Summary: It's New York City, with new friends, and a new start. It's a new hockey team with new challenges, and new chances to prove yourself. It's all new, with an added struggle to find, and fight for love. A Germaine, Mendoza, Reed, and Portman story.

A/N: So, this author has to admit that the later chapters in this story are definitely better than the beginning chapters. When I started this story, I was still getting into the flow of writing, so it's not as interesting, or as good as the later chapters. So, just hang in there, and maybe you'll just find a story that you can like. Reviews, please. Tell me what you think about the story, reviews keep me updating, and keep me writing.

- - - -

Fulton Reed looked over at Dean Portman, who sat to his right in a New York City taxi. "Hey, Guy, you okay there? You're looking a little pale-faced; you gonna hurl or something?"

Guy Germaine turned away from the city hassle that surrounded him and nodded. He nodded that he was okay, but his insides were swerving. He was one more shock away from throwing up out the window.

"Dude, we're in freaking New York City. We live in the big city, the Big Apple, the city that never sleeps. This is our life now, college and freedom. It's gonna be freaking great, isn't it, Fulton?" Portman grinned, looking out the window, and Luis Mendoza nodded along with him from the front seat of the taxi.

Guy's eyes got wide, grabbed the plastic bag they used for garbage, and hurled right in it.

- - -

"You think these new kids can make it out here in the city?" Max Mariano asked Jess Danes in Jess's apartment hallway.

Jess scoffed, "Hell, no."

"Me, either." The two walked into the guest bedroom where the two girls were sleeping, sprawled across the beds, "These two sleep like fucking boys." They stood between the separated beds.

"There is 75 percent testosterone in their personalities," He stood over Parker Haley Karlson and brushed the hair in front of her face away.

"So pretty, though." Max smiled, standing above his girlfriend, Elizabeth Cooper Anderson.

Max walked over to Jess. "Well, come on, start with her." Jess nodded; he put his hand through her jet black hair and her eyes flickered open.

She rubbed her eyes and awoke to Jess and Max making fish faces at her. "Morning, assholes."

"Mornin', baby!" Jess exclaimed. Max walked over to Cooper.

He yelled, "Coopaah!" Cooper opened one eye and smiled.

"Morning, kids."

Max smiled. "I have a nice girlfriend. You." Max pointed at Parker, "You are mean in the morning."

"Just get out." Parker pulled the blanket over her head.

"Love you Parker," Max mumbled while walking out the door with a smile on his face, as Parker mumbled it back.

"Okay, get up, you guys, we got new meat coming real soon. They're probably gonna be on time too, so me and Greenberg are gonna start cooking it up. Hurry up Parker, I need some music on," Jess said, walking into the hallway. "I'll cook you bacon if I see you in 2 minutes, Parker 'best-friend-fat-ass" Karlson."

- - -

Parker walked out into the room, iPod and iHome in hand, with her shorts on, her jet black hair with one thick lavender stripe pulled back into a messy bun, and a black CBGB hoodie.

Greenberg smiled, sitting on the counter. "Looking punk rock as hell, Hales."

Parker smiled and played AC/DC. She walked by the counter, nodded to Jess as a thanks and took the plate of bacon.

Greenberg watched her walk away. "She was talking to some guy at the club yesterday."


"They looked friendly," Jess shrugged. He was pretty good at shrugging considering he never knew what to say. "I don't like her or anything; doesn't it bother you though? You're the one that used to be in love with her."

Jess paused and looked at Greenberg. "Nope. She's my best friend, man. Can't be like that with us anymore. I have no feelings for her and she has none for me. Now, you gotta get over it. I know it's hard; just, uh, be her best friend or something. It helps."

"So, what Ducks are gonna come quack it up with us again?" Max sat on the stool next to Greenberg and Cooper walked to the couch where Parker was sitting.

Greenberg thought, "Portman, Reed, Mendoza, and Germaine."

"Ha!" Max looked at Greenberg, "You're fucked."

Greenberg's eyebrow rose, "Why?

"Parker has the biggest crush on that Germaine player. She knows his stats and everything. She cheered him on when they played the Goodwill Games," Max informed Greenberg, who played with his food.

"It's good. I don't care. It's not like she's in love with him anymore. Shut up, I don't even like her."

Jess laughed. "Right. You're pretty fucked, too. Cooper still loves that Mendoza kid."

Max's grin dropped. "It's all good. Mendoza's got nothing on a 2 year relationship."

"Yeah." Jess threw a pancake for Max to catch and put on his plate. "I got no trouble with those two, either, and I'm actually being serious with myself."

Parker walked in. "Trouble with which two?"

"Nothing. Two. You know, the number two. Two. Like math. Yeah, math! I really freakin' hate math," Greenberg rambled.

The four stood in a square, staring at their feet.

"Parks, change the song, would ya?" Max broke the silence. "Something a little more upbeat."

Parker walked over to the iHome as Max whispered to Greenberg, "I saved your ass, man."

Parker changed the song to a rock Christmas song by Bedlight for Blue Eyes. "Christmas songs, Maxwell!" She grinned.

- - -

Guy dropped his bag of barf into the trash can outside of the apartments and followed the guys in.

Portman stared at a piece of paper with the address they had to meet their new teammates at, and stood right in front of the door with blasting music. He pounded on the door, and the music suddenly stopped.

"Who's there?" A voice yelled from inside.

"Uh, it's the Ducks. I'm Mendoza, and Por-" Mendoza yelled back.

The door flew open with a smiling brunette with bright blue eyes, at a height of 5'5" in black sweatpants and a black tank top on the other side. "Hey, guys, I'm Cooper. Come on in."

Mendoza smiled and walked in after her as the other guys followed.

The guys walked in to see a blond boy sitting on a stool who stared at Germaine, a spiky-haired Italian guy glaring at Mendoza, and a brunette with an apron on. A tiny Asian mixed girl stood up, at 5'2", smiled and waved.

"Hey, guys, I'm Parker." Parker looked at the guys to introduce themselves, but they were too busy judging 3 scared boys and 1 growling boy at the doorway. "This is Jess, the cook, this is Max, the Italian asshole, and this is Greenberg, the shy blond boy." Silence. "You can step in far enough to close the door."

"I'm Guy, Guy Germaine, this is Fulton Reed, Dean Portman, and Luis Mendoza."

Cooper smiled. "Yeah, we know. Parker and I used to watch you guys play the Goodwill Games."

Guy and Mendoza smiled. "You did, did ya?" Mendoza smirked as he answered her.

Max's eye twitched and Jess took it as a sign to break the ice. "You guys want some breakfast? Fat-ass here ate all the bacon, but we still got pancakes and eggs."

Fulton nodded. "Yeah, thanks, that sounds good. Airplane food sucks."

"Airplane food is America's joke," Parker mumbled and put the music back on, playing smooth Elvis Costello for breakfast conversation.

"So, you guys all live here?" Portman asked, stuffing his face with eggs.

"No. But they never leave." Jess shook his head.

"It's Jess's place, we just stay here a lot. Actually, Parker is here 5 out of 7 days. We all live in the city though. Maxwell's the one who lives with his parents," Greenberg chuckled.

Max glared. "Thanks for sharing that."

Cooper leaned into Max, asking for a kiss. Germaine smiled at Mendoza, knowing that was the girl he wanted, and Mendoza glared back.

"So, you and Parker go out, too?" Fulton asked Jess. He choked on his orange juice.

"Ow, that almost came out of my nose," Jess commented. "Ha, no, we don't go out. We're just best friends, far from the whole going out thing."

Germaine looked Parker, who just watched them all eat. "So, uh, do you have a boyfriend?"

Parker looked up, and Guy saw her dark green eyes. "Oh, uh, no." Parker glanced at Greenberg, who played with his food, and she looked back up at Guy. "Nope."

"Have a girlfriend?" Greenberg asked Guy, who stood across from him.

Germaine blushed and answered, "Nope, no girlfriend."

"Let's just make this a little easy. Me, girlfriend, her, boyfriend, everyone else here, no love interest. Actually they have a love interests," Max widened his eyes as he and Greenberg stared at each other, "but no boyfriends or girlfriends." The Ducks nodded. "Hales, baby, can you change
the song to something more upbeat?"

Parker hopped off her stool. "You're killing me, Smalls." She changed the song to the Beastie Boys' "Fight for Your Right (to Party)."

"I love that movie!" Guy exclaimed in an excited voice, attracting all the eyes in the room. "Uh, I mean, I used to watch it a lot when I was younger."

Parker grinned, and Jess answered, "She's gonna ask you if you wanna watch it, cause she's a freakin' maniac and is a movie buff, and loves it, yeah, yeah, and all that shit."

Guy smiled. "Yeah, I'll watch."

"Well, come on, friend, let us watch tiny little boys play baseball." Parker led the way into the living room.

Greenberg got up. "I'm gonna go to the bathroom."

"Don't slit your wrists or anything," Jess commented.

"Hey Mendoza, by the way, Cooper loves how you play, and she thinks you're a damn good looking skater."

Mendoza smiled and Cooper smiled back, blushing beyond belief.

"Asshole," Max mumbled to himself as Greenberg walked away.

Fulton and Portman looked around at the awkwardness surrounding the counter.

"New York City's a lovely place," Fulton said, changing the subject.

"Guy threw up in the car," Portman added.