!Unexpected suprises!

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Serena's POV

It 's been 5 months since he left for school in America and though we send letters

back and forth I still haven't gotten the courage up to tell him. I just can't tell

him over the phone or in a letter it's just too important. That is why I Serena

Tsukino am now boarding a plane that will take me to Los Angelas and to

Darien. He doesn't know I'm coming but I have to tell him as soon as possible.

Norm POV

As Serena is boarding the plane she gazes at the delicate diamond ring that

adorned he left ring finger while thinking back to the morning that Darien left.

flash back

Serena though a bit sore was in heaven as she opens her eyes to look at her love

who is now getting dressed hurriedly seeing her awake he immediately goes over to

give her a soft kiss on the lips. "Must you go?" she asks "Sorry Sere but my plane

to Los Angelas leaves in 2 hours so I have to get ready and get to the airport"

after he's done telling her this Darien notices her sad face so he goes back over to

her "Don't worry Sere we can still keep in contact I will write you every week

and I can call you at least once a month", "I know Darien but it just wont be

the same and what if you find another prettier girl that is actually there and…"

But Darien cuts her off "Is that what is worrying you the most?" He asks.

"Don't worry I will not replace you and I will make it clear to every girl that I'm

already taken. Ok?" Darien reassures her "Ok, I trust you." Serena visibly

relaxes. As Serena start to get dressed Darien hands her 3 thing, the first being a

set of keys, the second is a piece of paper, and the third was a little blue velvet

box. Serena looks at him questioningly "what are these?" she asks Darien he

looks at her and points to the keys "those are to my apartment which I want you

to consider 'ours' now while I'm away if you want you can live here while I'm

gone and… even when I get back" next he pointed to the paper "That is my new

mailing address and my phone number I will call you once a month at least

probably not much more because its expensive to call overseas but that is so if its

an emergency you can call me or if you just feel the need to call" last but not

least he picked up the box from her hand and got down on one knee "This is the

most important thing I have for you I want to ask you one very important

question…" he stared at Serena with such an intensity she began to blush,

"Serena" he began, his voice sounded hoarse with such intense emotion "will you

do me the honor of becoming my wife" as soon as the words were out of his mouth

Serena's eyes were filled to the brim with tears she then jumped at him "Yes, I

will oh my gosh Darien I love you soooo much" she gushed she gave him a soft

kiss on the lips he then pulled away and slid the ring on her finger, "When" she

asked "as soon as I get back from school" he promised. He then got up said his

good byes and left with her in tears of longing sitting on the soft overstuffed

couch in his living room.

end flash back

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