Chapter 1 -- The Beginning

She hummed a tuned that her mother had taught her years ago. She sunk her feet in the sand as she left a barely visible trail behind her. Dancing away in the night under the stars has always been her passion. Looking at the moon, always reminded her of her mother. Today was just one of those days where she danced under the moonlight to take away all the pain that she had to endure through her young life. As she picked up a forgotten flower from the ground her golden tresses, shimmering in the moonlight, gently grazed against her cheeks by the change of the wind

A sudden urge pulled her to the water that surrounded the beach. She started walking towards the water but there was a sudden tug on her dress. She looked down and she saw that her dress had somehow had gotten caught in the bush near the water. In some ways it was some kind of warning, maybe even trying to stop her. The girl plucked her dress from the bush and paid no attention to the warnings that were surrounding her.

She wanted to take a late night swim and today was just the perfect day to do the deed. She giggled as she jumped into the freezing water. It soothed her heated skin from the day's activities. Without warning, clouds started forming in the sky enveloping the moon till it was no where to be seen. Still not taking the precaution by leaving she just laughed and swam beneath the water.

Finally she came up for oxygen and when she saw her surroundings her once amusement turned into fear. The once gentle waves that soothed the water were now turned into enraged tidal waves. She was a fair distance away from the land. Even if she swam long and hard she would soon be enclosed by the gruesome waves. She still tried and swam in the direction of the beach. All of a sudden a huge tidal wave came crashing on top of her and the pressure made her sink. She came once again to the surface but to no avail she was pushed down again by a horrifying wave. She flailed her arms frantically trying to cause attention for someone to come rescue her. Her screams were echoed through out the night but still nobody came to her rescue. Lost of energy and the waves becoming stronger by the minute, she slowly sank to the bottom of the sea as a tear escaped her eyes; mixing with the sea water.

She woke up with a jolt.

'Just a dream' she thought as she wiped off the tears from her puffed cheeks. Her fast beating heart was gradually slowed down, now that she was out of danger, for now.

That dream always woke her up in the middle of the night and every night she was in the same ordeal. Every night she wished for a rescuer to rescue her from that wave or even better the dream itself. It was like a wish that was never to be granted.

"Even if I tried to say something it would do no good," she thought bitterly. To say something you needed a voice and for this girl it was impossible. Due to circumstances she lost part of her family and most important of all she had lost the most important thing to her: her voice. This girl, Serena Heart, had lost her sense of speech the day she was met with an accident. It injured her left part of the brain causing her to form words with such struggle that it was just easier to act like a mute. The progress of her well being had dimmed by learning the fate of her parents who died in that crash. Now at the age of 20, she was haunted by dreams of the crash or the mysterious trip to the beach.

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