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Ron Weasley was having locker problems again. He had tried and tried to open it, even double checking his combination. He was getting impatient since he knew Harry and Hermione would soon come looking for him so they could go to the library and study. 'Well, 'Mione will study... Harry and I'll probably play wizard's chess' Ron thought to himself with a smile, then refocused his wandering attention on the locker.

He carefully turned the lock to his first number, 7. Following the directions exactly, he spun it to 13. Then, slowly, he turned to the final number, 24. He lifted up on the lock, hopeful. It didn't open.

"Bloody locker!" He exclaimed angrily.

"Hello Ron" said a dreamy voice somewhere from the vicinity of his left elbow, "I've gotten all the nargsnorkles out of the lockers, you shouldn't be having any more trouble with them. Do you want me to try?" Luna asked.

"Erm, no! No, it's fine, I'll just-"

"Ronald, is there any reason Luna shouldn't open your locker?" Hermione interrupted.

"No! I don't need anything from it, let's go" he said as he started to briskly walk down the hallway, followed by a confused Harry and an agitated Hermione. Luna skipped merrily to the room of requirement where her beloved nargsnorkles would be expecting their daily chocolate. In actuality, Ron had promised Colin Creevy that Harry would autograph his pictures if he would take a picture of Hermione who had fallen asleep in the Gryffindor common room reading Hogwarts: A History for the twentieth time. This picture was now in his locker, and he bloody well did not want Hermione to see it, especially since Ginny had just been caught with Harry's pictures.

Today Ron was particularly observant as he held the door open to the library, and he noticed that Hermione had a green ribbon in her hair. Ron thought she looked rather pretty. His ears turned red as the trio headed to the table in the back Hermione had claimed the first week of school.

Luna reached the room of requirement, walked past it three times, and entered. She gasped. The nargsnorkles were gone! She held out chocolate in hopes that they would return, but they were nowhere to be seen. It had taken her weeks to track them all down, she hoped they hadn't re-inhabited all the lockers again.

Nargsnorkles, when not provoking those who use lockers, are very perceptive of emotions and are very mischievous. They can sometimes even transport small objects through walls.

The next day, Ron and Ginny were attempting to open their lockers at the same time. After a few tries, they were successful. Ron reached into his locker and pulled out the green ribbon that Hermione had yesterday. Shocked, he turned to Ginny.

"Thanks" he said as he held up the ribbon.

"Isn't that Hermione's ribbon? Why are you thanking me?" She asked.

"You mean, you didn't put this here?"

"No... and you didn't give me this?" She held up one of Harry's old t-shirts.

"It was the nargsnorkles!" Luna said as she walked up to them, "They understand emotions rather well"

Ginny and Ron turned a shade of red that Professor Sprout would love to see in her magical tomatoes. Ron quickly fled to the Gryffindor tower. Luna held out some chocolate, and as it disappeared, two small, fuzzy creatures appeared.

"Are those nargsnorkles?" Ginny gasped.

"Of course! What did you expect? Crumple-horned Snorkacks?" Luna replied as she picked them up and absentmindedly began to pet them. Ginny lightly patted one on the head, shook her own head in disbelief, smiled somewhat embarrassedly, and left.

Luna smiled happily, put the nargsnorkles in her bag, and wandered off to the next locker with her chocolate.

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