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'I should have known there was something going on between them' Serena

thought 'I should have listened to the girls when they explained to me how hard it would

be for a guy to be so far away for so long and remain faithful.' Tears were now making

their way down her pale cheeks leaving glistening paths behind them. She thought of

going over to him and letting him know that she had seen him and demand an explanation

and yet she decided to forget him and move on she wouldn't go home no she just

couldn't, she would move to America, but not stay here, no she would go where he could

not find her. With that decided she headed back to her hotel to repack her belongings.

In another part of the park about 5 minutes later, Darien was starting to notice

strange things about his 'Sere', number 1 was she smelled very different he would know

her scent anywhere and this was not it the 'Sere' he was presently with smelled of

lavender and mint but his Sere always smelled of cherry blossoms and roses originally he

had put that out of his mind coming to the conclusion maybe she was using different

shampoo and body-wash. Unfortunately that was not the only difference her eyes though

they were quite a pretty blue they still weren't the shocking ocean blue of his loves, her

smile didn't quite reach her eyes and her meatballs that he had come to love so much

seemed out of place on this girl and the last thing was her laugh it was actually getting on

his nerves instead of sounding melodic like it normally was to him. Finally the girl

known as 'Serena' turned to look at him and he saw it in her eyes not love but lust, Sere

never had that look unless it was mixed with love for him…

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