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Title: Reciprocal
Rating: PG13
Pairing: Fye x Kurogane
Warnings: Some language.
Spoilers: Kurogane's past and Ch 120 .
Status: In Progress
Word Count: 2,803
Summary: Parental roles will switch to Syaoran and Sakura when Kurogane and Fye are mysteriously turned back into children! A feather may appear in more than one way, when reciprocity takes place.


Ch. 1 Dejá Vu

Bright light glared in her face like sunshine. She could see it even though here eyes were tightly shut, protesting against being opened to be left vulnerable under such powerful glare. She tried to turn her head to the side, only realizing that she was lying on something rough.

Her hands felt at the cold, jagged surface with her soft fingertips, not able to identify it with something she had felt before. Her eyes opened halfway, trying to focus on her new surroundings.

She rose slowly, feeling her whole body stiff and heavy from the cold that this world offered not so kindly. The floor she had been lying on was partially covered in snow, and she could see her warm breath escape in small puffs.

Her clothing was not appropriate for such cold conditions, which found her body shivering in result. She looked around, sitting up properly.

They had landed in a world with tall buildings and posts with light, which source's was unknown to the princess. They had been in a similar-looking world before, the magical world of LeCourt, yet this world lacked the multicolored-stained sky and the flying trains and the whole magical feeling of it all.

A grunt beside her brought the princess back to her current situation, which reminded her how cold she was.

"Princess, are you alright?" The brunette- that had the striking resemblance of her Syaoran yet was a completely different person- stood up and dusted himself, offering a kind hand to the princess.

"Yes, thank you."

She hesitated to call him by name. It pained her to look at him. Look into the eyes she had slowly fallen in love with, only to find that those eyes belonged to a completely different person. That person may not feel the same for her, and that broke her heart even more.

Yet, strong as she was, the princess smiled gently and accepted the offered hand to stand up.

"Where are we…?" Sakura asked in a timid voice, unsure how to approach, let alone speak to the boy.

Syaoran looked up at the dark, blue sky. Stars tainted the heavens like paint on canvas, and harmonized with the crescent moon. There was not a soul in sight; there was no light except by the few lampposts illuminating the pavement road and some buildings covered by a thin sheet of snow.

"I don't know. I just woke up myself…"

Silence grew thick in between the two teenagers like fog looming over a marsh. It was uncomfortable and hard to hold a conversation with the new Syaoran. Sakura did not dislike him, but it felt as if another was replacing her Syaoran. Much like a newer, prettier doll would replace an old, tattered one.

Sakura disliked that idea with a passion; she wanted her Syaoran back.

Before anything could be voiced between the two brunettes, a startled cry disturbed the silence of the night.

"Waah!" a shocked wail erupted behind the princess and the boy, making them turn to the source of such distressed cry. Both of them froze at the sight in front of them.

"Get off me, you white demon-thing!"

Mokona clung to a boy with red eyes and spiky, black hair. His dark clothes hung on his body and the excess material pooled around his feet and dragged on the floor as he tried escaping Mokona. The helmet with the crescent moon was too big on his small head, falling over his eyes and blocking his line of vision.

The resemblance to the ninja both knew was arresting, except the fact that this boy would be a much smaller version of the former.

It was like a joke both teenagers found themselves involved in.

"Puu! Mokona was only giving you a hug!" cried the white creature with evident glee in its voice, not too preoccupied about the bizarre situation.

"Gah! It talks!"

Syaoran's mouth hung open, eyes wide and unbelieving at the sight in front of him. Not only were the clothes a clue as to who this boy was. It was pretty obvious if one just looked at him good enough to realize that the boy in distress was none other than Kurogane.

Syaoran had not interacted much with the ninja since his arrival in Tokyo after the incident; then again, he had seen this boy before, through his clone's eyes in a book they had found in LeCourt.

What captivated the brunette, was how had the ninja managed to change?

"Ku-Kurogane-san?" his voice sounded unsure and hesitant, not above a whisper.

This caught Sakura's attention, her eyes were wide and her mouth opened slightly to speak, but a minute whimper caught her attention.

Another small figure that lay in a heap of white clothing sat up and rubbed his eyes off the sleep that had been interrupted. His shoulder length hair cascaded over his eyes and back in beautiful, long locks of gold.

Again, both teenagers were met with a peculiarly familiar face. The child's clothing- much like the other one- hung dangerously loose around his shoulders and small body. The coat that belonged to the mage they had become acquainted with, lay in a bundle around him. His intense eyes were a familiar, icy blue. His skin was pale and his body was frail looking.

There was no doubt as to who this child in question was, which made matters even more unexpected and bizarre.

The blonde's gaze turned towards them. He stood up and took a small step back, one small hand clutching at his shirt and the other hand close to his mouth.


This time, it was the princess who spoke, eyes still unbelieving.

"Hu hu! Kuro-pon and Fye are little!" chimed Mokona, who jumped off the still panicking Kurogane and perched on Syaoran's shoulder; said boy was, even now, gawking.

"I don't understand, how can they-?" his question died mid-sentence, eyes fixed on both children, who appeared to be not a day older than seven years old.

Kurogane dusted himself, taking the opportunity to look at himself and the too-large clothing he wore. The boy seemed just as quizzical as the other people around him. His head turned around to observe the strange and unfamiliar place he was in, and his red eyes met with the blue ones of the blonde.

"Mokona does not know!"

He heard the white creature speak again, and once more, his attention focused on the two brunettes.

"However, when we arrived to this world, Mokona went 'MEKYO!'"

The raven-haired child stepped back slightly in surprise when the creature's eyes opened wide and made a strange gesture with it's hands.

"But… I fell asleep and cannot feel it anymore."

Its ears fell with sadness and his eyes closed once more. The older boy petted its head and assured the creature that it was not its fault.

"Who are you?"

Syaoran and Sakura turned to Kurogane.

"He does not remember us?" the princess whispered to her companion with a tone filled with concern. She was answered when Syaoran shook his head gently.

"I'm afraid both of them don't. Just look at Fye-san…he looks terrified."

Sakura locked eyes with Fye. The blonde let out a small startled gasp and stepped back a bit more, feeling threatened by the strangers.

"It's alright, little one. We're your friends, we won't harm you."

She tried approaching Fye, but he retreated even further, almost tripping over his discarded coat.

"Princess, wait-" Syaoran had a bad feeling about this, and held onto her wrist, preventing her to get any closer.

"He is confused, you'll frighten him."

Sakura's eyes saddened. How come Fye was so scared of her? What happened to him for him to be so… terrified of people?

Amidst her broken heart, her face lit with a warm smile.

"My name is Sakura, and this two are Syaoran-kun and Mokona. We're all friends."

"Why am I here? Where is this place and where's mother and father?"

Kurogane seemed to become more anxious by the minute, and it was perfectly understandable. A child sleeping in his own warm bed after being kissed goodnight by his loving mother and tucked in by his father, suddenly waking on cold floor and surrounded by strangers, would scare anyone.

The princess felt sympathy towards the children, and she stepped close to the ninja, smiling even more brightly and speaking in a reassuring tone.

"I know this is very scary for you, but please don't be frightened. You're safe, and we will keep you safe until we come across your mother and father."

Syaoran was about to protest, but held his tongue. What else could they say to reassure them and calm them down? They couldn't possibly understand why they are with them or that they were grown ups before this. It was brain wrecking; he could not put the pieces together.

Why had the two adults turned into children and the princess and himself were unaffected?

Kurogane looked into Sakura's eyes with those red orbs. They weren't the same eyes Sakura knew, this gaze held an air of true innocence, compared to the cold glare the ninja usually shot at people.

"You promise?"

Sakura smiled even brighter, content that Kurogane was calming down and giving her his trust.

"I promise."

Syaoran couldn't help but feel uneasy at the bizarre situation. The whole situation was ironic; suddenly all parental roles were placed on their shoulders. He didn't mind, but he didn't know if both of them could handle such heavy burden of responsibility.

He sighed in defeat, accepting his new fatherly role in their small group. His eyes turned to look at the unusually quiet magician. The boy had not spoken a word and that was quite disconcerting, having it that Fye was such a peppy character, even after the incident…

Perhaps the sudden change was just as shocking to him as it was to them. Concerned about the boy, Syaoran walked past Sakura and Kurogane and made his way slowly to the blonde. At the same time he made sure he didn't make any sudden movements that would upset Fye even further.

"Hi." he began, smiling in the process.

His greeting was negatively responded to; Fye recoiled back and did not even speak back to him. His blue eyes were wide and held in their depths what Syaoran could best describe as utter panic. His small hands shook, in cold or fear, Syaoran could not tell.

The teen frowned, unsure as to why the child had backed away as if he were going to hurt him.

Before he knew it- and he wished he had been faster- Mokona leapt from his shoulder and tried reaching to Fye, like he would always do.

"Mokona, no!"

Sadly, before Syaoran could stop Mokona, the blonde reacted in a violent way, crying out loud and extending his hand in front of him, as if trying to stop the creature from touching him.

Syaoran's eyes widened when light emerged from his hand and hit Mokona. The white creature cried out and was thrown with brutal strength back at Syaoran, who caught him. His air was knocked out of his lungs and he fell backwards, skidding down the pavement from the strength of the blow.

He coughed and tried to regain back the air that was taken from him. His back protested at his movement, clothes scraped and skin bleeding slightly.


The princess ran to the fallen boy and the shaken Mokona, who was also trying to regain his posture after the blow. It whimpered somewhat from the pain that shot through its small body.

"Are you alright?" concern filled her words and was clear in her wide eyes.

"I'm alright…Mokona," Syaoran grunted, standing up and cradling Mokona in his arms.

"Moko-chan!" the princess voice broke, fearful that the creature had been badly injured.

"Mokona is alright… it hurts a bit, though."

"I'm so relieved you're ok."

Fye looked down at his shaking hands. He had done it again; he had hurt someone else. His powers had emerged even though he didn't command them to.


He looked at the emerald-eyed girl, eyes wide and his lower lip trembling. He whimpered and shook his head; blonde locks swaying with the movement.

Sakura's heart broke even further; the child was an emotional wreck. She wanted to hold him and ease the pain that filled those innocent eyes. She wanted to help him because she couldn't do anything when he had been hurt in Tokyo.

"Fye-san… please, don't," she took a small step, and that was enough to make the boy turn and break into a run.

"Wait!" she called, extending her hands towards him.

His escape will be short lived.

Fye's small feet were caught on his excess clothing, and he fell forward. He gasped and whimpered, trying to stand up.

After the princess witnessed this, she ran after the fallen boy. Even when Syaoran tried reaching for her to stop her from getting any closer, the princess made her way swiftly to the boy's side.

"Princess, no!"

Fye was crying lightly, hands dirty and slightly scraped from his fall. Sakura leaned slowly over him and touched his quivering shoulder, which pulled away from her as if her touch had been fire.

He turned around sharply, eyes wide with fear the princess had never seen before. Fye began to crawl away from her, but the gentle princess' hand reached to his pale cheek and cleaned away a stray tear.

The boy was tense under her touch, eyes watching her closely. The princess could not understand how can such a kind and cheerful person as Fye, could have been so broken as a child?

Even though her eyes stung with tears that threatened to fall, she spoke in a soft tone; her kind smile never wavering.

"Fye-chan, don't run away from me. I will never hurt you."

Sakura looked down at his hands and she frowned lightly. The princess tore a part of the hem of her dress and gently took one of his small hands and pressed the cloth to it. Fye observed this, looking at the princess, whose sad eyes were focused on the small wound.

The princess tied the makeshift-bandage around the small hand and placed her other hand over his.

"There… all better now?"

Fye nodded slowly, yet her lips remained sealed, not speaking a word.

Syaoran watched the princess closely, aware that Fye had attacked Mokona- perhaps it had been a reflex, or maybe most probably out of fear. His brows furrowed at that thought.

What could have been so terrible to scar the magician in such a way?

He turned to look at Kurogane, who was also watching the scene before him, taken aback by the blonde's reaction. One of his hands held up the oversized headpiece to keep it from falling over his line of vision.

Syaoran remembered all too well what happened to the ninja to change him so drastically.

He turned his gaze towards Fye, who was being spoken to by the princess. He could only imagine the horrors the magician must've gone through to hurt him and make him fearful of anyone. What nagged at the teen was, most of all, his young age.

Kurogane's life took a turn for the worst when he was much older. The boy also mentioned his parents, which meant that nothing has happened yet?

Fye, however, was a whole different story.

Syaoran was oblivious of his past. He didn't know anything about the magician, but seeing him in such state, made him think that perhaps he really didn't want to know.

The princess finished wrapping the boy's other hand, and after giving it a small pet, she smiled brightly at him.

"I hope it doesn't sting anymore," she held his hands on her own, and looked at them sadly.

"Please," she began, tone serious, yet soft.

"Don't be afraid of us, of me. We care a lot about you, Fye-chan."

She leaned over the blonde, making the boy gasp very lightly. Her warm lips pressed against his pale forehead, lips meeting with the beautiful golden locks.

Fye's eyes were wide in surprise, never expecting such display of kindness towards him. The princess kept her warm smile and her arms gently took the cold child into an embrace. One hand drifted up to his small head and caressed the long locks lovingly.

"You are safe with us now, Fye-chan… both of you are."

Sakura felt her clothing get wet, and felt the boy tremble underneath her. She tightened her hold on him, burying her face on his hair.

The boy sobbed in her chest, cries muffled by the clothing, and small hands clung tightly to the princess.

Love filled his little heart for once in a long, long time.


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