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Charlie sat next to Leland at lunch. She received many thanks from Leland's family. Each time, she said she didn't do anything. And each time, Leland grinned at her but was silent. "Of course you did something!" Duane insisted. "If you didn't do ANYTHING, Leland wouldn't be alive right now."

Charlie grinned at Leland. "Well, it was Leland's life. I'm sure he could've saved himself if he wanted to. When are we going to Dakota's class?" she asked.

"I'm saying next week. But I'll let you know."


Charlie and Leland walked into Dakota and Gina's class room. "Oh, here they are," Mrs. Lucas said. "They'll be telling us the whole story."

Charlie smiled as Leland sat down. She sat on his lap and put her arms around his neck. "Well," she started. "It all started with Dakota's birthday party. I took my niece Gina. We were about to leave the cave when I heard this rumbling. I looked up and quickly pushed some kids out of the way. We were trapped. I got to my feet and quickly made sure that everyone was all right. I saw Leland's leg was smashed by a rock." She looked at Leland who smiled at her. "Help came and got the kids out. Luckily, even though we couldn't get out, Leland's leg wasn't broken TOO badly. We spent days walking in that cave."

"Charlie had to support me because I couldn't walk. We had to get as deep as we could into the cave as soon as we could. They might have had to mine it if they didn't find another way in. The echo might've caused another cave in and that one could kill us. But, if we were far enough in the cave, the echo would have time to die down," Leland explained.

Charlie nodded. "So, we spent quite a while stuck in that cave and, finally, I was too tired to keep going. We found a hole, but it wasn't big enough so we had to wait. Finally, help came and got us out. Leland was rushed to the hospital. I was taken to the hospital a while later."

"She found me there and we talked. So, after I saw her in the light, I truly saw that she IS my saving angel." He looked over at her easily. He let his mouth twist into a shirt smile before he put his arms around her and kissed her. "You're MY saving angel," he said and kissed her again.


The End


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