Pairing(s): Miroku x Inuyasha

Summary: A simple comment from Shippou causes Miroku to wonder... MiroInu fic!


"Miroku, will you ever change?"

Those were the simple words that came flowing out of the small kitsune's lips one day after he had been once again slapped by Sango for fondling her backside. A simple question that was said more then asked, and spoken more as an inner quiry then directed at the actual one who's name was placed in it. But despite knowing this fact of all facts, Miroku couldn't help but wonder himself... Will I ever change..?

The small group of demons and humans were use to Miroku's antics by now, with his lecherous ways and always asking beautiful young maidens to bear his child. They were even use to his swindling ways to snatch up a free place to stay, always stating of a demonic presense in their large home and promising to get rid of it from them, if given food and a nice place to sleep. But whenever there WAS an actual youkai there, the group always seemed mildly surprised... Still, they were even getting use to THAT.

Humming to himself, deep in thought, Miroku wondered just what he could do to change his usual ways. Groping Sango's rump or any other pretty lady's was too normal. Asking those same lady's to bear his child was out. There was no town nearby anyways to question the maidens there, and that also ruled out the usual plots of getting a free place to stay... What in the world could he do?

Inuyasha gave off a faint gruff, wacking Shippou over the head for a stupid comment he had most likely made towards the silver haired hanyou while Miroku was thinking to himself. Spotting the two bickering with each other, Miroku suddenly had an idea. An idea to change, but not too much to completely rock their little boat they were on. Metaforicly, of course. They were nowhere near a body of water big enough to hold a boat, after all.

"You big meanie--!"

"Stupid kit--!"

"Kagome, Inuyasha's being mean to mee---!!"

"Shut up, you---ACK!!!"

The loud squack that came from the hanyou's mouth was the result of Miroku making his casual way over to the bickering two, a small smirk curling his lips as he stopped behind Inuyasha, completely ignored by both youkai. With the hand free of his cursed kazana, Miroku let it free to do as it pleased, latching onto the round firmness of the inu's backside that was concealed by his red hinezumi furred hakama. A few probing rubs and caresses were all it took to render the hanyou completely speachless, eyes wide in shock and mouth hanging agape in utter disbelief. Yes, Miroku decided to himself, he obviously could change whenever he wished.

Turning dark brown eyes towards the just as surprised kitsune pup, Miroku announced, "Yes, Shippou. I think I will change."

"BAKA HOUSHI!!!" was Inuyasha's only warning before he threw a hard blow at the black haired man's face, marking it with a reddening slap that glowed brighter then any other woman's. Such a blow knocked Miroku right off his feet, falling into the ground in an almost mimick of the rosary around the hanyou's neck, being forced to meet the earth with a chosen word. Ah, how irronic...

As Inuyasha steamed, cursing loudly at the fallen houshi, Miroku wondered again if change was all that nessassary... It obviously was going to hurt a whole lot more then it would of with Sango and her beloved hiraikotsu. Was the extra pain really worth being seen in a new and more interesting light...?

...Obviously, his lecherous hand believed so, already groping the enraged hanyou's rump again, even with its owner still laying on the grassy ground helplessly. Ah, the hand wins this inner battle. Change was worth it!




Youkai - Demon

Hanyou - Half Demon

Kitsune - Fox

Inu - Dog

Hinezumi - Fire Rat

Hakama - Pants

Kazana - Wind Tunnel(Void)

Houshi - Buddhist priest

Hiraikotsu - Boomerang made of youkai bones