Chapter five: Sisterly advice

Dean flashback

"Kate, you open this door now!" John Winchester yelled. Nineteen years old Kate pulled open the door and glared angrily at her father and sixteen year old brother. She was obviously pregnant: her stomach was round and she looked exhausted.

"What?" She screamed. John Winchester stared at his daughter with a look of disbelief.

"Kate, you're pregnant?" He asked. Kate narrowed her eyes.

"Why does it matter?"

"Whose baby is it?" John asked. Kate sighed and shook her head.

"Dad, leave me aloneā€¦forever." She said softly. John widened his eyes.

"Katie, you're my only daughter, I can't just remove you from my life!"

"You should have thought of that before you gave up on me." Kate replied. John shook his head. Tears filled up in his eyes. He turned away and got into the impala, he honked the horn to get Dean's attention but Dean couldn't stop looking at his sister.

"Kate," He said. Kate rolled her eyes.

"Dean, let me give you some sisterly advice. Get out of there, Dad's going to ruin you're life. You have so much potential: your good looking, charming, and you're even smart once you pull yourself together."

"Kate, I need to go." Dean said. He ran to the car. As his father drove away he took one last glance at his sister.

End of flashback

"Okay, you boys will stay in our guestroom." Nathan said. The brothers followed Nathan up the white carpeted stairs and into a small bedroom. One twin size bed came into view.

"Well, I'll take the bed and Sammy will patrol the floor." Dean said coyly.

"My back hurts, I need to sleep on the bed." Sam snapped.

"My back too!" Dean replied.

It was about seven o'clock but the brothers were too tired to wait up for Kate. They crawled into the twin size bed. The sheets were my little pony sheets and made Dean feel even more ridiculous. Sam sighed.

"I once had a hot dream like this." He said.

"Oh, really? Dean asked. Sam nodded.

"Except the bed was bigger, the sheets were different, and you were a GIRL!" Sam snapped. There was a very long moment of silence.

"Was I a pretty girl?" Dean asked breaking the silence.

"Does it really matter?" Sam asked. Dean shrugged.

"Well, yeah. I don't want to be an ugly girl." He said. Sam sighed.

"Dean, go to sleep." Sam grunted. Dean sighed and rolled over. He had a dream that Sean and Nathan were telling Kate everything they had been keeping from her. The dream ended in Kate killing them with her long copper knife she got for her thirteenth birthday.

Dean woke up with a heavy sigh. The alarm clock next to the bed said ten o'clock. He felt refreshed; he hardly ever got to sleep in. The smell of bacon filled the air and Dean practically jumped out of bed. Sam must have already gone down stairs.

Dean walked down the carpeted stair case and on in to the kitchen. Sam, Sean, Beth, and Kate sat at the table eating breakfast. Sam was no longer wearing his bandana; his hair was shaggy and uncontrolled. Obviously all the rude jokes had gotten to him.

"Good morning, sleeping beauty." Sam joked.

"G'morning, Rapunzel." Dean scoffed. Sean snickered under his breath.

"Want breakfast?" Kate asked. Dean shook his head.

"No thanks." He said simply. Sam widened his eyes. Kate sighed.

"Dean, sit down and eat!" She snapped. Dean looked taken aback.

"Excuse me?" He asked. Kate stood up. Dean gave her a challenging smile.

"I said sit down! Do I need to speak slowly so your D average brain can understand it?" She asked. Sam snickered.

"Burn," He muttered. Kate smirked and flipped her hair.

"One Kate, Zero Dean." She said. Dean let his mouth drop.

"Are you challenging me to a smart mouth contest?"

"Yeeeeeeee-aaaaaaaaaaah," Kate said very slowly. Every one in the room laughed. Dean narrowed his eyes.

"What ever, I'll get you and your fake boobs too."

"Fake, as in that 'leather' brown jacket you've been wearing for the last decade?" Kate asked.

"You can't turn an insult into a come back, that's cheating!" Dean snapped. Kate looked quite smug with her self.

"Face it little brother, you will never be better than me." She said.

Latter that day Dean walked in to the living room hoping to catch Sean and ask him a few things about the estate but instead he came across Beth playing with her Barbies.

"Uncle Dean, will you play Barbies with me?" She asked. Dean snorted.

"Um, I don't really play Barbiesā€¦" He replied. Beth looked up at him with big glassy eyes.

"Please," she begged. Dean sighed.

"Fine," he said. He sat down across from Beth and picked up a Barbie with long brown hair.

"Let's go to the mall!" Beth said in a Barbie voice.

"Yay," Dean said with no enthusiasm. Beth narrowed her eyes.

"No! You have to say it in a Barbie voice!" Beth cried. Dean rolled his eyes.

"Yay!" He said in a squeaky voice. Sam walked in and gave Dean a questioning look.

"What are you up to?" he asked. Dean stashed the Barbie under his leg.

"Um, nothing." He said. Sam snorted.

"Were you playing Barbies?"

"No, do I look like a girl to you?" Dean asked. Sam shrugged and walked out of the room. Dean picked up a Ken doll and surrounded it with blonde Barbies.

"Oh, Dean Winchester, you are so smooth." He said in a girlish voice.

"What ever makes you feel like a man," Sean said. Dean turned around and saw Sean smirking down at him.

"What's up?" Dean asked. Sean nodded slowly.

"We're ready to go, that is, if you are?" Sean asked. Dean snorted and stood up.

"It's like I said: I'm always ready."

A/N: well there's chapter five. I tried to put in more family like scenes. I know the humor in this was very stupid. My sister actually came up with most of it. The bed seen and the Barbie scene was her idea. Review please.