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Ok, imagine an enormous, big, fluffy thing. Then dip the edge of it in the bottomless sea of teenage angst. Then slap in on a plate and its ready to serve! That's this story.

WARNING: this story contains so much shounenai fluff you might get CONSUMED!

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A Means of Communication
Chyaputa 1: Instant Messaging
Yugi slammed the door to his bedroom hastily behind him, trying to put as many walls between him and his grandfather as possible. Inevitably however, there came the familiar sharp voice of the old man from the foot of the stairs.

"Yugi! You better get your homework done before you go online! I mean it! I don't want you staying up all night!" Yugi rolled his eyes tiredly.

"Don't worry, Jii-chan!" he called through the door, having absolutely no intention of following his guardian's advice.

The teenage boy looked around his room and sighed with relief, breathing in the familiar musty scent of fossilized gum and unwashed socks. Finally he was in his sanctuary again, away from his teachers and the bullies at school and especially his overly-caring mother and grandfather. Not that he didn't love his family very much, it would just be nice if they would learn to trust him a little bit more to manage his own life instead of pestering him all the time.

Yugi let his school bag fall from his shoulders onto the floor, school assignments and worksheets temporarily forgotten as they scattered across his carpet.

On the walls of his room were more than half a dozen posters, all picturing one specific hard rock band called Descendants of Ra. Most of the posters were devoted to one person in particular. He was Atemu, the lead singer of the Descendants of Ra, and he was the center of Yugi's small world. The teenager had an especially large picture of the rock idol on the ceiling above his bed, clad in a costume of black leather, several draping belts and a single, heavy, silver chain around his neck. Yugi stared dreamily up at his god, purple eyes clouding over in rapture.

In his mind there was no other specimen of ultimate human perfection. To say that he was obsessed would be an understatement. Besides fawning day and night over his gorgeous features and his voice as smooth and deep as melted chocolate, Yugi had gone so far as to copy Atemu's own hairstyle although he had never actually gotten his golden bangs to stick up all the way. He knew he could never look exactly like Atemu. The rock star's eyes were red, dark and enticing, while Yugi's purple ones were too round making him look five years younger than he actually was. His scrawny figure and limited height didn't help either, any more than it helped keep the bullies and taunters away from him at school.

After a few minutes of his daily admiration, Yugi finally returned to his senses.

"That's right, Ryou will be online today," he reminded himself, dashing to his computer.

Ryou was his best friend and Yugi had been begging him to get an Instant Messaging address so they could talk together outside of school without his mom or his grandfather eves-dropping on their phone conversations in the next room. The white haired teenager had claimed that technology was too complicated but Yugi had finally managed to convince him.

Yugi got onto the internet and loaded his favorite web page. It was an entire site devoted to fans of Descendants of Ra. It had pages and pages of pictures of the band, which Yugi drooled over, and updates of where the band currently was on their international tour. Yugi's favorite part was the forums, where strangers from every corner of the globe could talk about the band, or fight about it. He had once got into a heated debate with another fan about whether the band lip-synced during their concerts.

Yugi signed onto his own name and looked at his watch.

It was 6:34. Ryou had said he would try to be on at 6:30.

'Now, what did he say his name was?' Yugi pondered. 'Something… noOji, right?' Yugi searched the various live discussion groups for anyone who had a name similar to that.

"Ah! There!" Yugi exclaimed out loud. The name "YaminoOji676" appeared under a discussion about the band's latest single. YaminoOji676 hadn't said anything the whole conversation. That sounded like Ryou, after all he wasn't nearly as interested in Descendants of Ra as Yugi was.

Yugi right clicked on the name and opened up a private dialog box. "Hey, I was wondering when you'd get here," Yugi typed as the words appeared on the computer screen beside his name "GemuMasuta52". A few moments later Ryou responded.

YaminoOji676: hello

Yugi, excited, typed back a response.

GemuMasuta52: This is so awesome! You have IM! Cool name 2!

GemuMasuta52: Now we can talk without my grandfather over hearing our conversations!

There was no response. Yugi figured Ryou was a slow typer so he wrote some more.

GemuMasuta52: Wasn't that test today hard? I can't believe Midori-sensei sprung that on us last minute

GemuMasuta52: I didn't even study. bet I failed. how'd you do?

There was another long pause. Yugi frowned perplexed, staring impatiently at the screen. Had Ryou left without even telling him?

GemuMasuta52: Hello? Are you there?

Again, there was no response.

GemuMasuta52: Hellooooo?

GemuMasuta52: Hey! I'm talking to you!

Yugi was just starting to get annoyed when Ryou finally wrote back.

YaminoOji676: Who are you?

Yugi blinked. Couldn't Ryou tell it was him? Who else would it be?

GemuMasuta52: relax, it's Yugi

GemuMasuta52: The person you've known since 1st grade!

YaminoOji676: I don't know anybody named Yugi

Yugi frowned again and typed faster, getting irritated.

GemuMasuta52: stop joking. I know its you. You gave me this IM address today right before you left from school

YaminoOji676: Look, I don't know who you are so stop talking to me

Why was Ryou acting so rude? Surely he couldn't be this paranoid. Yugi was about to respond again when another window appeared at the side his computer screen. Curious, he dragged it over.

HikarinoOji390: Hi Yugi!

HikarinoOji390: Sorry it took so long to find you

Yugi paused, fingers hovering over the keys, very confused

GemuMasuta52: Who's this?

HikarinoOji390: It's Ryou

Yugi froze, brain contemplating slowly.

"Oh shit!" he squeaked, covering his mouth with his hands.

"Is there something going on up there?" his grandfather shouted from downstairs.

"No! Nothing!" Yugi cried hastily back, immediately jumping back on the keys desperately.

GemuMasuta52: Shit shit shit!!

HikarinoOji390: What?

GemuMasuta52: I've been talking to this guy who I thought was you!

HikarinoOji390: Oops

GemuMasuta52: What am I supposed to do!?!

HikarinoOji390: Apologize?


Atemu glared at the screen, red eyes narrowed. He thought he recognized the screen name "GemuMasuta", the person must have been a frequent visitor to the forum. Atemu seemed to recall "GemuMasuta" defending the theory that he wrote his own songs in a separate conversation. But why had this person started talking to him? It was probably some crazy fangirl, or guy for all he knew. Atemu frowned as GemuMasuta typed back.

GemuMasuta52: Stop joking. I know its you. You gave me this name today right before you left from school

This was ridiculous. Atemu didn't even go to a school, who did this freak think he was talking too?

YaminoOji676: Look, I don't know who you are so stop talking to me

There was a long pause. Atemu's frown relaxed slightly. Maybe this fan had finally gotten the hint and given up.

The walls of the fancy hotel suite Atemu was staying in began to quiver under the wrath of the screaming guitar cords that came crashing out of the speakers in the next room. With the place being to expensive, Atemu had hoped the rooms would be a more sound proof, unfortunately that didn't seem to be the case.

"Bakura, would you turn it the fuck down!?!" Atemu shouted angrily.

"I'm practicing! Go fuck yourself!" his friend shouted harshly back at him. Atemu sighed and stuffed foam plugs back into his ears. They itched and were extremely uncomfortable but anything was better than getting another migraine. Granted Bakura was the best guitar player Atemu had ever met, still his eardrums could only take so much volume.

Meanwhile, the computer chimed, signaling he had another message from his mysterious fan.

GemuMasuta52: OMG! I am soooooooooooo sorry!

GemuMasuta52: I thought you were my friend!

GemuMasuta52: He was getting an IM today and I couldn't remember what it was!

GemuMasuta52: I'm so so so so so so sorry!

Atemu blinked and read the message over again. Grudgingly he typed:

YaminoOji676: Its fine

GemuMasuta52: I'm really really really really sorry

YaminoOji676: Its ok

'What's with this guy?' Atemu thought scratching his scalp and trying to ignore as Bakura made his instrument explore notes only dogs could hear.

GemuMasuta52: I can delete your name right now and never talk to you again if you want

YaminoOji676: Whatever

Atemu sighed. At least that was over. He had been really freaked out for a few moments there. He had thought that this person might have actually known who he was, which, of course, would have been disastrous especially on this particular website. If the secret got out that Atemu spent his free time looking at his own fansites, well, he didn't want to imagine how the fans would react after they knew that their favorite rock star was actually watching what they were saying about him online. That was the risk Atemu took however. After all, he enjoyed listening to people compliment him. Sometimes Atemu even added the occasional thought to a conversation himself but that was only rarely.

Either way, that annoying guy wasn't going to bother him anymore. Atemu closed the window to the mysterious crazy fan and looked down at the progress of the dialogue in the chat roomThey were on the subject of his newest song which had just been released to the public last week.

AtemunoHime482: OMG its better than I thought it would be! 

AtemunoKoibito6065: the way Atemu's got that solo (swoon)

AtemunoHime482: I LOVE THAT PART!!!

DaisukigaAtemu93: Atemu writes the most beautiful songs

Then "GemuMasuta52" joined to discussion.

GemuMasuta52: the new single's alright

Atemu blinked. He knew what "alright" meant. The other fans apparently felt the same way.

AtemunoKoibito6065: ALRIGHT? (faints)

AtemunoHime482: OO If by alright you mean AMAZING!

DaisukigaAtemu93: I really like the new song. The lyrics are beautiful

GemuMasuta52: its not like its horrible or anything

GemuMasuta52: I just didn't think it was Atemu's best

Atemu gaped at the computer screen, deeply offended. Not his best? Each song he wrote was as dear as a child to him. There might be the bad egg in the bunch every once in a while but that doesn't mean he wouldn't fight to defend them.

Disconcerted, and perhaps a little curious, Atemu opened up another private chat with GemuMasuta52 and questioned him:

YaminoOji676: Why dont you like it?

Atemu folded his arms waiting for this fan's answer. All the fans liked his new song! It was sensitive and beautiful, just like they wanted. How could this "GemuMasuta52" not like it!

GemuMasuta52: excuse me?

YaminoOji676: Why don't you like the new DOR song?

The rock star drummed his fingers on the surface of his desk, impatient. DOR was short hand people online used for Descendants of Ra. Atemu wasn't quite sure if the fan would even respond but after a few seconds GemuMasuta52 said:

GemuMasuta52: it's a little

GemuMasuta52: I don't know

GemuMasuta52: dry

Atemu scoffed and pounced on his computer keys.

YaminoOji676: Dry?

GemuMasuta52: I mean, its fine but its not that good

GemuMasuta52: Its sweet

YaminoOji676: What's wrong with sweet? It's romantic!

GemuMasuta52: but its too sweet, you know. It doesn't have any real feeling to it

GemuMasuta52: Its just not… realistic

Atemu's mouth dropped open his mouth, forgetting that this fan couldn't see or hear him. He had never thought of his songs being too sweet before.

YaminoOji676: So, do you even like DOR?

Almost immediately the other typed:

GemuMasuta52: Of course I like them!

GemuMasuta52: They're my FAVORITE band! How dare you!

Atemu had to laugh.

GemuMasuta52: Just because I dont approve of one of their songs doesn't mean I don't like them! That's ridiculous!

YaminoOji676: What song do you like then?

Atemu was actually curious now. This fan was… well, interesting, not what he had expected.

GemuMasuta52: Well… I like almost all of them…

YaminoOji676: Almost?

GemuMasuta52: But my favorite song is… Away from Dust

Atemu's eyebrows rose in surprise. That had been one of his first songs. He had wrote that one a long, long time ago back when it had just been Bakura and him on the road with no money, long before they were famous.

YaminoOji676: That's old

GemuMasuta52: I like the old stuff

GemuMasuta52: it sounds… not sadder but more…

There was another pause. Atemu was surprised how eagerly he was waiting for this fan's answer.

GemuMasuta52: complex

GemuMasuta52: Like it doesn't shout out the meaning of the song to you because each the listener can interpret it differently

GemuMasuta52: but I the new stuff is good too

Atemu rested his chin on his palm thoughtfully. Back when the band first began Atemu had spent hours upon hours writing a phrase or noting the correct rhythm or making sure the melody was nothing but perfect. He remembered how Bakura taunted him and called him senile. What had happened to that?

GemuMasuta52: of course, Atemu could sing the ABC's and it would be magnificent

Atemu chuckled. He did have a sexy voice. And typed playfully:

YaminoOji676: Damn straight

GemuMasuta52: lol

GemuMasuta52: Would you like to meet Ryou?

GemuMasuta52: he doesn't know a thing about DOR but he's really nice

Atemu hesitated, staring at the screen. Bakura had started another ear-bleeding guitar solo that made Atemu's head had begun to pound again. This fan was pretty cool, he certainly had good taste anyway. Maybe his friend would be good too. Atemu hesitated and then typed.

YaminoOji676: k

JAPANESE TERMS: Lots of IM names (after all, they are in Japan)

Gemu Masuta: rough Japanese pronunciation of "Game Master"

Yami no Oji: means roughly, "Prince of Darkness"

Hikari no Oji: "Prince of Light"

Atemu no Koibito: "Atemu's Lover"

Atemu no Hime: "Atemu's Princess"

Daisuki ga Atemu: Basically, "I really like/love Atemu"

There was originally smilie faces and expressions while the three girls were talking but totally got rid of them. THis pisses me off to no end. I remember a time when I could have more then one space between paragraphs. Just last fic I could have a row of those lesser than or more than signs to divide up scenes. No more my friends. This sucks.

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