The heavens seem to bleed as the sun descended behind the crumbling mountains. The crimson rays of light pierced the tree tops so they appeared on fire. The trees parted to show a shadow cast figure on the seldom tread path. His pain was heavy and surrounded him like a blanket, His features strong and firm but his eyes hidden beneath his wide brimmed hat. He walked with a limp and his ragged breathing could be heard over the eerie silence of the forest.

Watch did not know where he was going but he could not bring himself to stop. He knew the only thing that lay behind him was a life of torture and pain. No one new what was done to him as a child, no-one was supposed to know that it was still happening. He looked up at the dark clouds and prayed for rain, rain to wash away the blood, the pain, to cleanse him before the end. As he reached the edge of the cliff he looked out across the darkened city to the ocean that still seemed to sparkle. He leaned back against the tall tree and slid down to the damp ground. The ruff bark dug into his back ripping what was left of his shirt. He reached up and pulled off his glasses cleaning them on a scrap of shirt as he observed the blurred version of the world. Deciding he preferred to view the world this way, he placed them beside him in the hat; briefly he wondered if Bum would be annoyed that he never returned it to him. But that was only a moments distraction from the task at hand. Even without his thick glasses he could see the blade shinning in the dieing light. As the sun finally disappeared he could feel his life draining into the soft ground beneath him. He could not hear the approaching footsteps of his three friends, now their frantic calling of his name. To Watch all was silent.