Falco's Last Stand

Everybody remained on guard for Falco's next attack. But three days passed and Falco had not returned. Has Falco given in? That's what everyone wondered. As time passed, however, Fox, Link, Kirby, Krystal, and the other people were worried that Hamtaro, Sonic, and Amoeba would soon leave the town, but they remained, for they were too smart, well, maybe not Amoeba, but, they knew Falco would be back soon.

Hamtaro was in his room waiting for something to happen, when Fox came in.

"Hey, Hamtaro" said Fox "You leaving soon"

"We don't know" said Hamtaro "We're going to stay just to be sure"

"Okay" said Fox

"Why did you ask?" said Hamtaro

"Oh, it's nothing"

"Come on"

"Well…… We haven't had outlaws like you here before, and you've been good friends with us, and, if you leave, we couldn't see you again"

"Well, it's just that… you see… we have a goal in life"

"Oh, the west, right"


"What's the west like?"

"You've only spent three days of what the west is like. Imagine spending your entire life there"

"Man, that must be harsh"

"Not to us. It goes in a pattern. When Amoeba and I are traveling, we keep going west, and run into a town if we see one. We gather supplies from that town and continue on. When we run low on supplies, which is very rare, we pray for a town to pop up. We've been though harmful Indians, dust storms, even the worst thugs in the west. We call the west our home, but when you go live like us, it takes a while to get used to. But, we've gone too far to stop"

"Well, you guys can… well… uh…"

"When Falco gets out of town, we'll think about it"

"He hasn't come up recently"

"Yeah, and it's getting pretty scary. Well, I'm going to see what's going on with the others"

Hamtaro and Fox got up and walked out of the inn, then they tried to find something to do. When they were on their way out, Hamtaro noticed something on the salon, it was a paper that said:

Help Wanted

What: Take over Charsville

Where: That little camp outside the town

When: Tonight

Reward: I'll Think About Not Killing You

Who: The Baddest, Weirdest, Raunchiest Smelling Thugs in the West

Signed: Falco Lombardi

This was big, Hamtaro showed Fox and they both thought that this wasn't good.

"This isn't good" said Fox "What do we do?"

"They need help, don't they?" said Hamtaro

"Yeah, but what do we do?"

"I've got an idea" said Hamtaro "I'm going to disguise myself as a thug and see what Falco is planning, you wish me luck"

"Okay, Hamtaro" said Fox "It's tonight, so, you should get ready"

Hamtaro agreed and he got ready. He dressed up as a thug and waited for night to fall. Then, he hurried out of town and found a camp with a lot of thugs, and there stood Falco on a stand giving his speech.

"… So, he said 'what gives?" said Falco "Then the farmer replied 'that's not a duck! That's one ugly person" Everyone laughed "Okay, okay, here's one last one: There's this guy who works at the office and was thinking about Canadians, so then he reply's 'The only thing in Canada is hockey and ugly women' then, his boss comes around and says 'my wife's from Canada' and the guys says 'oh really…… uh… what position does she play?" then they all laughed "Okay, jokes aside, let's get on with it. You see this?" Falco held up a piece of paper "This is my college degree in being a lawyer. So, I'm an official lawyer. Having said that, I know the law, and I know how to deal with it. Legally, if the town has no sheriff, then that town is legally up for grabs. In order for one to obtain it, though, is for one to have an army that outnumbers the people. We will settle this in court, and if it doesn't go my way, the town will have until sundown to get a new sheriff, and by that time, we can legally take the town by force! Now let's get on with it!"

Hamtaro now knew what Falco was up to, he was going to take the town in a legal way. If he took over the town, oh, the horrors that await his friends. The very thought brought Hamtaro into grief, but he tried to hide it. Then, Hamtaro sneezed and his fake mustache that he was wearing came off. Everybody looked at him. Then, a thug bent over and picked up his mustache and looked at Hamtaro square in the eye.

"Dropped yer 'stache" said the thug giving it to Hamtaro

"Oh, uh" said Hamtaro "Thanks fer picken' it up, ya'll. M' 'stache always falls off my dawgon face. I'm a-gonna get it glued on afterwards"

"Good night everybody" said Falco

Falco laid down on the stage, got a blanked, pillow, and teddy bear and went to sleep. Everybody around Hamtaro fell to the ground and did the same. Hamtaro snuck out without anyone noticing.

Then, the thug that picked up Hamtaro's fake mustache woke up and said "Wait a dagblam minute! There's no Nashville in Massachusetts!"

Hamtaro raced back to the town and rushed into the inn to wake Sonic and Amoeba up.

"GUYS! GUYS! WAKE UP!" said Hamtaro

"What is it, Hamtaro?" asked Sonic

"I'm trying to sleep" said Amoeba "I was dreaming of going to Disney world"

"Sorry to wake you up, but I've got important news" said Hamtaro

"In the morning" said Sonic

"No, now" said Hamtaro

Hamtaro told Amoeba and Sonic what Falco was planning.

"… and if he fails in court, he's going to use his army to take over the town by force"

"Tomorrow?" asked Sonic

"Yes" said Hamtaro

"When?" asked Amoeba

"I don't know" said Hamtaro

"We'll just have to go to court tomorrow to straighten things out" said Sonic "And when he fails, we'll be waiting for him"

"No, you don't understand" said Hamtaro "Falco has an entire army of thugs, we don't know if we can handle them"

"I do" said Sonic

"What if Hamtaro's right?" asked Amoeba

"We'll come up with a back-up plan" said Sonic "Now, we'll sleep on it"

They all went to sleep. Then, the next morning, they received word that Falco was in court for the town. They went to court immediately. There, they found the jury, the court, and Falco standing in front, holding that claim in the air.

"… I tell ya!" said Falco "I claim this town! This town has no sheriff. No sheriff means this town is up for grabs, and I'm taking it!"

"Well…" said the judge

"And if you don't, dire consequences will become of all of you!" said Falco

"Well, no sheriff, Falco threats, alright" said The judge "This town hereby belongs to Falco Lombardi"

"I object!" said Hamtaro barging in "He has no right to! This should be the people's decision"

"Very well" said the judge "if that is the case, then, this town does not belong to Falco and never will be"

"Alright" said Falco "We'll have to deal with this the hard way, then. I'll just get my army and be back"

Falco out of the court.

"Oh, what will we do?" asked the judge "Falco's army will be here soon and destroy our town. What are we going to do?"

"We'll do something about it" said Sonic

"Yeah" said Amoeba "We've been through a lot, we can deal with these guys"

"No, guys" said Hamtaro "There are thousands of thugs that Falco has, there's no way we'll stand up to them……… We can't, but maybe, everyone can!"

"What are you saying?" asked the judge

"Everyone in the town can form together and push out Falco's army" said Hamtaro "For I believe that if someone were to take the town by force, the people of that town should decide on whether to let them or to fight back"

"It's crazy" said the judge "What does the jury say?"

The jury started saying words at random. Then, once they stopped, someone stood up and said "Well, we have no choice, fight back, or lose our town"

"Then it is settled" said the judge "I command everyone in this town to band together and fight back at once"

Everyone cheered and Hamtaro, Amoeba, and Sonic walked out of the court to meet the others at the salon. They explained everything.

"We're all going to fight back?" said Fox "All of us?"

"Yes, all of us" said Hamtaro

"All of us, meaning us in the salon, right?" said Fox

"Correct, plus the rest of the town" said Hamtaro

"What?" said Krystal "We can't all fight back, why not just the ones who has a weapon at least"

"Because, even with all of us who bear arms combined is not enough to push back Falco's army" said Hamtaro "We could use the extra hand"

"Yeah, besides, it'll be fun!" said Sonic

"I haven't hit anything with my gun yet" said Fox "How can I have the skills to fight them?"

"You have plenty of skills, Fox" said Sonic "After all, there's plenty to go around"

"Cool!" said Kirby "I'm going to fight a bunch of them! I'm going to kill the most!"

"That's the kind of attitude we need" said Hamtaro

"Fox, I don't know" said Krystal "I'm not needed, I don't have any weapons… I… I… Fox, I'm scared!"

"Don't be, Krystal" said Fox "I'll make sure you won't get hurt. I promise"

"Oh, Fox" said Krystal blushing

"Right now, we don't have time for that" said Sonic "Afterwards, you can get into stuff like that"

"Sonic, I know you're in without a doubt" said Hamtaro

"Are you kidding me? Why would you ask such a stupid question?" said Sonic "Yeah, I'm in! And I'm going to kick some serious butt!"

"We shall gather, and meet everyone" said Link "For we must be ready for the battle at hand"

"I'm coming with you" said Knuckles "I'm a black belt and I can crack some heads if I can, and maybe hang a few in my salon for memories of pride"

"It's been a while since we've seen any real action" said Umbreon "But with everyone helping, I'm sure we can get a clue and get our skills back"

"What are we waiting for? Let's go!" said Sonic "Everyone's waiting!"

Everyone got ready and went outside and saw a massive group of people with pitch-forks, knives, and spoons, yelling random words. Then, Hamtaro came up and silenced them all.

"Alright, everyone" said Hamtaro "Good morning. Today is a day to be long remembered in Charsville. Everyone, good and bad, tall and small, little and great, and so on and so forth, will be fighting against an enemy who's been haunting you for two years, Falco. Now, some of you may die, but we will fight, until Falco, and each and every other thug that he brings, lies dead! Now get ready for a battle that will be remembered throughout history!"

Hamtaro got down and everyone stood still. Then, they saw Falco's army in the horizon riding to the town. Then, they all stopped in front of the people. There was a long pause.

"Well, well, well, what have we here?" said Falco emerging from the army "The entire town thinks they can beat all of us at the same time"

Hamtaro emerged from the crowd and said "Alright, Falco, this is it, no running, no cowering, no crying, this is a fight until you, me, all of your army, or all of our army are killed"

Then, a referee emerged from the crowed and said "Alright you two, shake hands for good luck"

"Screw that, zebra" said Falco

"Fine" said the referee "no crying, no foul play, no peeing, no eating, no smoking, no rabbit-punching, no time outs, and…"

"Uh… this is a battle" said Hamtaro

"Aw the heck with it" said the referee "FREE FOR ALL!"

He blew the whistle and everyone flew towards each other, screaming at the top of their lungs, and started battling. The battle raged on. Then, Falco decided to sneak away. Hamtaro spotted Falco and ran after him. He stopped in front of Falco, wound his staff in the air for a shot, and said "Where do you thing you're going?"

"Nowhere" said Falco

Then, he pulled out a gun and tried to shoot Hamtaro, but he shot Hamtaro's staff out of his hand. Hamtaro was defenseless.

"Hamtaro!" said Fox running out of the crowd, but the crowd crowded him, so Fox got out his gun and said "Catch!"

Fox threw his gun, Hamtaro tried to catch it, but he missed and it landed in between him and Falco. Falco pointed his gun at Hamtaro and said "Don't move an inch. It's the end for you"

Then, he shot at Hamtaro, but Hamtaro flipped in the air, landed on the gun with his hand, pushed himself in the air again with the gun in his hand over Falco, landed behind him, Falco turned around and Hamtaro shot him.

"Oh!" said Falco grabbing his wound "You got me, partner" he fell to the ground, Hamtaro ran up to him "You're better than I thought, Hamtaro. Maybe I underestimated you. Now, it's the end of me. Signora, sucker!"

Falco died, then, everyone looked back and stopped and saw Falco was dead. Everyone from Charsville cheered. Sonic, Amoeba, Fox, Link, Kirby, and the pokemon went up to see it.

"You did it, Hamtaro!" said Sonic "You killed the bad guy!"

"Yep" said Hamtaro "We all did it"

"The battle is over" said Link "Victory is ours"

"Hamtaro!" said Bijou running up to Hamtaro "You were great! I want to thank you!"

Bijou gave Hamtaro a kiss on the mouth.

"You're welcome, Bijou" said Hamtaro

"You mean, it's over?" said Krystal "We've won? We can live in peace now?"

"That's right, Krystal" said Fox "We both can live in a town without fear"

"Oh, Fox" said Krystal kissing Fox

"Well, now what?" said Sonic

"We celebrate, that's what!" said Knuckles

Everyone started to celebrate, and all the thugs were thrown in jail. A few hours later, everyone gathered in the town, and Hamtaro, Amoeba, Sonic, and the mayor was standing on the platform.

"Without these heroes" said the mayor "We would have never been able to come this far… So, Hamtaro, I assign you as sheriff of Charsville"

"Sorry, mayor" said Hamtaro "I can't accept this. I've got other things I have to do"

"What?" said the mayor

"Me and Amoeba and Sonic have our eyes on a goal, and we're going to accomplish it" said Hamtaro "but, instead, you should make someone else sheriff, someone who was by our side no matter what, all the way, eh, Fox?"

Everyone looked at Fox.

"Me?" said Fox

"Fox was always with us no matter what" said Hamtaro

"Yeah, and he sure can kick some tail, too!" said Sonic

Fox went up to the platform.

"In that case, then I assign Fox McCloud as sheriff of Charsville" said the mayor giving Fox a badge.

Everyone cheered. Krystal came up to the platform and kissed Fox.

A few hours later at the inn:

Hamtaro and Amoeba were packing their things, and Fox walked in.

"Hey, Hamtaro, Amoeba" said Fox "You guys leaving?"

"Yeah" said Hamtaro "We've got a goal to settle right now, so, Amoeba and I are going to continue off"

"Yeah, so, we got to go" said Amoeba

"What about, Bijou, Hamtaro?" said Fox "She has the hots for you"

"I know, but… don't worry, we'll be back someday" said Hamtaro

"We promise" said Amoeba

"Bye, Fox" said Hamtaro

"Good-bye, Hamtaro" said Fox shaking his paw

They walked over to Link.

"Bye, Link" said Hamtaro

"Farewell, my friends" said Link

They walked over to Kirby.

"Bye, Kirby" said Hamtaro

"Bye, guys" said Kirby as tears filled his eyes

They walked over to Krystal

"Bye, Krystal" said Hamtaro

"Good-bye" said Krystal giving Hamtaro a hug

They walked over to Knuckles

"Bye, Knuckles" said Amoeba

"See ya, Amoeba" said Knuckles

They walked over to the pokemon

"Bye, guys" said Hamtaro

"Man, I hate good-byes" said Umbreon

They went to the bank.

"Good bye, Oxnard" said Hamtaro "Bye, Bijou"

"Good bye, guys" said Oxnard

"Good bye, Hamtaro" said Bijou kissing Hamtaro

They went to the scarecrow.

"I'm going to miss you the most, scarecrow" said Amoeba hugging the scarecrow. The scarecrow's head fell off.

They said good-bye to everyone else and found Sonic.

"Where you guys going?" asked Sonic

"West, Sonic, west" said Hamtaro

"Yeah, I should get going, too" said Sonic

"Come on, Sonic" said Hamtaro "We both have the same goals, why don't you come with us?"

"Love to" said Sonic.

They all started to head off into the sunset.

"Glad to have you with us, Sonic" said Amoeba

"Yeah" said Sonic "Hey, guys, after we go west, where do we go?"

"I don't know" said Hamtaro

"There's always East" said Sonic "Then North, and South"

"Yeah!" said Amoeba "Let's go West!"

Everyone waved good-bye to them as they left.

"Yeah, maybe we'll come back, someday" said Hamtaro



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