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'Trailer' 2

Odaiba is dark. Niightime consumes the city as the streetlights illuminate the streets. From the top of the buildings, a caped figure stands on the edge, looking over the whole block. His face is hidden under his hat, but as he lifts his head up, the white and black mask of Saji reveals himself.

Davis is sitting next to Kari on the bus as she falls asleep on his shoulder.

"I'm gonna tell Kari how I feel about her." He says.

"A relationship doesn't always turn out the way you want." Tai replies, "There's always gonna be rejection at the start."

The scene changes to Tai talking with Davis at a coffeeshop.

"Can you handle the rejection if it comes?" Tai asks.

"Yeah, I think I can." Davis replies, "But I don't expect it on happening."

The scenes goes to Odaiba at night. Sora is walking home alone. As she turns a corner, a caped figure swoops down and the two disappear, with only the sound of Sora's muffled scream.

At the police station, Matt is sitting in an office with the cheif inspector.

"We've found some evidence regarding the kidnapping." The police says.

He shows Matt a picture of the culprit responsible for Sora's disappearance. The picture shows to be Saji.

"This is the one who's responsible." The officer says.

"We lost track of them when they disappeared into an alleyway." The police says, "Most of our forces were after another criminal."

The scene changes to the man at the area of the birth of his powers. He is in a shut down factory and the place is filled with radioactive gas. As he enters, his body slowly begins to fade into smoke. Outside the factory, the smoke takes form and the man is seen.

Everybody has a choice.

"This bastard kidnapped my girlfriend!" Matt exclaimed, "And he's still out there!"

To face the darkness.

"When will you give up Davis?" Kari asks him. She gives him a straight face, showing him that she was serious of what she is saying, "I'm not intersted. And I don't ever plan to."

She leaves as Davis is left standing there, with a hurt look on his face.

Or be consumed by it.

Davis is lying on the ground, unconscious as a black cape slowly comes to life and crawls up his arm.

"You have to know the difference between justice and revenge." Tai says.

The cape continues to cover his body, starting with the arm that it first came in contact with. it reaches to his body and continues to reach down to his waist.

"The two seem like the same, but revenge can control us unknowingly."

The black cape covers his entire legs, leaving only his face. The cape takes form over his body, hugging the body, leaving a muscular fit to the body. The cape begins to reach up to his neck.

"And the next thing you know, you're the very thing you fight against."

The cape expands over his head and wraps around him.

Davis finds himself standing on the top of a flagpole at the top of a building.

"What is this?" Davis looks at his body, covered by the black cape, "How did this get on me?"

Davis jumps off the flagpole. The cape forms devil wings and he begins to glide across the sky.

"The power, it feels good." Davis says to himself, "I've never felt so good."

The wings form back into a cape and he falls, landing, feetfirst, on the building he was reaching to. He turns around, revealing his large blood-red eyes.

"You think I'm wimpy now?" Davis asks as he stands over TK.

"Please stop." TK begs as he is on the ground, bleeding.

Davis and TK are at the hospital looking at Kari as she is in bed.

"What happened to her?" TK asks the police officer.

"It seems that this clown's partner is responsible for her 'accident'." The police answers.

The 'smoke-man' is in an alleyway and Davis appears in his black cape costume. The bloodred eyes give the man a scare.

"You remember what you did to a girl?" Davis asked, "You remember the crime you commited?"

"Why do you care?!" The man asks, "What does it matter to you anyway?!"

"Everything!" The cape forms over Davis' arms and creates a sword for each arm.

Davis glides across the night sky as he looks down on the streets with his red eyes.

"You've wanted to be with me for so long." Kari says with a hurt tone, "Now, all of a sudden, you're not interested in me. You really want me out of your life?"

"Its not easy for me to explain." Davis replies, "But you have to understand why I want things like this."

Saji is thrown towards a wall of a building with a black suited figure hovering in front of him. The face of the figure reveals to be Matt.

"You brought this upon yourself Tai." He says, "You knew this would come."

Saji runs away from the winged demon.

"I didn't do it!" Saji yells, "I didn't kidnap her!"

"What's happened to you?" Kari asked Davis, "You've changed."

Davis, in his black costume, stands on the roof of a building, holding a criminal by his throat and hanging him over the edge.

"I am different." Davis says to himself. He looks at his black caped hands, "What have I done."

Davis is in an abandoned building. Ripping the black cape off of his face, the cape begins to shrivel.

"You have to learn to let things go." Tai said, "I learned that the hard way and that made me what I am now."

"I'm in control of you!" Davis yells at the living cape, "You can't survive without me!"

Davis stands before the 'smoke-man' and he prepares to fight him. His eyes glow the red color.

"This is no longer about revenge." Davis says, "Its justice."

He closes his red eyes and when he opens them up, he opens them with green eyes.

The Dark Jester II
Vestige of Identity

As you all can guess, I based this trailer off of the newest Spiderman 3 trailer. The first chapter will be up soon.