They all raced to the bank and there was Falco at it again.

"I told you two I'd be back, and I am" said Falco "Now, hand over the money"

"But, I…" said Oxnard


"Where is he?" asked Bijou

"Heh, looks like he chickened out" said Falco "I should have known he was just playing. After all, who would stand up against me?"

"Don't you remember the answer I gave you about the same question last night?" said a voice

"Hamtaro!" said Bijou

"And Amoeba" said Amoeba

"And Sonic the Hedgehog" said Sonic

"So, you've brought in reinforcements" said Falco "Ha! You're a coward, none of you even has a gun!"

"I don't need a gun to take you out" said Hamtaro

"Well, one shot is all it takes" said Falco clicking his gun

Then, Sonic sped over and kicked Falco in the stomach, thus making him drop his gun.

"That's a shot you won't make" said Sonic

"Oh, you little…" said Falco getting up

Then, Amoeba turned into a puddle and made Falco slip. Then, Hamtaro punched Falco in the face, thus making him fall to the floor. Hamtaro put his foot on Falco.

"Give up" said Hamtaro

Then, Falco grabbed Hamtaro's foot and threw him over. The fight went on. Until Falco said "That's it! This is not fair!"

"Give up?" asked Hamtaro

"Not a chance" said Falco "I'll tell you what, today, at the crack of dawn, we will have a duel, if you defeat me, I'll leave, but if I beat you, I will kill you and continue to torment the town"

Hamtaro started to say "Okay, Falco, I…"

"But!" Falco interrupted "You, my hamster friend, will have to face me alone"

"Okay" said Hamtaro "I accept"

"See you there" said Falco

Falco walked off.

"Well, you once again amaze us, Hamtaro" said Oxnard

"I wasn't alone" said Hamtaro "Amoeba and Sonic helped out a lot"

Fox, Link, Kirby, and Krystal walked into the bank

"Did we miss anything?" asked Fox

"Falco and Hamtaro are going to have a duel in the morning" said Sonic

"A duel!?!" said Link "That is madness, Hamtaro, you do not stand a chance"

"Still" said Hamtaro "Something has to be done, and if no one's going to stand up against him, I will, and I don't care if I die doing so"

"Hamtaro, people have dueled Falco before, none of them lived" said Fox

"Well, I guess Falco will have a first lose, then" said Hamtaro

"You should get ready then" said Sonic

"Alright" said Hamtaro

"Good luck, Hamtaro" said Bijou

"Thanks" said Hamtaro

"So, um… what do we do until then?" asked Krystal

"Just… just clean up this mess, Krystal" said Oxnard

"Alright" said Krystal getting a broom.

Hamtaro, Sonic, and Amoeba went back to the inn to rest. Night struck and they all went to bed. Then, Hamtaro had that dream again.

"Hello, chosen one" said the voice

"Wait, who are you?" asked Hamtaro "And why do you call me 'chosen one'?"

"In time, it will be revealed" said the voice

"Can you at least show yourself?" asked Hamtaro

Then, Hamtaro woke up.

"Hey, Hamtaro" said Sonic "It's time"

"Where's Fox, Link, Kirby, and Krystal?" asked Hamtaro

"They're already up" said Sonic "Everybody's waiting for us, come on!"

Then, Hamtaro, Sonic, and Amoeba got up, got ready, and went outside.

There, Hamtaro went and stood in the middle of the town, wondering what would happen next. Then, Falco came into town. He was ready and had all the guns he could carry with him.

"Alright, hamster, ya ready or what?" said Falco

"I'm ready" said Hamtaro

"Okay, then" said Falco

Sonic walked in and said "Okay, I'll do the counting then"

"Fine" said Falco

"First, shake hand for good luck" said Sonic

"Let's skip that" said Hamtaro

"Alright then" said Sonic "ready…"

There was a long silence.


Falco got out his gun and shot! But then, before the bullet could hit Hamtaro, he whipped out something that deflected the bullet. It was a brown staff. (Similar to the one he uses in my stories).

"Hey, no fair!" said Falco

"Alls fair, let's keep fighting" said Hamtaro

"Fine, I've got tons of guns" said Falco "And you have what? A stick!?! You don't stand a chance!"

"This is more than a stick" said Hamtaro

"Then show me what it can do!" said Falco

"Fine" said Hamtaro

Hamtaro then disappeared, he started running fast! Falco started shooting wildly to hit him, everybody ducked for cover. Then, Hamtaro appeared in front of Falco and knocked him down with his staff. When Falco got up, Hamtaro pointed his staff at him.

"Alright, Falco" said Hamtaro "You've been defeated, now leave this town and never come back!"

"You haven't seen the last of me" said Falco

Falco got up and ran away.

Then, the crowd started cheering wildly. Sonic, Amoeba, Fox, Link, Kirby, Krystal, Oxnard, Bijou, and Knuckles came over to congratulate him.

"You did it, Hamtaro! You saved us!" said Fox

"Great job, Hamtaro!" said Krystal

"You have done well" said Link

"You were so brave" said Bijou

"Couldn't have done it better myself" said Sonic

"That's my partner" said Amoeba

"Hey, guys!" said Knuckles "Free breakfast, on me!"

Then, everybody went to the salon to celebrate. Then, Fox went over and asked Hamtaro "Hey, you guys going after this?"

"Nah" said Hamtaro "I think we'll stay a little longer"

Having said that, Hamtaro, Amoeba, and Sonic stayed in the town a little longer with their new friends.

Keep checking for updates for more adventure with my stories in the west!