Sirius stepped out of the Room of Doom after Filch had left the area, according to the map (A/N there really is a room of doom… watch the third movie when Harry looks at the Marauder's Map. You'll see it).

He had been skipping Divination to hang out in the Room of Doom. He lazily strode (he doesn't strut either) down a long hallway in the middle of class, the corridors to himself. Portraits nodded disapprovingly or sighed exasperatedly at the skipper of classes.

He reached his locker, 711, which happened to be right next to James's and some of his books were coincidently in the wrong locker. He decided to finally do the transfiguration essay due three days ago and lackadaisically spun his lock and opened his locker.

The transfiguration book wasn't in there so he closed the locker with a sigh as if the book should be there for Sirius Black.

He reached for James's locker and spun the lock. It didn't open.

The bell signaling the end of class would ring in about ten minutes. Sirius heard footsteps coming down the hallway to the corridor he was in. He hastily checked the map. It was Filch. He quickly opened his own locker once more and took James's invisibility cloak out. How it ended up in his locker, he didn't know but he was sure thankful for it and decided not to steal one of James's chocolate frogs between the next two classes.

Filch grumbled angrily about not catching any students, picked up his faithful cat Mrs. Norris, and walked out of the corridor of lockers. Sirius breathed a gasp of relief and began to work on James's locker.

"Hey, locker… you know, you are the most amazing locker in the school and I know you love my transfiguration book, but you see, most amazing locker, I need it now, so, er, could you please give it to me?" he asked smoothly.

It didn't open.

He decided to use –and I quote from cylobaby- his devilishly good looks (A/N which he totally doesn't have cause Sirius isn't hot, cylo!) to open the locker. He stared right at it and smiled one of his most charming smiles at it.

Nothing happened.

He frowned slightly. Then smirked at the sudden thought that came to mind. He tossed his hair once and raised his eyebrows at the locker. It didn't open. The bell began to ring.

He grinned deviously. (Oh, No! scary…) He was going to use the famous Sirius Black charm to open it. (be afraid… be very afraid).

He ran a hand through his ebony locks, tossed his hair once to the left, then once to the right, and then smiled his most charming smile at the locker that would make most girls sigh and faint at the sight (A/N coughCYLO!cough…). The locker didn't open.

He continued smiling when Lily Evans walked up to her locker two down form his.

"Black, why are you smiling at Potter's locker?" she questioned as if he was crazy. He turned, still beaming. Girls fainted.

"Well?" prodded Lily

"I'm using my devilishly handsome good looks and my hotness to open Prongsie's locker." He replied with a dead serious tone (NO PUN!!!)

"Are you seri-… joking?" she corrected herself from using The pun.

"no…"he said like it was the most obvios thing in the world, "of course not .I need my transfiguration book. Why isn't it opening, Evans?!"

"Black, you are so stupid! The only way to open a locker is by alohomora or using the combination. You can't open it with your looks!"

"aawwwwwwwww….." he whined, "Why not?"

"BECAUSE YOU JUST CAN'T!!!!" she yelled and turned to James who had just walked up "deal with him," she demanded.

"Prongs, mate, why can't I open my locker with my good looks?"

James fell on the floor laughing.

Lily turned red, fuming.

Sirius frowned and used alohomora. His Transfiguration book fell out and hit James on the head. Sirius fell on the floor laughing at James while James pouted about Transfiguration books being too heavy.

Lily whacked Sirius on the head.

"Watch the hair, Evans! It took me hours!" he complained

"USE YOUR OWN LOCKER!" she screamed and walked away muttering and gesturing to herself about how stupid guys could be.

Once Sirius and James recovered, Sirius broke his vow and stole a chocolate frog.
"Hey!" shouted James as he chased Sirius, demanding for the chocolate and complaining the whole way.


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