Story title: Harry and Ginny: A love story in 100 drabbles

Part 21/100

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011. Fair

For months after the war is over he considers the unfairness of it all. He feels relief, yes, when Ginny touches him, or when he's with Ron and Hermione, and a bit of hope too, but most of the time, he just feels lost and altogether angry and desperate – and sad, most of all sad.

And then he goes to visit Teddy, sits by Remus and Tonks graves for longer than what he should – what's sane, and just talks to them. He thinks it's because he never got to talk to his parent's graves, but he quite likes the ritual, in a bittersweet way. It gives him a sense of connection.

He always leaves there itching to go see Teddy again, and struck, once again, with the unfairness of it all – the randomness of war. Ginny is always waiting.

In a way, it strikes him later, it's also not fair to expect her to be there, when he's so much of a wreck, and he tries to tell her so, one time, two times – and many times after that. She always smiles and interrupts him before he can get the words out.

So he stays – lives by the status quo, continues visiting the graves, visiting Teddy, grabbing hope where, and when he can. One day, he goes into the Burrow to look for Ginny and lets Molly hug him. A week later he's at Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes waiting for Ron and George still won't let him pay for a thing. Then in the afternoon Andromeda is waiting for him with Teddy and a plate of pumpkin pie she'd saved for him, because she thought he'd been looking a bit thin lately.

When he gets home, he sits down and cries. Perhaps it was long overdue.

The next day things are still the same. Life is still unfair. But he figures his parents, Sirius and Dumbledore, they all knew that. Remus and Tonks didn't want to die, but they died for something. And being a jerk because they died isn't exactly a good way of honoring their memory.

He smiles. Instead of heading for their graves, today he's going to get ice cream with his girlfriend. And then maybe, afterwards, they can take Teddy to the park.

To be continued ...

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