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Times like these
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Walking home from school, Kisa felt an emptiness forming inside her. It had just been another usual day, just another day with her classmates changing between taunting her and ignoring her. She spoke now outside of school, but inside school… well that was a different matter. As soon as she gathered the confidence to speak then they would just do something to knock her back down again.

Normally this wouldn't affect her quite so badly, but today was different; that was because although today was just an ordinary day to anyone else it was special to Kisa, and that was because it was her birthday. She wasn't expecting anyone else to remember though; in fact it would have surprised her if they had.

Kisa continued walking along, dragging her feet as she did so. It was on days like this that she honestly wished she wasn't the tiger and that she'd never been born into the Sohma family. If she had been normal then maybe the bullies would never have bothered her, maybe she would actually have had friends.

She felt tears coming into her eyes and falling down her face as she walked. She hated herself for this, for crying over nothing again. Her mother always said she was weak; this was only proving that this was true.

"Hey Kisa!" a voice called and she spun around startled. Hiiro was standing behind her, a smile on his normally serious face then he frowned upon seeing that Kisa was crying. "Have they been picking on you again? If they have then they're for it!"

Kisa shook her head quickly but she knew that he knew that she was lying.

"Yeah, well whatever, but you need to stop crying, okay?" Hiiro muttered, grabbing Kisa's hand. "Now come with me."
Kisa nodded and followed him. It was nice to have someone looking out for her, but she was a little upset that he hadn't said so much as a simple 'happy birthday' to her. Maybe he'd forgotten just like everyone else…

She followed him down a network of streets, not really paying attention to where they were going. Hiiro didn't talk, and Kisa was glad about that because she really didn't feel like talking anyway.

They walked along in silence for a while, Hiiro interjecting with snide comments about other people every once in a while, until they drew to a halt. Upon realising where they were, Kisa shot Hiiro a confused look.

Hiiro turned to Kisa, "I bet you're wondering why we're at Shigure's, hmm? Well follow me and you'll find out."

Kisa nodded and followed Hiiro to the door. She pushed open the door and shot Hiiro a confused look. It was dark in there; there was obviously no one in. Hiiro pushed her inside and shut the door behind them.

Kisa stood there confused for a few more seconds and then the lights suddenly turned on. She jumped, surprised, then smiled slightly in shock as she realised what was going on. Everyone one was there, all her friends just standing there smiling.

A cry of "Happy birthday Kisa-chan" filled the room and Kisa smiled, tears once again filling her eyes, though this time they were tears of happiness. It was times like this that she truly did not resent having been born the tiger; she did have friends, she did have people that remembered she was there… it was times like this when she was happy.