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Characters : Kurogane, Fai

Warnings : Male/Male


Kurogane sat on a chair, at the kitchen table, in the inn-room that they decided to stay in. Fai sat across from him. Sakura and Syaoran had gone out, with Mokona, to search for Sakura's feather.

"Kuro-rin, what's your favorite nickname?" Fai asked, after they sat there for about three minutes, in total silence.

Kurogane's eyes narrowed. "I hate them all," he replied in a ticked-off voice. A small, slight frown crossed the features of Fai's face.

"Aww, but Kuro-tan, you must have a favorite? You can possibly hate them all!" Fai exclaimed, in a worried voice. Kurogane groaned and didn't dignify him with an answer. "C'mon, Kuro-sama, which one?"

Fai sat there patiently, waiting for an answer. The longer Kurogane took to answer, the larger the sly grin on Fai's face got. Finally, after Kuro didn't answer, Fai's grin got as big as it could be and he slowly began to lean across the table.

"What . . . are you doing?" Kurogane asked, suspiciously. Fai's grin turned into a smirk as he reached the ninja's lips.

Fai's lips slowly brushed against Kuro's, surprising the hell out of the nin. Kurogane pulled back the instant the contact was made, his face a nice shade of red.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Kurogane yelled, scowling.

"Aww, Kuro-kichi looks adorable when he blushes!" Fai exclaimed. Kuro glared at the blond.

That's when Fai climbed onto the table, once again making an attempt to attach himself to Kurogane's lips. Kurogane jumped out of his chair, causing the chair to fall over behind him. Fai just smirked, and jumped off the table, glomping Kuro.

"Ahh!" Kurogane yelled as he was forced back by the force of Fai jumping on him. Kuro fell backwards over the chair, and landed on the ground with a thump.

Kurogane laid on his back, with Fai straddled to him. His face was almost as red as his eyes.

". . . I think my favorite is . . ." Fai started, moving into Kurogane's lips. Fai pressed his lips onto the ninja's with more force than last time.

Kurogane's eyes widened as Fai shoved his tongue into the dark-haired man's mouth. Fai now was teasing him, trying his best to get to get Kurogane to return the kiss. Kurogane growled, and was tempted to bite the blond's tongue, but, for some reason, he held back.

Fai ran out of air and broke the one-sided kiss. ". . . Kuro-koi," Fai finished. Kurogane sighed.

"Mine too," he admitted, gruffly.

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