The stars twinkled peacefully in the night sky, and a slight breeze blew through the trees. The same breeze ruffled a lone cat's sun-colored fur. He was looking up at the stars, as if searching for answers. A black and white she-cat approached him from behind, padding quietly over to sit at his side.

The sun-colored cat asked, still looking at the stars, "How is Lillyfoot?" "Her wounds are not deep, Sunstar," the she-cat replied, "She is young and strong and will soon heal". Sunstar replied simply, "Good." Sighing, he turned his gaze to the black and white cat beside him. "This is the fourth attack we've suffered," he said, "If it weren't for you, Pandafur, we would have lost most of our cats. Thunderclan can't afford to lose any warriors, especially now."

He paused, before adding, "We also have so few apprentices in training." Pandafur said softly, "Firepaw, Flamepaw, Winterpaw and Autumnpaw are good apprentices. They will make fine warriors." Sunstar knew she was trying to reassure him. Then he asked, "Have you heard any messages from Starclan?" Pandafur shook her head. "Starclan has been silent Sunstar."

Growing frustrated, Sunstar muttered, "But it can't be the will of Starclan for us to be destroyed!" Pandafur said nothing. The medicine cat simply gazed at the sky.

At that moment, the breeze picked up, rustling up the dirt and dew from the grass and swirled it around the two cats. Then, a comet streaked across the sky. Pandafur gasped. Sunstar looked over at her.

"What is it?"

"That was a message from Starclan. Air of gold, water of sapphire and earth of ebony will bring peace unto the forest."

Sunstar gazed at her quizzically. Then he turned his gaze back towards the sky. "You have never been wrong before, Pandafur. If Starclan says it, then it shall be so. Air, water and earth will bring peace to the forest."